Undaunted By Past Failures, Jerrah Buys Another WR


You don’t have to be 75 years old to remember the last two times Jerry Jones and the Cowboys tried to purchase a wideout who could be an immediate impact. You just need to recall Joey Galloway and Roy Williams. Will Amari Cooper be another flop? Frank Caliendo’s best voice picks from last Friday’s Y.A.L.L. Andy Pollin on the Redskins win, and the CBS return to DC. Me and OBJ are “hangdai.”


  1. Czabe can u please stop comparing every error that Alex makes compared to what the “Kirk haters” would say if it was Kirks mistake.

    “Just think if that was Kirk that skipped that ball.”
    “Just think if Kirk missed that pass”
    Just think if Kirk sicnr see that free blitzer”

    It’s week 7 he don’t play for the skins anymore, let it go already.

    Caliendo impersonations were spot on and hilarious!!


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