Bob and Brian Visit Jerry World


And it was… a doozy! When they say you “couldn’t script it any better” it’s a tired cliche. But sometimes, its also true. I can’t say thanks enough to the boys and WHQG for bringing me along last weekend for “good luck” against the (mutually) hated Blue Stars.

Mike O’Neil was an amazing host with his company Entrematic (buy your loading doors and accessories through them people! They are the best! Ding, ding!) and I hope we didn’t piss off too many Cowboy fans while cheering on the Ninja in their suite.

Bob and Brian Visit Jerry World from Steve Czaban on Vimeo.

I can assure you, that I would have had about a 30 second “pouty face” video if the Cowboys had built upon their early 21-6 lead and blown the Packers out of the building. Or if Rodgers had somehow been stopped in those final seconds (he never gets stopped) then I would have just deleted all the footage, muttered a passing “ah.. fuck” and posted a few pictures.

But alas, when life gives you gloriously perfect grapes, you stomp them into a vintage wine that tastes oh so sweet.

I’m humbled to be part of such a great morning radio team, and such a great unique family at “The Hog.” I never, ever, ever take any bit of it for granted. And I thank every listener who has put up with me for 23 years now, and does not want to choke the crap out of me.

For everybody else who gets to go on a trip, have a life experience, get silly with friends – even when you are old and gray – just make sure to take lots of pics and videos. And keep those phones horizontal, people! Just because you may not be an editing nerd like me, someday you could be. That vertical video will fuck your shit all up.

May Aaron Rodgers get the defense and running game he deserves. And may these free radio junkets never end! “Dilly, dilly!”


  1. Great trip for us as well! I can’t believe we made your video and picture above! Thanks for taking the time to chat after the game. Fun note, after we spoke, my girlfriend Ashley said while laughing, “I thought that was a buddy of yours, not a celebrity.”


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