“The Standard Is The Standard”… Whatever That Means


Mike Tomlin survives amidst the Antonio Brown chaos in Pittsburgh. How much of it is his fault? I talk to two big anti-Tomlites today. RIP three legends of the 70’s and 80’s: The Captain, Mean Gene, and SuperDave. Alex Ovetchkin is skipping the All-Star game, and I can’t get behind that.


  1. I’d like to drop a note about mean gene. He legitimized wrestling. I was a kid, born in the late 70’s watching wrestling in the 80’s, and here was this dude. He wore a tux and sold his part. Sold it to millions of kids. My friends and I thought it was real and mean Gene played a huge part of it. He made kids, and possibly adults, think wrestling was real. Who does that today?


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