Brandel Chamblee Hangs The Ryder Cup Blame Squarely On the Stars


And you know what…. I can’t say he’s wrong. Although the larger upshot is that for once, the Golf Channel delivered some actual sizzling golf discussion for once! I mean Duval looked like he was ready to choke Chamblee out on the spot. I particularly liked the “I’ve done it, you chump” angle of attack.

Shots fired!

While I think Chamblee’s smugness is enough to turn even sympathetic ears to his arguments against him, his core point is valid. Tiger and Phil’s Ryder Cup records ARE, in fact, disappointing. And you can’t just blame it on weak partners who supposedly dragged them down.

Neither Phil nor Tiger showed the fire and leadership that was expected of them, as our #1 and #2 players for the last 10+ years to deliver more victories. Hell, Tiger was such a “team” guy that he ducked out at 6 a.m. for a practice round in 2002 at the Belfry. Dewsweeping! I can just see half the team brushing their teeth, only to find Tiger popping in the team room and handing his grass stained shoes to the attendant.

Phil meanwhile – when not giving goofy thumbs-up kudos to Justin Rose at Medinah – showed up at the 2006 Ryder Cup at the K-Club in the worst physical shape of his career. He played all five sessions, and went 1-4.

And let’s not even discuss the calamity of 2004 and Oakland Hills, when Hal Sutton engineered their awkward shotgun marriage. Okay, so you weren’t happy about it boys. But could you at least for 5 hours, PRETEND to like each other, and realize that you simply CANNOT LOSE your match – no matter what?

Nah. The two team “leaders” barely were in the same TV frame most of the day – I know, I watched every second of it! – and got beat both times.

Now, I applaud how far Tiger has come since 2001 as a simple human being who can act normal around his peers. I’m glad he’s enthusiastic about driving a golf cart this weekend. And let’s hope Phil doesn’t regret throwing Tom Watson under the bus last time, in case he’s a fish – yet again! – and the US loses.

Okay, enough of my blabber. You watch the clip, and tell me who’s right, and who’s full of shit!


  1. I don’t know if Brandel is right or not, but when he pulls quotes or what guys did 14 years ago to prove that they aren’t into the RC, he is stretching it. Hard to say about Tiger, but Phil has proven to be a team leader time and again. In 2010 when Mahan chunked the chip and was getting thrown to the wolves, PM was the guy that stood up to take the heat with him. That is what a leader does. If Justin Rose doesn’t sink a 40 footer to win at Medinah, the US would have held serve in 2008 and 2012, which is basically what is expected of them. Brandel has been going on this rant for 2 years now, and it is getting old – he clearly has an irrational obsession with his own conclusion, and it was great to see Duval – who has been in the room with both of those guys – call him on it so forcefully.

  2. Brandel got a little pissy there. Duval is right, and shoved it in Brandel’s face about not being there. Chamblee seems to think since he was on tour he can pass judgment, but he was never world number 1, like Duval, Tiger. That’s a different stratosphere.

  3. While there is some truth in what Chamblee says – you need your stars to be stars – he’s wrong about them being responsible for the losses. Phil has come around on the importance of the Ryder Cup in the last 3-4 of them but his greatest contribution will be recognized in time, which is forcing the issue of using basically the same procedure to run the U.S. squad that the Euros perfected 30 years ago. And good for Duval, finally asking Bullshitter Chamblee since he hasn’t experienced any of this, how can he know? Been waiting for somebody to do that for years.

  4. I love me some Czabe, but for the life of me I can’t understand your love affair with golf. But to each his own my friend…when they start playing full-contact golf, let me know. Now that would be interesting.

  5. Thanks Czabe. Chamblee is right in sense that Tiger and Woods as leaders(and top players are looked up to for that by lesser players 98% of time) in team format sucked. Their DNA as competitors in an individual sport hinders their ability to provide same juice in team element. Duval is right as well that as a golfer in competition you have control only of self. However, strong play can add pressure to opponent where look warm conviction can reduce effect of strong play affecting opponent. Chamblee’s historical argument weak because of Cup only played by Island participants until 70s(?). The US is so uptight now. Play in the day and party at night. I am sure Europe is out saucing the US 4:1 every night

  6. Frank Nobilo sitting in between them reminds me of Mike Meyers standing next to Kanye during the “Bush doesn’t care about black people” statement.

  7. I’m so done with Chamblee, but at the end of the day he goes home to Bailey Mosier and is worth around $4 Mil, so there’s that…I had my nephew place a Ryder Cup bet for me on the U.S. when he went to Vegas, so I hope Phil does something for a change other than complain.. I think Brandel and SBNation would be a good match (both parties are very media savvy and their knowledge is extensive, just ask them). Can’t wait to see both of them get their “lovely parting gifts” and to see you/Scott/Solly rise from the ashes again for your loyal listeners.

  8. I’m a casual golfer and somewhat avid golf fan. I don’t personally love Chamblee but I do think he makes a valid point. I feel like the few times I’ve watched the Ryder Cup in the past the Euros are always WAY more into than we are (except for when we won in ’08 – for some reason visions of Anthony Kim being jacked stick out in my mind – not that he was a “star leader” necessarily – whatever the hell happened to him anyway? – but i digress)…..anyways like I said I feel like the Euros are always way more into it..I can remember Ian Poulter being intense….Webb Simpson shanking balls…..bottom line whatever the “problem” is we need to rectify it asap because we’ve been owned by them of late.

  9. Why does the US play a Ryder Cup one year while “the rest of the world” relaxes and then have to come back the next for a Prez Cup while the Europeanss relax. Sure there’s a EPGA vs APGA event, it’s joke as far as who shows up. It’s all about money babee, TV money.


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