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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    Tom Owens

    Pretty much a spot-on analysis. Bye Rog….. Now where is Adam Silver’s cell number……

  2. 2

    Steven Stockseth

    Makes Mark Cuban prophetic on “The Shield” losing its popularity, don’t you think?

  3. 3


    I don’t think it matters, and I think that the NFL and their advertisers know this. The average fan will still watch, and still buy the products advertised on the screen. All of the manufactured outrage has come from hangers-on in the media whose job it is to manufacture outrage at things. The majority of fans certainly know that murder is wrong, cheating is wrong, assault is wrong, using drugs is wrong, etc., but they watch the NFL to see good football and nothing else. Some might complain about ‘thugs’ and such, but that is just part of the NFL watching experience. Anyone who watches/stops watching because of manufactured outrage or manufactured hype (think Tim Tebow or Manziel) are not the people at whom the majority of advertising is directed and on whom the NFL counts for viewership. Fair weather fans and people who only tune in for specific hype-related reasons are a very flaky demographic who generates very little income for any of the people involved. Not saying it is right or wrong, it is just how it is.

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      Nothing will come of this. The NFL is not unlike our own beloved government, who “investigates” itself on a monthly basis regarding this or that and always falls short of finding anything that anyone can be held responsible for. Goodell is allowed to play stupid just like Obama, some poor schmuck underling will take the heat for not running up to Goodell’s office and delivering the video along with that morning’s coffee, and after a month, we the people will have moved on to the next distraction. I can only hope THIS LEAGUE comes up with a black and blue colored theme for Domestic Abuse Awareness that the players can parade around in and PINK OCTOBER can be left in the elevator of sports horrors forever.

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    Luke B

    Awesome, as was your previous article. Now, I want to read your take on why the Ravens cut Rice loose after previously standing by him in the wake of the ridiculous press conference.

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    Wonder when we’ll find out how much the quickly designed Rice pre-nup was worth. I’m guessing there is a defend-your-husband clause in it too.

  6. 6


    The whole idea that “seeing is believing” is baffling to me. Fact check: Before the video we knew that Rice smashed his fist into his girl’s head and knocked her out. On the video we see Rice smash his fist into his girl’s head and knock her out. What the F has changed so much that we now cancel contracts and make indefinite suspensions? It’s exactly what we already knew happened! It’s obvious that both the Ravens & NFL are using it as an excuse to take more appropriate actions (which is transparently pathetic), but there’s nothing new here! In fact, the NFL is going against their own spanking new policy on domestic violence because this remains his 1st offense, which should only warrant a 6-gamer, right? Just because it’s a 2nd video doesn’t mean it’s a 2nd offense… he still only knocked her out that 1 time? Czabe, I guess I agree with you in that most people in this world just can’t think on their own without visual aids. I just find that kinda scary.

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    Coffee Hays

    “Can I trust any player not to be a total scumbag wearing a cheap smile who is coached into being a smooth interview?”

    Steve, I admire your value of the adjectives.

    Josh, you are correct. The fans will still buy tickets.
    It’s the advertisers who have the Ace up their sleeve who might deprive this non profit org *some funding after this debacle.

  8. 8


    According to your comments on Bob and Brian today, one can cold-cock and knock unconscious another human being in the state of New Jersey and not have any fear whatsoever of facing jail time. Not a day. To me that is simply inconceivable.

    I’m not googling NJ law because I’ll never spend a moment there, I’m simply saying I think that is preposterously unbelievable.

    Ask the “prosecutor” if someone knocked his wife, or daughter, or himself for that matter, out cold in a fit of rage if he could somehow get the shitbag behind bars. Fucking preposterous.

    Had to vent on that. My guess is you are wrong.

  9. 9


    Jordan, you really need to calm down. You need not get enraged over things you are too lazy to even educate yourself about. In most states adult victims of assault or battery (if not a felony, I believe) need to file charges for the perpetrator to face jail time. I was involved in a skirmish after an auto accident but declined to press charges (the officer said I could file for assult charges) and everyone went skipping on home.


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