The Great Baseball Free Agent Freeze-Out of 2018


And one day… the money just stopped flowing. Oh sure, the owners HAVE it. More than they have ever had! But they have just all decided – independently of one another, they claim – that most of the free agents in baseball are no better than the next guy up from AAA. And those guys are WAY cheaper! Now look, I’m not smart enough to really know what is going on. In fact, I read people who are really smart about baseball, and they talk to people even smarter who are IN baseball, and even THOSE people (all of them) are having a hard time getting their heads around it.

So I did all I could today. I called my former Sports Reporters colleague Thom Loverro and put a few quarters in his jukebox of sports takes. In a nutshell, he blames the union. Which is odd, because he’s always been a union guy (even though he mocked me siding with the NFLPA because they were (his words) “one step short of a motorcycle gang” that was incapable of sticking together for more than 5 hot minutes. (PS: Thom was right).

There is also my Amazon ordering story, a few thoughts about the catch/no-catches and “Philly Special” (was it legal) and the Diet Coke commercial that caused my nutritionist to lose her mind!

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  1. IMO ball players are way overpaid. The fact that Harper is mostly likely going to command north of 400M is ludicrous. Outfielders that hit home runs < ace pitchers.

  2. Any chance some of your listeners can join your “Brown Trout Club” with Mot Fin?

    No more Fantasy football, football winner/loser pools, no more sweet action.

    We need something to occupy our time until NFL kicks off in September.

  3. Two lessons learned from this podcast:
    1) NFL officiating and replay is the s-show we know it to be.
    2) Never, repeat NEVER, hack into Czabe’s texts.


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