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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    Sarah the Author

    Czabe you hit the nail on the head with the world cheering for Brady against Goodell. Goodell is terrible for the league for so many reasons, and blowing “deflate-gate” out of proportion after criminally mishandling so many domestic abuse cases was the final blow for me. I wanted Atlanta to win because, as a Packer fan, I needed to salve my soul knowing at least we lost to the Superbowl winners. But, in the end, watching the Ginger Hammer hand the Lombardi to a team of guys he tried so very hard to screw this season, amidst a waterfall of boos from fans who are tired of the No Fun League spending more time on penalizing end zone celebrations than figuring out how to keep players from committing actual crimes made yet another win by the Dark Sith Lord and his superhuman robot quarterback worthwhile.

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    Hosel Rocket

    – Yep, this one will haunt the Falcons and their fans like Super Bowl 18 haunts the Redskins.
    – Ryan deserves some grief for failure to avoid sacks in crucial situations, especially at the 23 yd line late in the game.
    – Stop being prisoners of the moment. The OT process is fine. It is the pros; stop the TD or go home.
    – The refs were fine and there seemed to be less play stoppages and interminable reviews. Need more of that in the regular season.
    – Goodell: If we wasn’t in football he’d probably be a pastry chef.
    – Gaga: This middle aged conservative doesn’t really follow her but that was one of the better halftimes in a decade.
    – Buck was very good and Troy not only added nothing, but he took 10,000 words to do it as usual.
    – Brady: Great guy, can’t stand him. You are the GOAT (m’fer).
    – Belichick: Single minded genius always comes with a heaping dollop of weirdo

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    This game ought to silence the haters, I mean how can you argue with what we all witnessed? I was in absolute shock as somehow what seemed to be an insurmountable lead by the Falcons turned into an outright rout of the Birds. This was only made possible by the never-say-die attitude of the Patriots, and their typically awesome management of the play clock. People only hate Brady because of jealousy/envy. Yeah hes got all the accolades and wins, yes he is good looking, rich, and has a super model wife. That will earn a lot of peoples hatred. But he also seems to be a great, classy guy and he’s always acted gracious and professional. He’s the GOAT, no question, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he adds one or two more Superbowls wins before he retires at age 54. The end.

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    Joe Zamoiski

    Spot on Czabe! Agree 100% and couldn’t agree more with the previous post. One for the ages…..

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    Cary in Atlanta

    My wife asked me last night why the falcons loss bothered me so much and commented that it seemed to bother me even more than when Auburn lost the championship game a few years ago. (I’m more of a college fan by far)
    I think there’s a couple of reasons.
    One, those of us who follow football know just how rare these opportunities are for any team, so to be so close and blow it like that stings.
    Two, if the falcons have been consistent at anything in their 51 years as a franchise, it’s their ability to be INconsistent. Although I was too young to remember the 1980 season, I’ve read enough and heard enough to know that although we lost to the cowboys in the NFC championship game, we had a good team that should’ve made another run. They didn’t, and the 80’s were awful. After the 98 super bowl season, everybody was coming back and there was a lot of promise for 99. But …Jamal Anderson held out seeking a pay day, then blew out a knee very early in the season and that group never did much of anything else. Then we got VICK! After he took us to the NFC championship game, and even though we lost to the eagles, there was a lot of promise that we would be back. But … He had us all fooled and went to prison. Down the tubes. Then, after suffering through petrino, we went to the NFC championship in 2012, and even though we lost a close one to the niners, there was promise with Ryan and Julio. But then we stunk again and fired another coach.
    So that’s why it bothers me. In my life as a falcon fan, they’ve given me no reason to believe that next year will be anything more than a .500 season again. Our offensive coordinator is gone, our RB is already bellyaching about a payday, and our schedule will be tough.
    Man I hope I am wrong, but these chances haven’t come often for us and when they have we just can’t get over the hump.
    I’ll keep rooting for them, flying my falcon flag, and hoping for the best regardless.

    As for my opinion of the game ….. The falcons have touted their ‘brotherhood’ thing all season, and they lost in ‘brotherhood’ just like they had been winning in ‘brotherhood’. It was a team effort. Plenty of mistakes made by just about everyone except our kickers.
    But ….. Shanahan. Holy hell! If I took a minute to explain clock management and end of game situations to my 8 year old daughter, I think she would say that with an 8 point lead late in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl on the opponent’s 23 yard line ….. YOU RUN THE STINKIN’ CLOCK, KICK A FG, & GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE WITH A CHAMPIONSHIP! The falcons were getting almost 6 yards per carry for the game!!!!!!! So why we didn’t hand to Freeman 3 times and give Bryant a chance to put the game out of reach, I will never know.
    Instead, we lose 23 yards on the next two god awful plays. I haven’t checked the stats, but I would bet we didn’t lost 20+ yards on two plays all season. That just doesn’t happen. And I definitely give Ryan a pass on the sack there. He shouldn’t have been dropping back to pass. He didn’t have time to get out of the pocket to throw it away and it would’ve been grounding anyways.
    Oh well … here’s hoping they can get back there again, because the ONLY way they ever come close to living down that epic collapse is to get back to that game and WIN it.

    Also, I gotta end this post now cause I just took a temporary gig with a moving company so I can personally help Shanahan pack for San Francisco.

    One last thing, Czabe. I am not a big Gaga fan either, but it was nice to see a half time show that wasn’t R rated, and didn’t turn political.

    See ya,
    Long Suffering Falcon fan

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    Joe Nobody

    Atlanta just isn’t ready to be champions yet. Look at all those great Braves teams of the ’90s and only walked away with 1 World Series and only won it against the hapless Cleveland Indians (can I still say Indians?). Lost 2 pro sports franchises in the Flames and the Thrashers who both went to Canada.
    Losing a Super Bowl is a crusher . . . My Pack lost it to the Broncos and conspiracy theories abound about and we’re still reeling from that Seattle loss in the Championship game a few years ago that but I digress. But this loss isn’t easily recoverable and I don’t think they’ll be back.
    Overtime . . . you had your chances Atlanta. If Vic Beasley intercepts that pass to Bennett before White ties the game . . . game over. To be fair, I do believe that Freeman their RB did get injured which is why that passed on 3rd and 1. But I think Czabe said it basic fundamentals kill you. The pass interference call . . . there should have been more the way Atlanta’s secondary were holding and grabbing the WRs . . . saw it in the Conference Championship game against GB too.

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    I wonder had the Falcons won in OT, would people still be complaining the rule needs to be changed?


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