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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    two games at home where another dud effort will be met with derisive boos from a half-full and mostly drunk FedEx Field fanbase.

    I’m off Sunday…..if you paid me $1000 per ticket and picked up parking I wouldn’t take my family of 4.

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    Yes, these next few games will be big in terms of direction forward. Over the last three weeks it seems the whole organization has run out of gas. Afraid to say it, but total collapse is possible this off-season–no QB, starting over at head coach, etc. Management seems more concerned with intra-office politics and “winning” the off-season perception / marketing game than it does about winning on the field.

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    Think you nailed it with this rant.

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    I think the Redskins need to hire players with better moral character, stronger work ethics, and hire coaches who aren’t Peter Principle promotions (Bill Callahan, Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio).
    Thinking you can draft a guy who can run faster or throw better than the opposition is called NCAA or Intramurals brutha! The NFL is chess and asking for a rook that can jump over pieces is fantasy. Get some brains on the sidelines and execute plays that work.

    1. 4.1

      F Goodell

      Exactly what Pk said. It is the N. F. freaking L. Everyone is an elite athlete – the absolute best of the best. The game is played above the neck, and if you do not have the gray matter to sustain your athleticism; you’re not long for this league. The smartest of players continue to hone their craft; and find that angle, or edge that sets them apart. The “athletes” are a mere flash-in-the-pan.

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    So does this mean we get more “Car Talk” from you and the boys on the Stede Zabin Show in the next couple of weeks to help lighten our dispirited, Christmas, non-playoff spirits?

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    How about you trade Doctson for Vikings ‘16 first rounder Lawson Treadwell? One catch last year and 17 this year. Career total yardage=119.

  7. 7

    Ernie Didot

    Spot on evaluation Steve. Also, what’s up with our special teams? We’re regressing (going from “meh” to worse) in that department too: we can’t field punts (or at least hold onto the ball) and we can’t cover punts, but at least we have a kicker with a good head of hair. We’re springing leaks like a spaghetti colander leaving us with a mile-long “needs” list.

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    t. rissle

    The bizzarro thing is that our one working part: Cousins, K., is the one piece the office doesn’t like. The guy is a star and right now the criticism of him is he isn’t Tom Brady. Or Roethelisburterger. So?
    This is like in the last Lord of the Rings movie where where all the balls are in motion outside mordor but the only thing that really matters is Frodo getting the ring into the lava. Kurt is the ring and the lava is a contract that makes him ours….all ours. mwah hahahaha. All the skirmishes between orcs/trolls and gondor, our injuries, odd personnel decisions, etc don’t matter at all. Kirk is beyond good enough. If there’s a spare brady lying around in the 6th round in next year’s draft, then cool beans, but there isn’t.
    Give the guy some FFFFF——– weapons. How many balls have to hit our skill players in the hands? You know what? Most QB’s fumble the ball when sacked and hit because of a porous line. If EVERY FIRST DOWN PLAY IS A RUN then the defense may get wise.
    Finally, one gripe from the game is apparently our dudes suck so bad, they don’t get PI calls now.
    I hate to say it, do we blame Duece G for the injuries?

    1. 8.1


      I think his name is Keith. Pretty disrespectful of you to not remember his name. Anyway, I read an article yesterday that said that Antonio Brown has dropped exactly two passes all year, in approximately five billion targets. Each of our 2017 receivers drop two passes basically every single drive. Can’t win with these guys, and I agree with Stege Czaban that Doc is a bust. The only one I trust even a little after this is Ryan Grant. Ryan Grant! The same guy I viewed as a roster stuffer at best just last year.

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    Damage done as far as I’m concerned. QB on his way out and already out mentally, coach looks like he’s aged 10 years since August and doesn’t want to be there anymore, fan base sliding into familiar apathy, players mailing it in and being passive-aggressive when criticized for it etc. If this team beats ANYONE right now, I will be extremely surprised.
    Sheehan and Cooley did the contrived defense speech for Allen today. But no one is convincing me that the present malaise isn’t somehow connected to Allen’s girlish handling of Scot McCloughan last year. A lot of these players absolutely love Scot and largely came here because of him. Except for Sheehan and Cooley I don’t know anyone who loves Bruce Allen. Every action has ramifications here. Slandering Scot McCloughan on the way out the door might have been an extremely poor decision. And we don’t even know if he actually was drinking or whether that was just a convenient smear to cover their asses. It was all just a classic Redskins move, leading me to look for Vinny hiding just off camera. This is why the team always loses. They are amateurs. Allen is an amateur. How is our team supposed to look like it’s a professional organization when it is being led by a petty amateur like that?

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    As a Miami native, transplanted to Maryland, who now roots for Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and the Patriots… I find it delicious that we sit here now with 6 games left in the season pretty much exactly where I expected we would be in the preseason as you were prattling on about “ain’t nobody leaving an 11 win party!!!”, and my oh my how delusional the Dolphins are, why don’t they just understand that they are terrible and go out there and suck this season instead of bringing in Jay Cutler to “try to have a season”…

    Here we are, the Dolphins are an ugly 6-7, while your vaunted Redskins, who look down their noses at the Dolphins and their assortment of backup and retread QB’s,… well those 11 win party, let’s have ourselves a season Redskins are… 5-8.

    Glad to see homerism and delusion have not lost their home of homes right here in the DelMarVa.

    And great call, by the way, on the “crimes against humanity” call about the Dolphins and their modern uniforms. Those are the exact same words I used texting with my buddy Monday night watching the game. It’s a true atrocity that they’ve tossed that classic look in the dumpster and lit a match in favor of this new crap we’re forced to bear witness to.


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