“Crap Seven, Clear the Line…”


Those dreaded words in dice, are as inevitable as time and math. It was a great run for the Steve Czaban Show on Sporting News Radio, turned Yahoo Sports Radio, now SB Nation Radio. But alas, it’s over.

I was informed on Monday afternoon that SB Nation was going in a different direction in morning drive, and that my contract would not be renewed. It had run out at the end of August, and we were working on a new one.

The decision was theirs, and the reasons are their own. I don’t claim to know what those reasons are, or particularly care. I want to thank David Gow, Craig Larson, and the rest of the network for having me for 6 great years. They always treated me right, and let me do the kind of show that I wanted to do, a show that I was energized to do every morning.

It’s been a long year for me, as I’ve battled through the remnants of lyme disease, probable related co-infections and resultant auto-immune dysfunction. I am happy to say I have finally turned the corner, and look forward to getting back to full health.

That said, it’s probably for the best that I sleep for a while. Sleepy, sleep, sleep. I’ve done this morning/afternoon double-shift on national/local radio almost non-stop since 2004. Granted it’s not REAL work, like swinging a hot tar mop on a roof in the summer, but it’s still a grind.

The companionship of “Father of the Year” Scott Linn and the “Noted Indoorsman” Solly, has been nothing short of family. And I will miss them dearly on the radio. Sure, we’ll still be around locally here in DC, on ESPN980. But nothing will replace the on-air relationships. They have been loyal, hardworking members of my show, without whom, I would not have had the success I’ve enjoyed. The same goes for young Tim Murray, who is talented and tall. And as they say: “You can’t coach height.”

I regret the impact this will have on the many listeners and fans out there, who came to love this show like none other. Your emails to me, in such amazing detail, sharing how this silly little radio show impacted your lives positively, were an incredible inspiration.

While it’s not quite the same, you can still hear me yammering with Bob and Brian in the morning on 102.9 the Hog in Milwaukee from 9-9:45 every day. And then in afternoon drive with Andy Pollin on ESPN980. The easiest way to dial those in, if you live outside of those markets, is right here on Czabe.com. Just click the “on-air” lights on the upper right corner of this page.

It would be nice to offer a cheery “we’ll pop up somewhere else!” pep talk. But I know this business is changing, just like every business changes. While I believe the future holds great promise, it does not give promises. We’ll see.

In the end, I have no regrets. I can’t say our show was “the best” out there, but I can say it was a unique and necessary product. There was nothing else out there, quite like it – and I know, because I listen to everybody!

Our show was unapologetically bare knuckled to those people and things in sports that richly deserved a verbal beating. But it retained a mirthful joy in just being sports fans, in an age of digital plenty.

Speaking of digital, I have time to polish this site up just a bit. Please do drop by every now and then and say “hey.” I have a lot more time on my hands now, and a mower to sell.


  1. Czabe,
    It was like a punch to the gut when I didn’t hear your voice this morning. You are the best “boss”, and the show will be missed. Best wishes on your future endeavors. Hope to hear you soon.

    • This makes me litterly sick to my stomach .
      You are a huge part of my day and have been for years . I listen to nobody else but you guys.Your talent is second to none .
      I know you will resurface somewhere in the morning . I just hope it is sooner than later.

      • I’ve been listening for over 10 years on various platforms and yours is the best sports talk radio show in the industry I listen every day rain or shine and absolutely loved it please let us know immediately when and where you guys are back on the air PS more Solly and yes PS more Murray

      • Ditto for me Bj Robb.
        Killed me to hear the news Czabe. As this is not the first time I have worked tirelessly to chase you “around the dial” I too will not give up on future shows in satellite or podcasts or whatever comes next!
        Best to you Czabe in your future endeavors and we will “talk again” soon! Great news to hear the health situation is improving.
        Paul C
        North Royalton, OH

        • Ditto. It’s very sad to see a show, unique in its old fashion honesty while reporting on timely topics. “The Czabe” and the team created a voice that mirrored the sentiments of more people than they may realize. It’s truly a loss. The show was funny, insightful but more than anything HONEST. get back on the air ASAP

    • I rate this move by SB Nation a ‘Suck Minus’ at best…I really can’t listen to anyone else for more than 10 minutes without banging my head on a table. Hoping to see you again somewhere else on the radio or podcast dial.

      • I agree with Mike. Can’t listen to other sports talk radio for 2 minutes without pining for what had been “tomorrow morning’s” Czabe show. Anxiously awaiting your morning drive comeback somewhere, some day.

        • Wow i was wondering how a non company blathering left leaning politically incorrect host hadnt been silenced. Question answered. Czabe is simply the most entertaining morning sports personality in the industry. Sb nation has now been eliminated from speed dial on radio joining espn radio in my listening trash can. Horrible decision.

    • What a kick in the fellas, dirty pool mister, dirty pool. As another commenter said, the SB move seemed doomed. Good luck guys, hope you keep the band together and on the web or airwaves. I have had many years of laughter and entertainment and you will be missed ! Many hours of air/drive time!

    • Dude, fuck!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooo. WERST. NEWS. EVER. I’ve been listening since 2002 in Seattle, Czabe. Rest up and let’s hope this is a temporary sabbatical like the Screamin A debacle. We will be checking your site frequently for the good news. I remember the photos of the satellites on this very site when you announced you were back. Looking forward to that day again.

    • My early morning’s just got a a little more like, well, early morning’s. Meh to suck, no better. I swear I knew the weekend was here when I heard the song every Friday. This really sucks. Hope you and crew land somewhere together soon. I’ll be listening. Thanks for the mornings. Out of market (St Louis) guy.

    • This is truly sad and depressing news. It’s a real kick to the boys. You’re the best and always will be. I looked forward waking up every morning to you Czabe and Scott and of course #MORESOLLY and your takes on sports and life. My kids loved listening to you on the way to school. Now my morning cuppa has been stolen from me and there is NO replacing Czabe & the boys.

      Thanks a lot SB Nation, you totally suck. I’ll never listen or give any of my time to you again.

      Czabe, thank you for all your hard work and the fun times you brought to mine and my kids morning drive. I sincerely hope to hear you, Scott and Solly on morning radio again real soon.

      You’re the best boss!!

      Yours loyally,
      Roll Tide!

      • This might be a dumb question, but how misguided are the Sports Nation people? My mornings no longer contain laughter or joy. ARGHHHHHH!!!!

    • Czabe and the entire crew –

      For the past 10 years you have been the highlight of the morning commute for me and my four boys as we commuted to DC for work and high school (Gonzaga). We have written you before to say how much fun we have listening to the show. Needless to say, this news hits hard. But they can never take away the laughs we had over the last 10 years.

      Hope you enjoy a bit of a break from the early mornings. But we will look forward to listening to the next edition of your show whatever it may be.

