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    Tom Schneider

    I think you mean Al Czervikian injury don’t you? The judge finished the match, it was Al that pulled up laime so Noonan could sub in for him.

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    Tom Schneider

    It’s not a Judge Smailsian injury, it’s an Al Czervikan injury. Al left the match with an “injury” so Noonan could take over. Judge played the whole 18. Come on Czabe.

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    Tiger’s behaviour looks like that of a kid to whom everything came easy early in life. When he faces difficulty as an adult he lacks the tools to handle it in an adult way. Life is hard, even for the best of us, and I think it is a good thing to set your kid up to fail at least a few times when he is young because it sets him up for sustained success as an adult.

    Also, I look forward to the day when this race card bullshit goes away. Even the left is getting tired of it. Sure there will always be some racists, but if you succeed or fail in America it has everything to do with your merit and nothing to do with your race (unless you work for the federal government in which case you are probably there because of your race.)


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