The Kid Was In The Front Row! Wasn’t That Enough?


File this viral video under “too bad to be true” or something like that. Turns out that just because the camera catches one ball, one time, not landing in the precious hands of a little boy at a baseball game, doesn’t mean that evil had prevailed in civil society. Sometimes, there’s more to the story. Drew Olson joins me to talk about Josh Hader’s ovation, his “Tiger-only” love affair with golf, and a rousing FTG. Plus Brady’s “dad-bod” and Jimmy G’s porn-star girlfriend, and more!


  1. Always love your podcasts, keep up the great work! Started listening to you back in 2004 on the 1st team on fox, lost you for a few years, found you again on yahoo, lost you again after sbnation, then found you again on the 790 app. Still love your show, as you, Scott and Solly have such excellent chemistry but your podcasts are great listening as well. Not as DC centric which I like and I must admit hearing you cussing was weird at first. It’s like “Czabe with an edge”. Keep those pipes healthy and thank you for many years of entertainment!
    -Scott from Cincinnati


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