Your Advanced Lesson in Logo Field Painting


Now that you have the “easy” NFL shield logo instructional video, you can use this as the help video for the much more challenging Redskins logo.

Note #1: I screwed up the circle feathers on this one, as they are too fat. I did not take my own advice to “take your time” and rushed through it, because the stupid camera batteries were running out. Also, I now realize the most important line is the OUTSIDE line of the logo, no matter what. Once you have that nailed, you can fudge and adjust inside much more easily. That said, as my dad would say: “A blind man, would love to see it.”

Note #2: The grid is 2′ x 2′ per square. You can go as small as 1′ x 1′ but the detail on a logo like this gets more difficult the smaller you go.

Note #3: Try to paint standing inside, facing out, and leave a path to step out of the middle.. if possible. I made the mistake of tromping on some wet paint, and will need to touch up a few areas from this video.

Note #4: I use a field painter called the “Starliner” which is a LOW END field striper. At $500 it’s a waste of money. Of course, this whole facacta field is a waste of money, but I guess it’s cheaper than therapy. Now two things to mention here:

1) REAL pro stripers for fields, are insanely expensive! And they require cumbersome, messy, paint mixing, cleaning and maintenance. You want no part of this. This striper is a close to a “prosumer” unit as you can get. Powerful enough to do a big project, but pre-mixed boxes of paint you just clip in and throw away.

If you want to go even cheaper, then just get the rolling cart striper that uses the spray cans. But get their “Max” cans because they absolutely POUR out the paint in a nice wide spray. The striper cart and cans you get from the local big box store, don’t do nearly as nice of a job. You could easily do a large backyard quite well, with a spray can cart and extra spray cans for numbers and logos.

To do a full set of numbers, you really need the plastic-board stencils. They are HUGE, cumbersome, a pain to store in your garage or basement. I would recommend against getting them. Oh yeah, they cost way too much.

2) For whatever reason, this company Pioneer Athletics actually tried to PREVENT me from ordering this striper from them, because I was NOT an actual high school or youth sports organization. Very weird. I guess they don’t want to deal with Johnny Homeowner types, but I was able to convince them to sell to me anyway. They have been very polite and responsive ever since.

Have fun making some yard logos, and please send me your pics and vids. Don’t get upset if your first ones suck (they will) as you only get better with reps. Most importantly, remember that once paint is DOWN on the grass, it’s down. You can change the color, but you really can’t “remove” it.

So those stupid FAT feathers I screwed up this time, are just gonna have to stay this year. I know it only bothers me, but such is the curse of the artist: I can see it, and that’s all that matters!


  1. Great job Czabe, thanks for sharing! You made it look so easy. Then again, time-lapse video often does.

    Hope you get great weather this fall and winter to enjoy Yoo-Who-Nye Field as much as possible this season.


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