Colin Kaepernick’s Benching Brings The Curtain Down on the 2012 Rushing QB Highlight Era


This week, Andy Pollin and I discuss what that benching means for the style of QB the NFL will produce going forward, and also what that means for RG3’s future. Hard to believe, that just 3 years ago, both men were THE FACE of the NFL. RG3 as Rookie of the Year, and Kaep coming one pass away from winning the Super Bowl!

Andy has some sweet “Random Redskins” and we also discuss the joy of getting fired from a radio station. Andy’s had it happen 3 times, and I’ve had it once. Quite a business we’ve chosen!


Also, I bring up the old Mel Gray controversial touchdown in 1975 – yes, 1975!!! I was 7 years old at the time, and it was one of my very first visceral sports memories. Because it was such fucking bullshit! Here’s a recap of the controversy, so you can read up on it. Otherwise, just sit back and listen.

You’ve got 30 minutes of retro-Sports Reporters glory, at one click of the mouse!


  1. Long time ago…I used to drive from work in Silver Spring to home in Frederick MD (long ride) you guys made my afternoon and that traffic enjoyable, those were probably the best days of my life but like everything… I too got “fired” but not from my job but from my marriage…all down hill from there. I moved up north and I could easily pick the station but you guys are not there anymore. I know Czabe is there but is NOT the same, I wish I could go back to the DC Metro area and I wish you guys were back as well…..maybe someday (wishful thinking) , only time will tell…but in the mean time kudos for the podcast now is it one per week? c’mon do 1/day….Great Jobs Guys….


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