Sports Reporters “Back from the Dead” Podcast: Season 2, Episode 4


After a 1-week hiatus, Czabe and Andy sort through a backlog of various sports stories, starting with Andy’s Tuesday morning from hell! That’s what living here in DC will do, Andrew! Weather and traffic mayhem lurk around every corner.

The boys recap the Super Bowl and the impending Peyton Manning likely (non?) retirement. Also there’s some rank envy by Czabe about Jim Nantz’ impossibly charmed life, and new baby showboating.

Lastly, there’s the incredible story of how the NFL changed it’s mind on LA relocation plans, thanks to Jerry’s ballsy and boozy last minute sales pitch. Bob Kraft is the “shadow commisioner?” Child, please. It’s Jerrah’s league, and Goodell is just his stoogy hand-puppet.

Sit back with a cold Jamocha shake from Arby’s, and enjoy!



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