    • OMG, my buddy just texted me the news. Czabe, I’ve been listening to you guys for about 7 years and yours was the best radio show period! Right now, I drive a truck for a living and you guys get me thru those tough miles in the wee hours of the morning. Hope something opens up for you; it has to, you guys are too good!

    • Czabe, thanks for countless hours of entertainment. Hopefully we meet up again on XM, but until then all the best to you and the crew. Now to delete ch93 from the dial.

    • Please come back somewhere and soon. You are a staple and highlight to my 12 hour work days. You are the best in the biz, and we need you out there. Get well soon, and stay in touch.

    • Czabe
      Like others are saying this hit me like a sucker punch. I’m a few years older than you and while I don’t always agree with you, though often I do, I always love your angle on a topic. I have listened to you off and on for many years. Just this summer I made it my mission to track down your podcast and you guys got me through the duldrums and into FB season. I had a sinking feeling when you were not broadcasting Tuesday and they made no mention of why. You are the best “boss.” But the trio of you Solly and Scott is really something special. I’ll wait impatiently for your triumphant return to national prominence

      All the best

    • This is twice I have been let down after finding your show again. I where graveyards in your Podcasts get me through the night. hopefully do you decide to go full podcast one day much the way Adam Corola and Mark Marron have done, it’s not the same without hearing the daily Czabe

    • Let me guess. The network is replacing you with a vocabulary-challenged, tone deaf oaf without an ounce of imagination or creativity who will spend three hours repeatedly screaming about the same topic. So refreshing. That’s just what sports radio needs. Who likes to laugh and be engaged by sonething fresh and witty anyway? You and your crew will be sorely missed. Please come back.

    • Truly truly hurt and saddened by this news. My highlight every morning for years has been your show. The antics and idioms have worked their way into my daily life and vocabulary and had an impact on me like no other show ever has. This is so sudden and I can’t process it now. I hope this is not the end. How can we help?!

    • Listening to you on my morning drive was the only reason I kept my Sirius subscription (not a threat post…just stating a fact) so this is a huge disappointment. Hopefully you will be pop up somewhere else in the morning otherwise I’ll have to settle for catching you on Bob and Bryan (am a Milwaukee local so at least I have that.) Good luck on your future endeavors and hope to hear you soon.

  2. I’m really disappointed to hear the news
    I m 52 and have listened to a lot of morning shows
    Yours was the best
    Enjoy your sleep
    Hope to hear you soon back on the am air

  3. Sorry to hear, friends. There really is nothing like it out there and nothing can replace it for me. I have listened nearly every day for the last 8 years and just dont get why stations choose to go boring and safe over funny, original, jovial and cynical. It really is/was the perfect morning show. A sincere thank you to all 3 of you guys.

  4. Thanks for the years of fun and snark in the morning Never called, never texted but loved every second. Fridays won’t be the same without “you are looking live”. Come back soon

  5. Well this really stinks. Your show has become an integral part of starting every day of the week for me. You have a unique take on most topics and a wonderful way of communicating with the listener. I always appreciated your honesty. I think what I will miss the most are the discussions about non-sports items. I really felt like you and Scott and Solly were family that I spent each morning with. I hope that you will pop up somewhere soon. Now get to work on bringing back the Czabecast. #MoreMurray

    • Yeah, this is terrible. Live on Eastern shore, and your show has been in my radio for a number of years now. I knew the SB Nation thing might be bad, and I am VERY sorry to no longer have you guys in the AM. Best of luck Steve and Scott and Solly

    • Well…there goes another reason to listen to the radio . This sucks for us but I’m happy you’ll have some extra rest time. I’ll sign up for the Czabecast if it comes back right away.

  6. Geez Czabe, I hope this is some sort of sick joke, like that time Stephen A. Smith was given your airwaves. Come back really soon.

  7. Wow this sucks. Listened to you guys every day via the podcast app and Xm. Hope someone picks you up and soon. In the meantime I wish you all the best. Thanks for the morning laughs and fresh takes. You will be sorely missed!!!

  8. I canceled XM yesterday thinking I would stream through my phone on my morning commute. I didn’t know the impact that would have, I feel responsible. I’m sorry.

  9. I’m gutted. Been following since the Sporting News radio days. Thank you Czabe and The Boys for ask if the joy you brought. I hope you can pop back up somewhere soon.

  10. I really can’t listen to any other sports radio broadcast. I’ve tried over the years. No other broadcaster does it for me. Czabe and the boys just have that special chemistry that cannot be duplicated. Everyone wlse is wooden. Boring.

    I will listen to Czabe when/where I can, but looks like I’ll just go back to listening to the news. Or music. Or nothing.

  11. I just found out the devastating news! I started listening to you on the Bob and Brian Show. I always looked forward to your podcast every morning. I appreciated the honest and smart opinions regarding sports and non-sports subjects alike. I can’t even remember the last time I listened to anyone else. I really appreciated that you weren’t “in bed” with the athletes, agents, teams or the NFL itself. I hope and pray that you find a national home soon. Best of luck to you, Scott and Solly going forward.

  12. I feel like I’ve just been punched in the gut. SB Nation, Yahoo Sports…whatever they want to call themselves, it proves another entity just doesn’t get it. HTF am I supposed to get thru my mornings now!?
    Czabe, Scott, Solly and yes, even Murray…thank you, thank you, thank you. Good luck and see you soon.

  13. This sucks. I’m actually happy that you don’t have to get up at that ungodly hour anymore, but this really blows for the rest of us. You are such a talented sports radio host and provide such a unique and extremely entertaining product. Why can’t the rest of the radio wonks recognize your talent? Maybe you just hit a little too close to home when you call out hypocrisy when you see it and that makes them a little too uncomfortable. It really makes other sports shows sound so lame that I can’t even listen to them. I wish you could at least do a podcast version of your show but that again would require you to get up pretty pretty early again. Now what am I going to do with 3 extra hours in the morning? I knew it was the beginning of the end when Murray left, the show was never the same! Not really, #murraysucks

  14. This %#$*(& sucks!!! What am I going to do now? One last (?) This Might Be A Dumb Question–if I buy your lawn tractor, will throw in the oxygen and bacon cart?

  15. What a sad day it is… been a 1%’er for 10 years since I bought my XM equipped 2007 Acura TL (old Czabe deer slayer as coincidence as well as being a 68/86 guy, queue Scott UFO conspiracy sound effect ) . After logging many boring miles on the road for my sales job I stumbled across “The First Team” and never looked back. Thanks for all the enjoyment. Czabe rocks of course, but a shout out to the under appreciated Scott Lin (loved the red carpet reply to what am I wearing…”Depends”). Hopefully you guys get back on soon. The afternoon drive isn’t quite the same cup of tea as what you did on the national show. I guess its true all good things come to an end.

  16. My mornings are not going to be the same! There isn’t a substitute. I am sure as hell not going to listen to the 4 letter. I just do not get this crazy business. Here’s to hoping I will find you and the guys on another platform soon!!

