Wisconsin Ninja, Saves Fat Man, Again


Drew Olson joins me to talk about the extraordinary double-thriller for Wisconsin fans on Monday night. Not just Jeremy Jeffress wiggling out of a bases loaded 9th inning jam, but Aaron Rodgers extending the dumb shit-eating luck of one Mike McCarthy – *Highly Successful Football Coach. The NBA season has begun, and there will be threes! Let’s calm down a bit on poor ol’ Tyreke Hill. And wait until you get drone toothpaste from a cloud!


  1. As a lifelong Packers fan, I can never forgive McCarthy for the playoff loss to Seattle in ’15 and was calling for his dismissal earlier than that. This moron stands on the sideline staring at that menu like he’s ordering appetizers at B-Dubs. Lombardi, Landry and Walsh actually watched the game, but then again, MM is “highly successful”, so what do I know?


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