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    I’d like to see the stats: most 3rd down pass completions preceding a punt or most blocks in the back special Teams or krumbles.

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    Mentally weak team. Should have won the Chiefs and Saints games, and then everything might have looked different. But honestly, a team that can play like the Skins have in the NFC East this season shouldn’t be in the playoffs. 1-5. Couldn’t even sweep the worst Giants team in history. The other two mediocre teams were obviously out of our league. It’s just embarrassing.
    I managed to resist the optimism bug last summer and ended up getting more or less what I expected. it will be much easier next summer. Whatever they are selling come summer hype time, I’m not buying.

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      Don’t you wish your brother’s name was Ryan or Gruden?

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        But then I’d be a head coach in the NFL! I’m happy enough nitpicking others thank you.

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    Hosel Rocket

    Almost all Redskin discussions severely overlook the defense that at one point was DFL in points allow and finished T26. This must be addressed if people expect them to be a serious playoff team.

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      You can’t blame the defense. That doesn’t help make Cousins and Gruden look bad you see. All blame must fall on them alone!

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    t. rissle

    Well, look at it this way. If we lose Kirk, then we spend draft/offseason looking for the next guy. If we keep Kirk, then we spend the offseason looking for toys for him.

    How many drive ending dropped passes have we seen this season? How many interceptions were the result of badly run routes or weird volleyball spikes of the football into the opposing team’s hands? A lot.

    So, that alone should inform everything else. Either we’re shopping for toys or we’re starting from scratch.

    Injuries also matter, and they did impact the Skins. We lost valuable linemen, had degraded line play, and lost playmakers.
    John allen, Thompson, Sherff, Reed? yuuuuuge losses.
    Our idiot receivers who can’t catch good or run routes? a joke and yet Kirk still was racking up stats.
    Even with all this, we put up points on Minnesota. right? We stood toe to toe with New Orleans. We beat F—- seattle. Basically, in the league, the other team will score points, we just need to score more.


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