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    Joe Weidt

    Loved when they tried to get Koepka to open a vein about his close friendship with Johnson and all he could come up with is “we work out together”, “we play a lot of golf together” and “he sent me text telling me to keep doing what I’m doing”. I bet there is some scintillating conversation when those two get together.

    As for the course, wonder why they are going to Shinnecock next year when this seemed like a rip off of that course a little bit. Watching in Minneapolis, we were talking about how we should have gone since the crowds didn’t seem nearly as big as we get at Hazeltine for majors.

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      Maybe I’m biased because I was born, raised, and still live in Hartford, five miles up the road from Erin Hills. In fact, a family of brothers that I attended high school with grew up on the farm right next door to Erin Hills, and their parents sold off 70 of their 80 acres to Bob Lang in the now-infamous “land grab”. But you couldn’t be more wrong about that course, Czabe.

      I have never played there, but I went to the Open on Friday, and I was thoroughly impressed. And I’ve never been a fan of links style courses!! In fact, I barely pay attention to the British Open, because it’s always raining, it’s windy as hell, and to be honest, quite often it is impossible to figure out where the fairway ends and the rough begins!! It’s just a gigantic bore-fest.

      Like I said, maybe I’m biased, but give me a US Open at Erin Hills ANYTIME…as long as I never have to watch a British Open ever again. That’s not to say that I don’t like some of the other courses…I do. Pebble, Shinnecock, Torrey Pines, etc. I like those places. But unlike you, I think Erin Hills ranks right up there with them.

      The USGA and the people from Wisconsin who were responsible for running the US Open did a FANTASTIC job, and they gave the people of Wisconsin something to enjoy, and to be proud of.

      If I have one complaint, it’s that the Open will be played at Shinnecock TWICE in the next 10 years before it even has a chance to come back to Erin Hills, and I think THAT is a crime. In my opinion, no course should host it twice before another course gets a second chance. I’m in my mid 50s, so I’ll be pushing 65-66 at best before the Open returns to Erin Hills. As a golf fan, I (or anyone) should not have to wait that long.

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    I believe you are right about most of your points Steve, but for everyone saying the course was too easy then why did 8 of the world’s top 15 not make the cut on Saturday?
    I do agree that the U.S. Open should be held in those private Northeast clubs that make the pros look like scratch golfers. And I mean the courses where the winning score is like a +4.

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    A 10-hcp player’s #1 job is to hit fairways.
    Erin Hills turned the world’s best into 10 hcp players.
    With today’s equipment there are countless pro golfers who can hit it 340 and not putt very well. Gone are the guys who hot it 275 and can putt like crazy. Well, Pavin, Z Johnson, Weir, and others are golfers, too.
    Nice to see golf boiled down to the fundamentals instead of being long-drive.

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    Bob from Accounting

    Let’s not mince words: it was a terrible tournament.

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    The USGA don’t write checks. They cash ’em.

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    Erin Hills was a turd, but, it wasn’t as bad as the Fox coverage. Man does Joe Buck suck!

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    Tick Tock

    Best line of the weekend was at the end of the tourney when Azinger corrected Buck regarding Brooks “new girlfriend”. Not to be confused with the “old girlfriend”.

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    Steve Borgwardt

    I kind have to agree with you on the courses. The USGA needs to have a rotation like the R&A does. I think Erin Hills would do fine hosting the PGA championship or even a Ryder Cup event.

    What really bugged me is how bias Joe Buck was against the Packers….lol.

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    Kurt Ehlert

    The USGA decided to use only 2 parking lots, both way too jammed with LONG security lines, and each over 30 minutes away from the course. Terrible “fan experience”. They are not a service-oriented organization, as your comment about the ropes points out.

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      I went to the Open Wed. through Sunday and the only day there was a line for the bus was Saturday. If all traffic had to drive on the two lane roads to get to Erin Hills the wait and delays would have been much worse. How about a shout out to the “bratburgers”!


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