The Packers Ride Rodgers Home To Another Division Title


Every week NFL films collaborates with Showtime and NFL Network to produce highlight packages of each of the previous weeks games. They are nothing short of miniature works of art. Sadly, only a handful of the “better” games end up getting more than a 2 or 3 play “lick and a promise” as my dad likes to call it.

Luckily this week, the Packers win over the Lions to clinch their 5th division title in 6 years. As always, there are golden nuggets of… “hmm… interesting” in the audio and the visuals.


Of note…

– The Lions come out onto the field, congratulating themselves on making the playoffs, while the Packer chant is “can’t get enough.”
– Did Matt Stafford think Golden Tate dropped that 80 yard TD, of that he missed the throw? I can’t tell. He seemed careful not to blame Tate, but I think he was a little miffed at the needless one-handed attempt.
– The ground level clips, played at regular 100% speed, show the game at it’s most terrifying tempo. It’s fucking insane.
– The Lions coach who ripped his d-lineman after letting Rodgers escape for the Geronimo Allison touchdown was hilarious.
“What did he do that was so mystifying, that you would run right past him.”
(inaudible) “I don’t remember.”
“You don’t remember?? That’s kind of important information.”

At that point, I was kinda hoping the lineman would just tell his coach: “Hey, fuck you. YOU go chase him!”

The smile on Rodgers face at the end says it all. Keep on doing these NFL Films, and please try to fight for the “shelf space” on these shows, to give EVERY game each week, a nice 2-minute package.


  1. Great post Steve (as usual). Thank you for sharing it with us. My only disappointment is that you made no mention of them including the game announcing from the great Wayne Larrivee (play-by-play) and Larry McCarren (color), including Wayne’s tag-line: “THERE is Your Dagar!”.

    Keep ’em coming. And God bless!

  2. Great job by Mike McCarthy. He salvaged a slow start by Rodgers and an injury-riddled defense to win another division. Top five coach in the NFL. Glad to have him.

    Also, Dom Capers proving his chops as well. He had “Made of” Clay Matthews in the perfect spot for a pick six until… D’oh! Plays that trap like that take a long time to set up. I’m happy he’s the Packers’ DC.

    Super Bowl or bust though around here. Let’s see what happens.


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