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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    In my 40 years of being an Eagles fan, not only had I never seen my team win the Super Bowl, but I had to watch our hated division rivals win a combined 10 during that time. It was fucking torture, and you can’t blame us Eagles fans for feeling like we were cursed and would never win one. I still can’t believe that this has actually happened. It hasn’t sunk in yet. We still need to win a few more to make it respectable, but it’s nice to finally get that first one out of the way. Nick Foles will be a legend in Philly for life. He finally got us a ring. Hopefully Wentz will fill the rest of the hand.

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      If it’s any comfort I think that most Skins fans would rather you get your first than the Cowboys or Giants getting any more. You’re all obnoxious, but they are a type of obnoxious that makes you chew at the furniture in annoyance. Whereas you are more loudly obnoxious, like a drunken uncle who can’t stop ranting about the army during Christmas dinner. But we don’t mind if you don’t get punched by stranger every day because of your loutish behavior. It’s fine that you sleep indoors some nights. But if the Cowboys and Giants never win another game again it would make me very happy.

      The only problem I have right now is that you might win more. And that would be entirely unacceptable.

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    Mark S.

    You forgot San Diego– a worthy SB city, despite not having a team anymore! Certainly nicer than some you included…

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    Tick Tock

    Man did Michaels butcher that game up.
    Trout plays for the LA Angles not Cali,, guy.
    Patricia is not going to the NBA to coach the Pistons.
    The kicker was last play of game when he says “this game will end on last play of game”. Yup that’s normally the case.
    Retire already and take that nasal whining Collinsworth with you.

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      Hosel Rocket

      All game long I kept thinking, “Goddam you Czabe for pointing out Michaels’ bad announcing”. I probably would have got there on my own but this is sports and the internet where rational thought goes to die.

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    Ricm M

    Wasn’t Dallas covered in snow the last time they had the Super Bowl?

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    I think it was a very good game, certainly offensively. Or at least a very intense game. When the Pats took the lead late I was sure they would pull it off as always. The strip sack really flipped the late momentum so the Eagles got the chance they needed.
    Too bad it was the Eagles instead of the Skins. Still, better the Eagles than the Cowturds or the Giants. One is quite enough for a while though. Hopefully something bad happens to them next year. Doesn’t have to be serious, just so long as they don’t win another Superbowl right away.

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    Agree that Al Michaels was absolutely horrible. I have been a fan of his historically, and it seemed like he hadn’t done any actual preparation but believed that he could “wing it” through the entire telecast.

    It’s criminal that both Collinsworth and Michaels seem to have no knowledge of the catch rules. It’s self-evident that those rules are terrible and nonsensical, but that shouldn’t stop the announcers from knowing exactly how the officials are supposed to be reviewing plays and what they are supposed to be looking for. Collinsworth had absolutely no idea of what was even being debated. It’s as if they feel like having “rules specialists” (which NBC didn’t even have on the telecast) means they don’t have to know the rules. The rules are complicated, but not that complicated. It’s not difficult to have a thorough understanding of all of them (not just the catch rule)–especially if it’s your job.

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      Problem is they don’t really have any truly good ones since Tarico quit. If you believe it, the French commentators that cover the NFL from France are really good. Learning French first might be a bit of a hassle though. But they really are good and take it very seriously while still being funny.

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    As a Packer fan it is good to know that Matt Patricia is bringing that wretched defense to the Detroit Lions.

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    You can add another anti-replay disciple Czabe. Those two Eagle catches for touchdown last night were analyzed to death by Collinsworth and they both came out the opposite of what he thought they would be.

    Collinsworth made me pine for the Dan Dierdorf days where he would repeat x 30 about ‘inconclusive or conclusive evidence’ on every damned replay until I wanted to throat punch my Zenith. And it’s precisely why I rarely watch an NFL game anymore – not because Facebook told me not to watch, but because I don’t understand the rules anymore. A micro jiggle of the ball, super slow mo’ed down right before the toe goes out of bounds doesn’t interest me, nor should it interest anyone else. When the ‘receiver’ turns into a ‘runner’ shouldn’t determine 6 points or 4th and long. It’s boring, ridiculous and completely ruining the game.

    Give each coach 1 challenge per game, let the refs do one replay 2 minutes before th half and the end of game. Other than that, just play ball!

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    I’m from Tucson and it was hard enough to believe a University of Arizona QB was going to start in the Super Bowl, but to win the game AND be the MVP.
    Very proud to be a Wildcat.

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    “Tom Brady was the NFL Season MVP. Those MVP’s are now 0-9 in the Super Bowl. #statoftheday”
    Didn’t the ol’ gunslinger win the regular season MVP and the superbowl in 96?

    1. 11.1


      And since then, Kurt Warner won MVP in ’99 and won SB XXXIV. The #statoftheday should be updated to say no QB MVP this millennium has won the Super Bowl.

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    Oh, and Nate Sudfeld has a ring now.


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