B&B Cheat Sheet: Monday October 2nd, 2017


If you want to follow along today on Bob & Brian, here’s some handy links to help you keep up. Let’s start with the improbable run your beloved “local 9” gave you all summer long. There are no banners for “nice try” or “close call” but this year’s Brew Crew was the pleasant surprise of the summer. Jack Dickey of SI.com writes the baseball eulogy.

The Los Angeles Rams are 3-1 and lead the NFL in scoring. Jeff Fisher’s mediocrity as a coach, only grows as rising star young Jedi coach Sean McVay has Jared Goff looking like the #1/#1 star he was supposed to be. That said, the uniform mis-match between helmets and jerseys is one of the all-time worst looks the NFL has ever seen. Somebody needs to get their arms around this. Quick. Go back to the gold&blue until you get the jersey trim officially changed (that’s the hold up).

At the Presidents Cup, Kevin Chappell almost pulled a “Happy Gilmore” with an “off-the tower” shot. Instead, he dropped in a hazard, grounded his club, and promptly lost the hole. Good job. His opponent Mark Leishman was about 8 feet for birdie anyway. Pick it up, Chappell.

Troy beat LSU at Tiger Stadium, supposedly the single most intimidating place to visit in all of college football. And of course, they are already talking about how much it’ll cost to buy out new head coach Ed Orgeron. Meanwhile, it cost LSU about $1 million to bring Troy in for what was supposed to be an easy win. Troy took great pleasure in rubbing it in.

Alabama’s 188 point win differential, is more points than 112 D-1 teams have scored this season.



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