  17. WTF…. come on, I just came on board and love your show. Tuned into Sirius this morning and thought the worst and it is true (well you are alive so it isn’t the worst). Sirius has a ton of dead air stations hopefully you can start another show. At least the different direction wasn’t Scream’in A Smith

  18. Mr. Czaban,
    I have listened to your show for literally years now – maybe around 10 or 11. When I saw the podcast this morning, I knew it could be trouble.
    Thank you for all the fun, laughter, and joy you have given me and our fellow listeners over the years. I already miss the show a lot. I hope you guys pop up some where really soon.
    In the meantime, sell that mower and avoid those deers on the backroads. And bye bye belt!

  19. I’m gutted. I’ve been listening since “The First Team on Fox”, and have loved the show ever since. I generally listen to the podcasts, and although I’m behind in them, I had just listened to the “Where you at, what you haulin’?” segment where a trucker called in while on his last ride back in late July. What a great and cool moment that was. I hope to hear the show again very soon.

  20. This. Totally. Sucks. I never could stomach all the boring, cookie cutter, bloviating, one dimensional sports talk radio guys on the 4 letter or pretty much any other radio station. I have listened to you guys every chance I could get after stumbling across you on 570 in DC back in 2010 as a way to avoid having to listen to NPR. Your podcasts and shows have kept me company on a lot of flights (you guys were lifesavers when I was in going back and forth to Medellin last year!) and can’t tell you how many times people have given me weird looks because I start tearing up with laughter during your shows! You will be sorely missed as the rapport with Scott, Solly, Murray (and before him Al) was special and found no where else on the radio! Your superb mix of pop culture, regular sports and random sports made you and the other guys a joy to listen to every morning. Guess I’ll have to go back to NPR or read a book or something now…sucks. Best of luck and here’s hoping that someone out there has the brains to pick you and your boys up after another short-sighted, moronic “management” decision!!

  21. How could SB Nation cancel you? You were the best show in their lineup. I’m shocked. I’ve been listening to you since you the last time you got cancelled in DC and they replaced you with Same and Samer. My mornings aren’t going to be the same. I started listening to you when I lived in Virginia and continued when I moved back to Massachusetts. WEEI should hire you. You would be way better than anybody they have now.

  22. As a loyal 0.5%’er for over a decade, I am very disappointed to see you and the boys go. I hope that you find a home again soon so that I have something great to listen to in the morning. You guys get let go, while Same & Samer still have a show? The world just isn’t fair. Thank you Steve, Scott, Solly, and even Murray for all the entertainment over the years!

  23. Wow, extremely sad news. Czabe, your show catered toward a more intelligent demographic than “Same and Samer”, you guys actually did a deep dive into the major issues effecting the NFL and NBA. It was more of a round table discussion of the good and bad in sports, without concern for towing the Politically Correct Company Line. “Replay is destroying football and Pay These Players!” Thank you for not wasting my time reciting scores. Czabe, you guys are extremely talented and your opinions will be sorely missed!

  24. OMG! Czabe, you will be sorely missed. Please pop up somewhere or go out on your own & do a podcast or something. I can’t bear not having you Scott & Solly to start my day. Truly you were the best thing on the radio.

  25. Ok… I saw this… And thought it a just a gambling post… So obviously solly isn’t the pr rep. I’ve already sent my condolences… I guess I’m here to commiserate. My whole day is ruined in perpetuity…

    Tony Kornheiser went to a podcast with four initial sponsors to start… Just say the word and I’m subscribing…

    • This.

      Aside from you, I have only loyally listened to Tony Kornheiser when it comes to “sports talk radio”, and what he’s done with his new program is quite good. If he can get four sponsors, then you’re golden. I’m looking forward to hearing you again soon, sir.

  26. Sorry to here it. You were my companion on my morning bike ride and commute every day. You and your crew were funny with a little edge (thanks Solly).

    I thought your show was the best I could find. My favorite national hosts are you and Tony Bruno. You both had “it” (whatever that means, but I know it when I hear it). I guess I am getting too old when my favorites can find a place on the national dial.

    Thanks again and best of luck.

  27. This sucks. Your show was the cornerstone of my podcast platform. You and the boys will be missed. I hope you can come back ins ome form. I WILL PAY FOR YOUR SHOW IN PODCAST FORM.

  28. This is truly devastating news. You and the guys were like family. I thank you for loyally making the donuts everyday and appreciate all the good times.

    Please please please do what you can to get back on the air again. Wish you well going forward.

  29. This. Totally. Sucks. I never could stomach all the boring, cookie cutter, bloviating, one dimensional sports talk radio guys on the 4 letter or pretty much any other radio station. I have listened to you guys every chance I could get after stumbling across you on 570 in DC back in 2010 as a way to avoid having to listen to NPR. Your podcasts and shows have kept me company on a lot of flights (you guys were lifesavers when I was in going back and forth to Medellin last year!) and can’t tell you how many times people have given me weird looks because I start tearing up with laughter during your shows! You will be sorely missed as the rapport with Scott, Solly, Murray (and before him Al) was special and found no where else on the radio! Your superb mix of pop culture, regular sports and random sports made you and the other guys a joy to listen to every morning. Guess I’ll have to go back to NPR or read a book or something now…sucks. Best of luck and here’s hoping that someone out there has the brains to pick you and your boys up after another short-sighted, moronic “management” decision!!

  30. Czbae you are the only reason I have Xm radio. Shocked and saddened by the news. You will get another national show soon. You are one of the best in the biz.

  31. Truly saddened by this news…….been listening daily for years, with occasional texts and tweets in. Hope yall get picked up elsewhere, and if not, I’d certainly support a paid podcast. #MoreSolly

  32. This is sad, sad day. I couldn’t claim 1% status like so many devoted fans, especially those the FB group I love so much, but once I found your show, I listened whenever and wherever I could. You were a part of my morning for so many years that I look back and can’t believe how much my life has changed since I first started listening. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 36 years, it’s that nothing is constant and nothing lasts forever. Thanks for defying those rules for over a decade, and I hope to God you make a triumphant return to national radio in the near future.

  33. Czabe, you were the last morning sports radio show that I actually enjoyed. Every other show is just “lists” and politically correct B.S. I don’t really have a reason to keep my Sirius subscription anymore either (so I guess thanks for saving me that money next year). I still look forward to listening to you and Andy in the afternoon (and of course this here blog). Best of luck!!

    • I dumped XM/Sirius almost a year ago…too many problems and I haven’t missed it a bit. Caught Czabe on Podcastarena from my smartphone which was great because I could listen whenever I had time or replay it over and over.

