Steakhouse Confidential S2E2 – Chris Cooley and Fred Smoot

Chris Cooley and Fred Smoot slip into the booth with Czabe for another Steakhouse Confidential podcast

Former Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley joins Steakhouse star Fred Smoot (back by popular demand!) to talk about the latest coaching hires in the NFL, what Matt LaFleur needs to do to earn Aaron Rodgers trust, how to deal with “diva” WR’s like Antonio Brown, and a whole lot more. Come sit back and pretend you are with us in the back booth, solving life’s greatest mysteries, one bourbon, and one dead chunk of delicious cow at a time!





  1. Good content. The volume extremes are aggravating! From turning it up to try to hear what the hell Cooley is saying (he works in broadcasting?) then seconds later feeling like Elaine Benes wearing that hearing aid when the fire alarm goes off.


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