Redskins 2018 Season Prediction: “Patch and Pray”


Oh, how I would love to be dead wrong…. but my number for this year’s team is not optimistic. A 6-10 year, with more things going wrong, than right. I explain why I think the organization has bet on too many 50/50 decisions falling in the right direction. Drew Olson of the Big 920 joins me, to talk Kapernick, burned shoes, sideline reporting, and more. Plus, the fishmarket, meets Sesame Street.


  1. In every sport there is a play that seals the victory. Sink a putt to go up 3 & 2. Serve an ace to win 6-2, 6-4.
    The Redskins need a coach who, when on the 4 yd line with :30 left and up by 4, goes for 7 more. Losers kick the field goal, go up by 6 and wait for ESPN to show their collapse later that evening. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a team need 4 yards for a first down and punt, only to lose. I don’t put your coach into the winner category. I think he’s an odds-playing, keep my job, don’t look stupid, stay on script sorta guy. He’s got next year and the year after to sort it out. Sad.


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