  34. Czabe, I first found you during my college days in Milwaukee. My 9/11/01 “where was I” story starts with your name. I’ve been a loyal listener all these years, and as others have made clear, there is simply no equivalent to the product you deliver. This is like losing a favorite uncle. I hope there is a future for you and your team with an employer that truly appreciates the intangibles you bring. #moreczabe

  35. Disappointing…I heard the old neighborhood is still in shambles since they switched away from you. I know it’s a couple days early, but this might be a dumb question, will this affect your status in the top 100 heavy talkers ranking? I’ll hang up and listen. Thanks for the many many years of entertainment.

  36. It’s so quiet in my house this morning.

    Perhaps the best tribute I can pay is to describe how I consume the show. I live out in the country, where my Internet is both slow and metered. So I wrote a program that runs on a remote system and downloads the podcasts there, processes them through an audio filter that compresses them to about 1/3 their original size, then downloads those to my home for listening. Been doing that for a few years now, without missing a show.

    As you say, Steve, your show is unique, as far as I know. I enjoy your other shows, and have discovered some of the other ESPN980 shows through you, though I live in the Midwest. I even catch Solly’s MMA podcast now. But the three of you — four when Murray was there — produce perfectly that sense of regular guys just sitting around talking sports and whatever else comes up. It must be harder than it sounds, because I haven’t heard any other show that makes it seem so natural.

    The SBNation thing didn’t make much sense to me — using radio shows to promote your stable of forgettable bloggers seems backwards — so maybe it’s no surprise they weren’t in it for the long haul. (Also, for the first couple weeks, I thought everyone was saying “ESPY Nation,” which sounded goofy.) As a professional, you would probably say it’s up to the interviewer to make the interviewee interesting, but I don’t think there was much you could do with a lot of those guys.

    It’s hard for me to believe someone else wouldn’t snap up your show. I realize you’re not PC enough for a lot of outlets, but I’d like to think the pendulum is starting to swing back on that. It sounds like you won’t mind a break, but I hope when you’re rested, something comes together. In any case, you guys have brightened my mornings for several years now, so the least I can do is say thank you, and wish you all the best.

    Seriously this is a joke, three of the most talented men in radio will find a new home soon.

  38. Damn. My son and daughter and I have bonded over your show for years – laughing and listening to you, Scott and Solly since grade school. They’re both away at college and they still text me pictures of games with the caption “you are looking live” at…” They call me and ask “where you at and what you hauling…” even though I’m a stock broker! Your show’s content, phrases and style are firmly woven into my family. That’s the best tribute I can give you.
    Devastated at this turn of events.

    Thank God for “The Sports Reporters” and the renegade 1%’er Facebook page your show inspired. They are an important part of my day and life, and I thank you for them.

    Rest up, and the best to you and the gang. You will be sorely missed.

  39. What a terrible discussion to cancel… The show was the kick start to my day for many years. Your one of the best in the business and hope you can get a show back up and running ASAP!

  40. This is unbelievable. I called the Houston station and left a voicemail with the programming director. The receptionist said she had been flooded with complaints. I also sent them an email informing them that I would no longer listen to the show. There is no more justice in this world.

  41. This. Totally. Sucks. I never could stomach all the boring, cookie cutter, one dimensional sports talk radio guys on the 4 letter or pretty much any other radio station. I have listened to you guys every chance I could get after stumbling across you on 570 in DC back in 2010 as a way to avoid having to listen to NPR. Your podcasts and shows have kept me company on a lot of flights (you guys were lifesavers when I was in going back and forth to Medellin last year!) and can’t tell you how many times people have given me weird looks because I start tearing up with laughter during your shows! You will be sorely missed as the rapport with Scott, Solly, Murray (and before him Al) was special and found no where else on the radio! Your superb mix of pop culture, regular sports and random sports made you and the other guys a joy to listen to every morning. Guess I’ll have to go back to NPR or read a book or something now…sucks. Best of luck and here’s hoping that someone out there picks you and your boys up after this latest short-sighted management decision!!

  42. This totally blows. But, you’re kidding, right? When do you come off suspension? You guys helped get me through a divorce by just being a podcast I could turn to and get away. I, too, have been with Czabe since the Sporting News Radio days. It is hard to get good radio in Central Pennsylvania. All of our sports stations have turned to the Four Letter because, I guess, it’s easier on them (and less funny). This might be a dumb question but, why can’t people, who are supposedly in the know, realize that we sports junkies are not tuning into Czabe and the boys for just sports talk. You always have a well thought out take. We tune in because we feel like what you are doing and what you talk about remind us of us and our friends just sitting around bull-shining about all topics. With all due respect, those at the top of SB Nation are idiots. Lock it up, Czabe and the boys will be back before Trump takes office in January. All I can say is THANK YOU!

  43. Wow! This stinks. I’ve been listening to you for years and always found the morning a little easier “waking up to the Czabe”. You and the guys will be missed.

    • I’m a mom of 4 and a loyal listener for years. I love sports, and I loved hockey talk. I’d like to think I have championship attitude! Your show got me through many early morning runs. Please do a podcast! Running alone wil not be fun!
      Deena Simpson in the 309

  44. Well, DAMN! 10+ years of starting my day with you guys…As much as I am against paying for podcasts, I’ll pony up with no reservations if you go that direction. Best wishes to all & thanks!

  45. Wtf??

    Czabe – best show ever…. Looking live and lock it up you will be back sooner than later at least I hope so…. Only thing that gives me some peace is I listen to you in the afternoon since I am DC local and sometimes the content was duplicated which is no fault of your own…. Of course nothing can reproduce your show…. Hope the Begas trip somehow still happens as I planned to be present for the epic presser that was planned ….

    Sincerely – Marty

  46. Czabe, you and the boys are going to be hugely missed. I feel like I’ve lost a friend and an important and fun start to each and every day. I’m selfishly hoping you’ll start a podcast so you can be yourself and say anything you like. The shows are always the best when you’re unfiltered. I’m a proud 1%’er and will continue to listen to you and Andy – but it just isn’t the same. Enjoy your rest – you deserve it. Thanks for making my mornings better – – hope to hear you back soon.

  47. Say it ain’t so! I just got done listening to the last podcast!

    Does ESPN980 offer a podcast? I do catch Czabe on Bob and Brian live, and on replays of their podcast at time. But it is unfortunate as this has been a part of my daily routine.

    All the best Czabe, you are hands down one of my favorite people! Along with Scott and Solly!

  48. As a member of the female, “V-squad” contingent, I have to say this is the suckiest suck that ever sucked. I started listening a year or so ago and fell in love with the show. I had a great thing going…hour 1 as I readied for work, hour 2 on my way there, hour 3 on my way home. And, I was hoping to make my first call into the show next month on my birthday, just so I could talk to Solly…even if he didn’t put me on air. Be well, and I hope to hear you all back soon!

  49. So deeply heartbroken. Listening to you in my classroom on podcast when I have planning periods or in the car with my son was a highlight. I will try to keep up with your show on 980. Bummer…

  50. NOOOOOO, these bastards couldn’t wait till after football? I will never not love You Are Looking Live! And if I ever get shot it better be in Denver! Love yall, speedy return Czabe, Scott and Solly, you will be greatly missed!

