Bloody Horns Open #5 – Let’s Get It On!


It wouldn’t be a “Bob and Brian Weekend” for me in Southeast Wisconsin, without the 5th Annual “Running of the Bulls” at the incomparable Bull at Pinehurst Farms in Sheboygan Falls.

Owner/operator Dave Bachmann Jr. has cleared the decks for this year’s event, and I hope everybody who loves golf, and doesn’t mind getting their assess handed to them every once in a while by this infuriating game, finds a partner and jumps in with both feet.

There are some changes to this year’s event, but let’s start with the basics.

WHAT: A 2-man scramble, 18 holes, stroke play. Winning team gets 2 nights lodging and 2 rounds of golf at CzabeVegas next March. (Airfare, gambling, cocaine, and hookers… not included. Sorry.)
WHERE: The Bull at Pinehurst Farms. One Long Drive, Sheboygan, WI
WHEN: Saturday, July 25th, 2015 – 2 p.m. shotgun
WHO: Anyone who likes to play golf. No handicap required.
WHY: To see just how insanely hard a championship Jack Nicklaus designed course stretching 7,354 yards can be, with every pin tucked behind every bunker and hazard.
COST: $145 per player, $290 per team of two. (See that fancy math, kids!)
FIELD: First 50 teams of two (100 players, max) to sign up, and the field closes.

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Q: How do I sign up?
A: Make your payment via PayPal using the payment button below. No other forms of payment accepted. NOTE: Please mark “payment is a GIFT” to avoid service fees. Thank you!

Q: How come it’s not on Sunday anymore?
A: I found it was very RUDE of me, your host, to be blasting out to the airport on Sunday afternoon, and not hanging around enjoying the lovely summer evening with you chaps. This way, I’ve got nowhere to be, and we can play “Chip-For-Dollars” as the sun goes down over cocktails.

slider_czabe_gitterQ: Will you be playing in the event yourself?
A: Starting this year, no, actually. I want to zip around in my organizer golf cart, make fun of your swings, say hey, take pictures. challenge you to a closest to the pin contest on a par-3, and just generally be available. Besides, my partner Gitter, fired me for poor play.

Q: Do the winners of this event REALLY come out to Vegas and claim their prize?
A: Hell yes, are you kidding! In addition to the March Madness fun of that weekend, the golf comes at a perfect time during the long Midwest/East Coast winter, and we have a great group of avid golfers that find a way to shake off the hangover and rise and rally!

slider_czabe_proQ: Do I get anything else for my entry fee?
A: Of course! You know Czabe, I’m the king of custom logo’d shit! It varies by year, but count on a cooler bag with drinks on ice, a collectible logo golf ball, and a quality hat.

Q: I’m the kind of guy that finishes second. Is there only one prize, for 1st place only?
A: No, we have a softer heart than Ricky Bobby, who would punch you in the face for even thinking that way. While technically, 2nd place still is “First Loser”, at the Bloody Horns, we reward the top 6 places with the custom “tourney used” pin flags with Bloody Horns logo. I’ll even sign ’em if you want, or leave ’em blank if you secretly hate me. Perfect for framing…. Mr. First Loser!

partners_workingQ: Is this golf tournament one where people get plowed and start cheating like crazy?
A: NO! This IS a competitive event, and we play by the rules of golf (with special application of typical scramble rules, adapted for a 2-man format). Now, if you suck and just want to shoot a zillion with your buddy, say hey to me, and get shit-faced… well have at it! But for those who are “in-it-to-win-it” then yes, we play by the rules. ALL OF THEM!

Q: If I have some buddies I want to be paired with, can you accommodate that request?
A: Yes, and no. If you really don’t think you’ll be in the running to win, then by all means, I can make that happen. But if you think you have a chance to finish anywhere top-6 then I would recommend you let me pair you randomly. The last thing you want, is to shoot a great round, and then have other people accuse you of cheating because they know that you were paired with 2 other guys who were your best buddies.

Q: Will there be food included, after the round?
A: My god, yes, man! We’re not savages… you know.




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