That Time My Buddy Beat MJ In Golf


It’s one of the stories on my new “Steakhouse Confidential” at DC Prime in Ashburn, VA. A new feature here on the CzabeCast. John Ronis from the golf show tells the story of playing Jordan for cash, while I relay the time Jerry Glanville stiffed me for breakfast at the Super Bowl. All of that, plus one of the cheatiest stories in professional golf ever. Have we reached “Peak Smartphone?” Are synthetic backyard putting greens worth the money and trouble?


  1. Czabe, I love you man but the steakhouse confidential was a train wreck. You had guys talking over each other, One account was One too many, and generally it was at best for me Meh-, I did a pole on the Czabecast facebook group which is filled with your loyal listeners and it is running currently at 34 Meh, 9 great, and 8 suck with one vote for Wagyu beef with organic butter. You are better than that mess.


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