2017 Gargantubracket is Here!


This is like the food court of brackets. There’s something here for everyone, and everything of what you really want. Hell, like most Food Courts, there are at least 3 redundant Chinese food joints, all serving up a little different version of General Tso’s chicken.

Not to be confused with “MegaDesk” from The Office, or Jim’s even bigger version “QuadDesk” – this bracket came about because I one day said simply: “Why don’t the major websites like ESPN and CBS Sports understand that you can’t put TOO MUCH info into a single bracket sheet!”

From my plaintive cry on national radio, an enterprising young CFO in Richmond by the name of Brad Turner lept into action. Thus was born… “Gargantubracket.”

Sure, you may lose a few points of vision on your prescription looking at it…. but ain’t she a beaut, Clark?



*Note: Print the big ones, and tape them together. Fold carefully into pocket. Take out at tournament viewing party. Become legend.


    • God love you Nancy! Hanging out on Czabe.com? This is a Sausagefest! Big fan, saw you play when I was a little kid. My mom taught at ODU, I am 45 so I hit your sweet spot….
      Geoff McCurdy

      • I don’t want that email to look bad, by sweet spot I mean that my mom taught at ODU when the Lady Monarchs were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. It’s awesome, that said….

    Didn’t there used to be an option to print it out as an 11″x17″? That should be the native size for the gargantubracket. Anything else is like having twin 30″ tvs and saying that it’s just as good as a 60″.

  2. The Czabe has such a hot voice. I love him! He’s the only reason I listen to the Bob & Brian show. And now this – what a guy! Smooch!!

  3. Czabe, why not offer a single page 11″x17″ (tabloid) option, the reformatting loses critical space in the forced margins….

  4. Thank you for the 2017 Gargantubracket Steve!!! I have been listening to Bob and Brian since 87, and now in Dallas on the Hog app for the last 3 1/2 years!! Appreciate you guys!!


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