The New Phone Flim-Flam Is Easier, Not Any Cheaper


I was impressed at how effortlessly the Verizon store was able to get me to jump into a new $1200 supercomputer, that also, according to reports, can make a telephone call. Andy Pollin joins me to talk podcasting, the NFC East, Mack Brown’s return to coaching and when college kids used to play the Super Bowl champs. All that, plus savages are gonna savage. Best just leave them alone!


  1. Nice segment on the Czabecast regarding the iPhone upgrade. As much as I love sports and do listen to lots of podcasts (football, baseball, etc) it’s always interesting to hear about non-sports stuff, also. Once the football season is over, I suggest just talking about lots of non-sports stuff on Fridays. That’s what makes radio shows next-level — when the host throws in some of his/her life experiences. Keep up the great work!


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