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    Cary Clayborn

    Couldn’t agree more!
    Phelps has had 2 DUIs, and had a picture of him smoking a bowl get made public. Justin Gatlin has tested positive for PEDs. And it’s Lochte that we are going to ‘ban from the sport’? Really? That seems a bit extreme given the transgression.
    That being said, you are right about the ‘real issue’. After being slammed for Zika potential, green diving pools, polluted water, construction delays, ticket scandals, and more …… Rio saw a supreme opportunity to deflect all the negative attention from their city to Lochte. And it worked. For the entire second half of the olympics the lead story was Lochte-Gate, which unfortunately overshadowed their own feel good stories involving Brazillian Soccer and Beach volleyball teams. What a shame.
    This whole thing was way overblown in my opinion.

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    Melvin Jones

    It’s the American media who should be taking a few shots over this as well ! Did not one member of the media wonder why if Lochte had been robbed in a city with Rio ‘s reputation he still had his phone watch shoes still in his possession ??? The media love these stories !


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