  51. Well. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is obvious. This show is/was unique and like nothing else out there. Ill miss it and am a proud 1%. I would get behind from time to time but would always catch up eventually via the excellent podcasts. I will miss hearing about a certain sports story and eagerly looking forward to Czabe’s take on it. I looked forward to hearing him discuss the Cavaliers Championship back in June, my city’s first in 52 years. Couldn’t wait to hear his take on the whole thing and it didn’t disappoint. I’ll miss all of that.
    The good news is currently, I’m about 2-3 weeks behind in listening. So I have a couple of more weeks to try to savor what’s left of the show. And I will savor every drop.
    I hope to hear of you again soon, Czaban, Linn and Solly. Enjoy your break and here’s to you guys putting the band back together again, soon. Until then, I’ll savor what I have left…

  52. I moved to Charlotte in 95, and shortly after that began listening to you on 610. My favorite day was Tuesday because that was the day after MNF, and your ripping of Madden. I once met u and Penner at the Men’s Club after winning a contest. You are truly a class act and your show has always been the best. Sad sad day.

  53. Been listening to you since you were in Chi Town. I have a crap commute in the DC area and your morning show made it bearable. Got XM/Sirius in my Birdslayer specifically to hear you and the boys. I am glad we still have the local evening show.

    So my XM contract ends next month. I am not renewing. Interestingly, a neighbor and friend is an XM Exec and Czabe fan. We’d discussed your show a few times and I let him know it was the only reason I had a subscription. I will see him Saturday and let him know I am not renewing, and why. Not really XM’s fight but it never hurts to drop a bug in their ear.

  54. Echoing others’ comments: I’ve enjoyed your show and it’s ruined me for other sports talk. I recently started podcasting your D.C. “Sports Reporters” show to get more Czabe. For the time being, those podcasts and your Bob and Brian segments will have to give me my fix. This incarnation of your show will be missed.

    Will watch for what the future holds and will join you in your next neighborhood.

  55. I live in CA and listened to you on FOX Sports when I worked the graveyard shift and was very disappointed when Stephen A took over. I was so excited when I found your show again on podcast almost 10 years later. I do not know how to put this more eloquently, this sucks!!

  56. Czabe…like many others I too spent every weekday morning with you…my two sons began listening with me many years ago and you were a staple of our morning. I hope this does not last…please come back!!!

  57. Absolutely devastated. Man. Reason I got XM radio in the first place and with You are looking live Friday? This is really……….will not now, or ever, listen to SB radio. Let us know when you pop up, you need your own XM radio show, podcast, whatever, without the entaglements of FCC or radio program managers.

  58. Holy crap. This will be the worst news of the year for sure. Your show was my morning ritual since I found you on Bob and Brian back in 2005 when I moved to Wisconsin. Even purchased XM Radio at the time just to listen to your show. I wasn’t a “1 percenter” because I never downloaded the podcasts when I missed a show, but I felt like I could have been in the next 5 percent. If Solly ever fell ill, I felt like I could answer the calls from the regulars and even push the proper sound effects when they needed done because I knew what you had available.

    Hopefully you guys will all surface again soon and you will be there to start the weekend off right with “you are looking live”.

    What a disappointing day …. for America.

  59. From another 1%er, when I didn’t hear you on the podcast, I thought you were out sick. Now I find out what happened and I am very sorry to see you go. You made sports talk radio in the slow summer months bearable and now at the beginning of the sports year calendar, they let you go. Hopefully you’ll pop up again soon.

  60. Thank you for all the mornings you and the boys alowed us to join in on conversations. You guys will be missed and my daughter and I will have to start listening to music in the morning.
    Best of luck and many wishes you make it back nationally with the best show in the biz.


    It will take some time for me to process this and adequately put into words what you and the boys have meant to me. Never called, texted once or twice, but I’m a 1%-er.

    I’m INFURIATED that those in radio management make these kinds of decisions without any regard to the listeners and the relationships that they have with the hosts.

    I’m SAD that I will miss the best, most diverse and most entertaining 3 hours of sports talk radio, hilariously seasoned with news and pop culture references, hands down.

    I’m GLAD that you, Mr. Czaban, are getting a sabbatical, because frankly some of your somewhat-oblique comments regarding your health and the wear and tear of the grinding schedule you keep are concerning, and you are the type of person we need on this planet as long as possible. So happy to hear your health is headed in a positive direction, and I pray that some additional rest will get you back as close to 100% as possible.

    I’m also GLAD that your show has an incredible shelf-life, and I have loads of podcasts to cycle back through until you turn up again. (I still listen to the Solly-Aussie bit every now and then and it is as hilarious as the first time I heard it)

    Thanks to you, Czabe, and the boys for an amazing run.

    Here’s to you and your future success in the next endeavor. For, now, take some time to relax, take in some bird-watching, and even enjoy a road-win or two.

    Best always,
    Jay in RVA

  62. Is there anywhere we can write in to try to change this? Unless you’d rather have your time, which you’ve earned.

    As a loyal podcaster for over a decade, I’m not-so-secretly hoping that you start doing a weekly or bi-weekly profanity-laden podcast that really is a pure “you” show. I’d pay for it, as would many others I’m sure. Please invite Solly and Murray, and Scott I guess. Best of luck Czabe.

  63. Nooo not possible!!! I’ve been listening since the fox sports radio shows in the endings in the early aughts. Made it to Czabe Vegas 5 got to meet steve and Scott Going to miss you guys. You been part of my daily routine for a long time. I was moved to sadness when I decided to check Twitter to see why no show this morning. Hate that there wasn’t a farewell show. The show will live in as I mix in the shows sound bites in my daily life. For now in the words of Packer, it’s Ovaaah you guys are going the way of the headphone jack on the IPhone 7. I’ll keep up on 980 until the band gets back together for another run.

    Matt from the 919
    Low percenter- 1972/1990

  64. My day was ruined. Hell, my life is ruined. Czabe, your show, via podcast, comprised my ride to and from work every day. You wrote that your show was not the best. Sir, it was the best. There are no competitors.

    I hope this break does offer you time to rest and improve your health and I hold out hope that you and the boys will resurface somewhere in the near future.

    Please tell me there was not a corporate photo taken before you were given the news.

    I’m seriously upset.

    York PA

  65. No! I am a loyal listener (despite out political and other differences) who never missed a show. Your show was the best thing on radio and I will miss it dearly. I’ll definitely tune in to your afternoon show and catch your hit on Bob and Brian. Thank you so much for all of the laughs you given me over the years and for the companionship that you delivered on a daily basis. I’ll miss you, Solly, and Scott and hope that you guys turn up with another national morning show on a new network soon. All the best to you.

