Sunday Night Bourbon Blues and “Chucky Hacks”


In today’s episode, Czabe takes some tough love on the poor quality of his Monday episodes. Drew Olson takes credit for birthing the “Chucky Hacks” line in Brewer history. We bury Ty Montgomery one last time over his blunder. Of course he’s a Raven now. The Ha-Ha trade makes no sense. Plus Adrian Peterson is now in a league with Jim Thorpe.


  1. Czabe u guys ( like u and Steven “screamin’ A ) will soon see what us Packers fans have seen for years. Ha Ha is often out of place free lancing, team leader in missed tackles, partially at fault on many TD’s and no makeup speed.
    At 8 mill he’s thinking he’s going to get the Packers trade him get a fourth, knock 3 mill off this years cap which carries over to next years cap. No one here is loosing sleep over Ha Ha.
    While he never misses a game or play, he’s pretty much about average.

  2. Czabe, by chance you read these, are you still with Bob n Brian? Something seems odd. They usually mention why you’re not on the air with them but this week, nothing.


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