Back In My Day…. This WAS “Instagram!” And It Took A Day!


Alright, now that I’ve tricked you into clicking here, I give you the previous week’s installments on Bob and Brian in the Morning on 102.9 the Hog. We laugh, we joke, we argue. We solve absolutely nothing. But it’s a joyride through sports, nonetheless!


  1. Hi Steve, I live in WI. and listen to your show everyday. I have been a Packer fan all my life. I even have them tattooed on my arm. I have been married 3 times and my insane screaming and pile of broken tv controllers has led to divorce in 2 of them. I now lock my self in my room and take all breakable items and put them away. Yesterday’s game had me feeling like a marathon runner that just smoked 5 packs of pall mall no filter cigarettes. From the screaming, fist pumping, and constant F bombs, to the joy of watching Crosby’s last minute field goal fly straight throw Jerry Jones heart was spectacular. I just want to say that watching Aaron Rodgers is like watching a machine play quarterback. He is better that the best quaterback on your Madden football game with the highest settings and all the cheats installed. I played quarterback in high school and know how tough it was at that level and to see him take a shot, get up and call time out was amazing. Then to throw that last pass running to his left in a NFL playoff game was nothing less than miraculous. As you say, the man is the Jedi Knight of the NFL quarterbacks. If we run the table and win this years NFC championship.Rodger should be the MVP because without him the Packers are an above average team at best. But when you put him at the controls they turn into an offensive beast that is unstoppable.


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