  66. You are looking live… AT A CROCK OF SHIT! The best am show on radio is no more? Smooth move SB Nation. 2 requests Mr. Czaban : #1 Try and experience Vegas during football season now. #2 Please try and keep the team together. Rest well and update us when possible.

  67. Czabe,
    I have been listening to you in the mornings since the old days at the previous neighborhood. Fox Sports Radio was dumb for replacing your show and now SB Nation/Gow Media have made the same mistake. My kids have grown up listening to “The Czabe” on both the radio and the podcast. You are a class act and I look forward to hearing you on the radio or a podcast in the near future.

  68. I thought this day was over when I heard that Brad and Angelina broke up… but this… this is tragic. I lost 120lbs walking 2 hours a day listening to your show for the past 2 years. Now, I’m doomed to get fat again because I will not ever listen to those morning goons on the four letter.

    At least we now know whether you will get rid of callers or not!

    Get some rest, cut a new deal, and come back somewhere… our health depends on it!

  69. What a bummer to learn the Czaban Show is no more. It was something I looked forward to every day, especially during the summer doldrums sports environment. I will dearly miss the humor as well as the takedown of all the d-baggery in sports, culture, politics, etc. Live ongoing and prosper fellows, and I hope a smart station programmer is out there who will ya’ll back to the airwaves.

  70. This is an outrage! How do they intend to placate us?! Seriously, is there somewhere we can wage a write-in campaign on behalf of the best sports radio personality in the country (which by default means the world)? Unless you’d rather have your time off, which you’ve certainly earned.

    As a loyal podcaster, I agree with the other loyal listeners who not-so-secretly hope that we’ll get a NSFW podcast weekly or bi-weekly-ish. I’d pay for that for sure, especially if you brought along Solly and Murray. Scott would have to be at no extra charge until he learns to say yes or no. Best of luck to all of you.

  71. Czabe,
    From Hatch’s informant (I’m co-worker of his), the morning show will be missed! Love every minute of it. This might be a dumb question but…what the hell is SB Nation Radio thinking??

    • Glad to see all these comments. You guys are a special group. Can’t wait for the podcast! Enough with old radio. They treat people like shit. You guys deserved much better.

  72. Czabe (Scott & Solly) – I am disappointed to learn that you won’t be entertaining me on my morning commute for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, some radio exec realizes how good your show is each and every day. Get some rest and we’ll hear you again soon. Thank you.

  73. You got me to continue to listen to sports radio Feb-Aug. This is high praise. Sad your dream of getting fired mid-contract wasn’t realized. Please come back soon. Friday’s without Rebecca Black just suck.

  74. Things I’ll miss…boogey wonderland, Solly’s akward he’s a bitch interjections, Scott making me feel like I’m a bad father, Best Buy stories, gentleman gentleman, manusha, sport scores, and on and on, appreciate you guys entertaining me all these years, love the show and I guess sb nation can now go drive into a tree

  75. This is the worst news ever- agree with earlier post.
    I listen to your show daily and where I cannot, I listen via Podcast- even on weekends.
    I listen via Tune In radio when I travel.

    Your show rocks from start to finish.

    There is nothing else like it.

    What in hells name has SB nation done? What a bunch of half ass-soon to be folding d-bags.

    My wife enjoys the Daily Czabe in the mornings- as long as kids are out of earshot.

    I am fortunate that I can listen to your D.C. Show. While it’s a good show- it ain’t your morning show.

    No knock on Ken Weinman can’t hold your golf tees… he’s a B-more substitute. Obviously cheap as well.

    Tell the fucknuts at SB to remove all likenesses of you and your name- it’s still listed on their website.
    I’m sending shitty gram to them next.

    God damn this is fucking awful…
    The world has spun off its right axis.
    I looked forward to hearing you- made waking up at 5 am not so bad…
    What’s next???? Oh right- that wretch will be President…

    Thanks for the years of comfort, information and entertainment.

    BOO sb nation… BOO…

  76. No Czabe during football season!! The Friday shows were great to listen to. Not going to be the same. Get better and hope you’re back on in the morning soon.

  77. Czabe, say it ain’t so! I started listening to you boys back in ’07, and have been listening to you ever since. Thanks for the laughs, the snark, the hard-hitting truth bombs. Your ‘schtick’ never got old. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the mornings now… All the best getting well, and selling that damn mower.

    Go Cowboys…

    Brent Petersen

  78. Excerpt of what I sent to http://www.gowmedia.com/contact-programming/

    VERY sad to hear about the cancellation of the Steve Czaban Show. I’ve been a loyal listener for close to 10 years and there is no replacement.
    As a 42 year old father and business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to watch sports and never listen to ‘sports radio’. While Czabe was in the sports ‘section’ he went beyond sports and delivered unique insight and humor. Personally, I am not looking for a new ‘sports show’ to fill the void. I was a podcast listener and consumed every minute of every show. The Steve Czaban Show was #1 in my queue and the only ‘sports’ show. I will now have zero sports shows in my queue (remaining are business, investment and comedy related).
    I know little about broadcasting, but do understand business. If ‘time are tough’ and you could no longer afford Czabe, then I can appreciate your decision. But, if you thought he (and Scott, Solly) are commodities that can be replaced you could not be more wrong. Good luck with that ‘new generation in sports radio’. My guess is that their loyalty will be non-existent.

  79. Czabe, i cant believe this is happening ” AGAIN” Ive been a 1% for a long time.
    Please get a podcast going after you rest and heal up. Good luck to to whole gang. As i sit on my tractor, sprayer, and combine i will truly miss my buds..

  80. Czabe, I am only 25 years old and have only listened for the past year and half. However, I feel like you have been a part of my life since I listen to you every morning at work. I started listening after hearing to my dad talk about your stupid show all the time. As our lives get more and more busy, your show was something we could talk about and laugh about together. We will patiently await your return. And I was waiting for another Wednesday of Great/Meh/Suck, but Czabe – Great, Solly – Great, Scott Linn – Meh, Murray – Suuuucckkksss (just kidding). #MoreSolly 🙁

  81. Wow, I am truly sad by this! Like others – VERY longtime and loyal podcast listener to the point where I’d feel like I missed something if I didn’t listen to the ENTIRE show EVERY day. You’re not only a great host but a real person who I can identify with at almost every level (minus the tractor and birds). And your loyalty to your fellow hosts – past (Andy after the Sports Reporters, Murray and Goldy) and present (Scott, Solly) is to be commended. Also a sad commentary on where radio and sports are. (I’d say “where they’re headed” but I think that’s one of the reasons you and your show were unique!). While I’m selfishly bummed (and somewhat empty), I hope this allows you to be a free agent and get that Rick Bayless gig that you’ve always wanted! Seriously – rest up, get better and I’ll suck it up and try to listen locally to your PM show in the meantime.

