B&B Cheat Sheet: Tuesday October 3, 2017


Here’s your “follow along guide” for today’s segment. Tiger Woods seems further away from playing high level golf all the time, and it’s also apparent that he’s fallen just as far when it comes to his girlfriends. Nothing against this sporty 33 year old that Tiger no doubt found after a long and diligent search for his next “soulmate” in life…. wait… hold on. I’m being told…  uh… she manages his restaurant in Jupiter. Okay, back to you at the news desk.

Tons of keyboard Hall of Famers on my Twitter timeline after last night’s agonizing almost-catch from Josh Doctson (“IT WAS A DROP! Stop making excuses! ALMOST CATCH! YOU IDIOT!”) to take a lead vs. the Chiefs. I tried to point out… I have seen every WR in the league drop a pass as tough as that one, if not a lot easier. Including the best in the league! Think I’m wrong? Here. Megatron. Antonio Brown. Dez Bryant. Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones. Go ahead, google your own. In the meantime, get off my lawn and get off my timeline!

Tom Petty, RIP. This Rolling Stone eulogy is the most comprehensive. The “Won’t Back Down” star, had his own moment where his career could have ended. “But before the decade was up, Petty found himself bankrupt after the record label MCA attempted to buy out his contract from ABC Records, which distributed Petty’s original label. It took nine months of litigation for Petty to secure a new deal so he could put out the biggest record of his career, 1979’s Damn the Torpedoes, which reached Number Two on the album chart and has since been certified triple-platinum. The album contained the singles “Don’t Do Me Like That” and “Refugee,” establishing him as a full-fledged hitmaker.”

And you should just get your shirtsleeve ready to dry your eyes after this one. Tom Rinaldi’s piece on Iowa’s Children’s Hospital and the “Hawkeye Wave.”


  1. Czabe, I am a member of all Hawkeye Family who attended the rival school and now cheers staunchly for the Iowa State Cyclones. However, this new “wave” makes me cry every time because I know our greatest ability as Iowan’s, Hawkeyes or Cyclones, is caring for and supporting these young children. While its fun to pile on each other once a year during CyHawk Week, nothing will ever divide us as people who look out for each other. Good on you Hawkeyes, keep caring for those kids, as for the farmers, you can leave that to us experts at Iowa State. 🙂


  2. Tom Rinaldi’s piece was a tear jerker for me. Hat’s off to the Hawkeyes. Heralding back to your other piece. Why can’t every pro team and college team do something of this nature. Build a hospital. Salaries are enormous. Star power abounds. (Note JJ. Watts hurricane relief fund) Great blog. Always following. Side note: who is the highest paid state worker in your state? University football coach.


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