Come Fly With Me…


We live in amazing times.

At my recent guys-getaway-golf-trip-tournament to Pinehurst, we used a very slick scoring App called “Golf Gamebook.” With a little bit of set-up by me, the tournament organizer, and with a little coaching of everyone in the group on how to post their scores from their phones – we had LIVE scoring for all 16 players. Every minute of all 5 days.



But better yet – and as a gadget loving little kid who has yet to grow up at age 46 – I brought my DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter drone down to North Carolina with me.

I am so glad I did! I only wish I had more time to fly it, and take killer footage.

Some quick notes.

1. There are many companies now getting into the hobby drone game. I did a lot of research. I firmly believe these guys, DJI and this product The Phantom, is the best. Period. But do your research. I won’t spend time emailing you anything more than I write about here.

2. DJI now makes a Phantom Vision 2+ which I would recommend, even without having flown it. Why? Because it integrates all the needed camera elements in one, ready to fly unit. My Phantom required soldering and wiring of additional video downlink hardware. It looks “kludge-y” and I needed my engineers at the radio station to help me with the wiring. (Which they did with great, nerdy enthusiasm).

3. The footage you see here is NOT as good as it could be. There is still more “jumpy-ness” than I would have liked. However, this is because I am using the “stock” radio controller for the drone. You can purchase an “advanced” controller for $400-$600 which operates the craft more smoothly, and has more robust communication from ground to drone. Also, I can (and will, when I get the chance) calibrate the controller to move the craft more SLOWLY when I touch the control sticks. I think when I do this, and as I get more skilled at flying, I can achieve VERY steady flyovers – wind permitting. (Yes, the drone can fly in winds up to 20 MPH, but even with 10+ winds getting rock steady cinema caliber footage will be difficult. Best to fly when it’s nice and still, like the morning shots in this video).

Anyhow, I just love the fact that my golf tournament had both LIVE SCORING and BLIMP SHOTS – something the pimple faced golf nerd kid would have never dared to dream when he was growing up on the mean streets of McLean!


  1. Czabe,

    I asked about your drone a couple posts ago and I now have the Vision 2+ on order for work purposes. Can not wait to spend the summer with it. Anyway, now I have to ask about the above music track. It is the one I remember vividly from my early childhood but have no idea what its called. Can you help me out again? Thanks much der hey from up in ‘Sconnie.

  2. Not a golf nerd…don’t care about golf at all. This, however, was really cool. My 6 year old boy and I watched it mouth agape the whole time. Gotta get me one before the FAA requires a license.

  3. I don’t know, Steve. I think the drone video looks pretty cool! I didn’t even notice any shakiness that you mentioned. Pretty cool! As your other commenter commented, I’m also from Sconnie!

  4. Awesome footage and the theme song was a great touch. It is Love’s Theme but the Love Unlimited Orchestra (led by Barry White). I kept waiting for commentary by Chris Schenkel.

  5. Thanks a lot! Now out of no where I want a new toy. Czabe…agree that the theme song was the perfect touch to your video. I had to download that sucker.


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