  82. Dammit Czabe, I’m sorry to hear this. your show was like no other out there and that’s why I enjoyed it. In this PC world, you guys didn’t roll that way and it was refreshing. Get some rest, heal up, and come back strong with a Czabe podcast. I’m in!

  83. It’s really Seven-Out, but we get it. Crap. WTH am I going to do on Fridays at 6 a.m.? Stream Rebecca Black? My wife will think I’m gay. Not that there’s anything — oh wait, there is something wrong with that.

    Good health, Czabe, and we’ll hear you in the afternoons —


    • Sorry to hear of this decision. As your contemporary (I was born August 1968 and have 2 girls), you certainly are the best radio voice of our generation. I hope to hear soon that you have arranged another gig with the familiar voices of Scott and Solly. Thanks for the morning entertainment (and for the afternoon frivolity when I lived in DC a few years ago) these past few years, as I listened on my way to work in the ATL. Bruce

  84. Czabe, you appear to be handling this in the best possible way. It **IS** a tough business – tougher than ever – and getting tougher all the time. I wish you and your family all the best!

  85. Long time listener – two time caller – damned near everyday incessant texter. I too was shocked this morning and fired off a semi-polite “WTF” email to SBNation. I cited your rapport with your audience, your national top-ten rankings, etc. I won’t be listening to or consuming SBNation on any level henceforth. Lock it up…you and the guys won’t be off-air for long. Top-tier sports shows with guys working on short rest after a ridiculous programming decision and with listeners in revenge mode are an astonishing 55-4 ATS in resuming operations…Good luck to you guys and hope you come back soon.

  86. I have been a loyal listener for well over 6 years. I was confused this morning when I didn’t hear you, Scott and Soly. I refuse to listen to SB Nation, EVER. FOOLS!

  87. It is a sad day. I don’t understand what PDs are thinking anymore. The crappiest shows are still running on the 4 letter mothership. The great shows never last when they should.

    Czabe, I have listened to you since 2004 when commuting to work before the lame local show began. I was hooked. When they took you off the local station I went all out to find you. Whether on satellite radio, live streaming or podcasts, I was sure to find your show. My kids love your show as well. Every Thursday after school, my kids would come up to me and ask “this might be a dumb question…”, they even start their questions to their teachers in the same manner.

    Oh well, get some rest and get better. Here’s to hoping you have a podcast in future.

    I raise a Kraken and Diet to you.

  88. Well this blows, I will miss you guys terribly.You really were the best morning sports show. Always made me laugh, thanks for that! Good Luck! #moresolly

  89. Sounds like all of us lost the weekend. Czabe, solly, Scott, all you guys gotta do is say the channel and how much. I’m in no questions asked. Listen to you boys soon!

  90. I would pay a lot of $ for a El Baldo podcast with Solly and Linn.

    I know good things and radio shows don’t last forever, but this is truly a kick in the nuts. For the last four years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be a daily listener to the funniest, wittiest and most insightful sports radio show on the market.

    Though I usually disagreed with Czabe’s conservative political stances and hated when he ignorantly called for Metro riders to pay full freight, I grew to respect them and I grew to love the political blasts against deserving targets. It added hilarity and levity to the show.

    Though El Baldo is funny and Scott Linn is great too, it was the perfect foil, Steve Soloman, who I will miss the most. Soloman is the perfect heel, cheering for the bad guys like when a listener called for someone go to helmet-to-helmet on Kaepernick after he refused to stand for the anthem. Of course, Solly goes “ha HA!” which was hilarious, though I don’t agree with his assertion.

    And of course, Solly’s laugh sold all of Czabe’s jokes. I would pay Solly $500 to follow me around for a day, shoot the bull, laugh his great laugh at my lame jokes and give me great Al Galdi impersonations. Those were my favorite.


    God and G0d bless you guys.

  91. Not buying it. Czabe said they were fine. He talked about doing weekly Thursday night game records. It’s absolutely nowhere anywhere on the Internets. His wiki says he’s still employeed. He went 2 weeks into September when his contract ended at the end of August and his last show was on a Monday? Even the guy today on the station said he was filling in for Czabe. In the words of solly, “SUCKERS!”

  92. My heart sank a bit when I read the news, f%ck! Let’s get this back on the air, somewhere! asap. I am willing to pay for the czabecast, let’s do it.
    I will find other things to listen to, but none as good. Hurry back.
    Ted @Refleksinsilver
    Godspeed Czabe

  93. You were my companion every morning while I road by bike on a completely dark bike trail in the country, in the middle of nowhere. Only my small bike light and the sound of your show breaking through the darkness. I am sure the deer and rabbits wondered what the heck I was laughing about as I rode through the countryside.

    I wish you nothing but the best for you and your sidekicks. I hope you turn up somewhere for me to enjoy.

  94. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!? This is awful news.

    I have been a long time listener and owe eternal gratitude to the show for awakening me to the 3 TV setup!

    You guys should get a sponsor and do a Periscope show for an hour or so for us die hards. If Clay Travis can make it work, you guys certainly can!

    Mozel Mozel

  95. Czabe & crew-

    Long time podcast listener, first time writer in. Remember you from the old neighborhood & was thrilled to find you on yahoo & then the short lived SB Nation.

    Quite simply, thank you for all of the entertainment & companionship through the years. Keep us advised where to find you, because we will follow you, boss. Will miss our daily visits.

  96. Sorry to hear about this…I went to my podcast app to get this morning’s show, and an unfamiliar name popped up. You’ve gone through similar circumstances in the past, and have gotten through them all the better. Please keep Mr. Linn and Mr. Solomon with you wherever you land; you three are a great listen, and never fail to entertain.

  97. Like many others, I go back at least 15 years (and through the various networks who carried you) and guess it just reflects how out of touch I must be. I listened in the morning and the podcast as well and can say, you were the only show I listened to on their network. Realize this is a day where “clicks” drives advertising revenue and networks now use metrics for “success” that have nothing to do with originality, content, camaraderie, and a shows ability to relate to their listeners. Best of luck and believe me, this wave will end and you will be back much sooner than you realize.

  98. I feel like someone just told me I can’t gamble ever again or something equally important in my life. WTF!?!

    Is there a place I can still get “You are looking live”? Like, do they do it on the local show? Or can I at least gets Scott’s lock of the week somewhere???

  99. Job well done! We’ll be looking for you and your crew somewhere soon I hope. FSR is still trying to replace you! Who knows….TRIPODMAN

  100. Wow, this is devastating. I have been a loyal 1%’re for 10 years. There is no other alternative. Damn. I will be expressing my displeasure to SB Nation Radio fwiw.

  101. Sorry to hear of this decision. As your contemporary (I was born August 1968 and have 2 girls), you certainly are the best radio voice of our generation. I hope to hear soon that you have arranged another gig with the familiar voices of Scott and Solly. Thanks for the morning entertainment (and for the afternoon frivolity when I lived in DC a few years ago) these past few years, as I listened on my way to work in the ATL. Bruce

  102. Since I live on the West Coast, I didn’t listen live, but downloaded the podcasts every morning once I got to work. They have helped me get through the boring parts of my job for the past several years. Czabe, you are the one and only when it comes to sports talk radio. No one can hold a candle to you.

