Urban Meyer Doing The “Right” Thing Isn’t As Easy As You Think


So let’s say the minute Urban Meyer hears of a domestic violence incident he “swings into action.” What action should that be? Whom should he tell? What should he do? How can he know if he’s making the situation better, or worse? Over-reacting to training camp nuggets is absurd and utterly misleading, but reporters do it anyway. Gotta “feed the beast!” Shawn Kelley’s glove throw. Clubhouse rats. And more! Special Guest: Drew Olson, The Big 920, Milwaukee, WI.


  1. Especially when the guy who is beating his wife knows all of the in’s and out’s of your program, where all of your skeletons are buried, and is a bag man to keep your recruiting pipeline rolling.

  2. According to the initial report, Meyer’s “handlers” were sent to convince the ex-wife not to press criminal charges. That is enough to convince me that Meyer knew. The other possibility is that the “handlers” decided to do this on their own and never discussed it with Meyer. Considering the implications to Meyer’s program, it seems unlikely that they did this on their own.

  3. Looking forward to Bob n Brian Monday to see how you walk back the unequivocal support expressed and excuses you made for this arrogant p***k on Friday, now that he’s done a 180 on what he knew, when he knew it, and what he did(n’t) about it.


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