    Thank you for all you have done for your dedicated listeners. The two trips to Czabe Vegas with my brother were amazing. You will be missed.

  103. Bullshit! Again? I guess I’ll just have to take another day off work when you come back like I did the day you came back from the first “break”. Because you will come back…right? Count me in on paying whatever subscription rate you want for a Czabe show podcast.

    My man crush: Czabe. Gonna miss you guys.

  104. Czabe I am so far beyond bummed. Made a bad day worse. I have been with you since the old 7 PM show. This feels worse than the Steven A debacle for some reason. I hope you be back soon but my gut tells me different.

  105. Czabe –
    I too have posted my displeasure at:

    I am 53 years old and feel like a little kid who just had his best friend move hundreds of miles away. What the hell is wrong with me.

    You guys are the best. Really enjoyed each of you and the fun you seemed to be having each morning. I am from out of state, so I will continue to find alternate ways to listen. But I do hope to hear you back with Scott and Solly again. Keep up the good fight. We need a voice like yours in this pathetic landscape of millennial podcasts and leftist ESPN hot-take shows.

    But hey, a podcast with your boys…. I am in!!!

    Tom in CT

  106. As the only sports talk show I’ve ever really enjoyed, I’m going to miss you guys. I’m selfishly hoping you and the guys do the occasional podcast like during the last hiatus. We all need our fix of “you are looking live.” Best of luck until your next adventure.

  107. Sucks worse than that crappy rejoin crap they started when the new people took over. Would not start my truck before I got you guys tuned in on my phone.

    Let us know when you guys return.
    GOAT morning show

  108. Sucks the biggest suck that ever sucked a suck. Best of luck to you, Scott and Solly (ok, and Murray). Really disappointed but I’m hopefully somebody will snatch you guys up.

  109. I’ve gotta be honest: when the show fell under the SB Nation banner, I wondered how long an arm of Vox Media would put up with someone doing a show that didn’t regurgitate the same leftist talking points, since SB Nation itself went from being a pretty good source of sports writing/blogging to “SJW Outrage of the Week” pretty quickly after the Vox acquisition.

    Guess we found out the answer to *that* question.

    It’s a shame that Gow Media chose not to work harder to keep the Czaban Show on the air.

    Hope to hear you doing a new national radio show soon!

  110. This sucks!! I guess I can cancel my Sirius subscription as Czabe was the main reason for having it. My morning drive to work won’t be the same. This is really disappointing. DB Nation can rot in…well, you get it.

  111. Czabe

    Had a sappy email all planned, but that’s not really you, so I’ll just say from
    racist Tim McCarver to the Ghost of Joe Pa I have never listened to a radio show
    that could make me laugh so hard so damn early. Take Care and yes replay sucks…no knees were taken while writing this comment.

  112. Well, that sucks. I’ve been a Podcaster for years and your show had become a welcome part of my daily routine. Good luck to you and the crew and hopefully you all will be back soon.

  113. I thought this morning was a fluke & kept checking back to see if a new podcast would pop up…it never did. I never called the show (not waking up that early), but listened everyday & thought of you guys as friends. You’ll be missed so much & my daughter will think something is wrong on Friday when we don’t dance around to the “It’s FRIDAY” song. I hope to see the crew pop up somewhere, but for the meantime,,,sleep my friend, sleep in & stay up for the late games.

  114. This is a real hard kick in the naughty spot.

    Dirty pool, mister….. Dirty pool.

    Be well mate. No doubt you’ll find a spot. You’re too well regarded with too many fans.

    SB Nation, suck it.

  115. Thank you, Steve. And thank yous to the rest of the boys. I almost cried when I read the news about your show, but I’ll save that for kids with cancer. You will be missed. I selfishly hope that you pop up somewhere else… soon!

  116. No more Dumb Questions, no more How’d You Like, no more You Are Looking Live, no more Boogie Wonderland? Sh*t!!
    Dumb question, are you still going to Houston for the Super Bowl and if so can I come sleep over with you three?
    Best of luck to all three of you and if you ever reunite, I’ll find you guys on podcasts because this is “worst day ever”
    Good luck

  117. I’m so so sad! I have no words! I will be waiting to hear how to find you again! SB Nation lost an everyday listener!
    Come back soon Czabe!!!

  118. Your show was my favorite of any national radio show and I’ve sampled most. Your uniqueness, humor, wit and snarkiness will be sorely missed for a period of time but I have no doubt you will be back nationally. Too many outlets who need good/great content. Next time we need a simulcast though. And it will be ok if you blur out Solly.

  119. “Oh NO , We Suck Again !!! Loved the show , it reminded me so much of the days in the Roll Call Room when I was a patrolman, movie quotes, TV references, a lot of sports, a little politics and a lot of good ol’ fashioned ball busting. Great , Meh, Suck is a Classic !!

  120. Czabe
    Been meaning to email and tell you and the boys how awesome your show is and how both of my children grew up listening to you in the car with me every morning for over 6 years. Your show was more than a show. My boys will not understand. And neither will I. Godspeed Czabe. Hope to hear you, Scott, Solly, and even Murray very soon.

  121. What brain dead f-tard made this decision?!? How in hell am I supposed to survive the morning commute?

    Ok, now that that’s out of my system, I want to let you know how much I’ve loved your show. I’ve listened for over a decade I’m sure, and your move to satellite due to the idiotic move to put Steven F d-bag on the air prompted me to get satellite radio. You guys are the best – it’s not easy to blend humor, making fun of taking sports too seriously while at the same time, taking sports too seriously, and excellent analysis into a show that works, but that’s what you did. Felt like family listening over the years. Best of luck. Get healthy and here’s to the next show, whenever it shall be!

  122. All that can be said to sb nation radio is: “boo Ben konop. Boooo”

    Enjoy the rest czabe. Thanks for all the great hours of entertainment. Hoping to see you guys all pop up somewhere soon together. This football season won’t be the same without “you are looking live”. #moresolly

  123. I’ve been a huge fan of Jim Rome for the last 10 years or so but after discovering your show and being a 1%er for the last few years it has completely ruined my desire to listen to anyone else. You provided a level of insight no other show even considers and I always looked forward to hearing your take on all the issues because it was the rare and intelligent analysis that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

    Your show is the only one I would consider paying for so if you end up doing some kind of podcast I’m willing to subscribe, even if I get charged.

  124. Thank Steve for the levity and best sports talk out there. Your show made my 5:00am wake up bearable and enjoyable. I listened every morning as I woke up, got my kids up and ready for school. We drove to school listening to you guys and after my kids where at school I listened on my 20 minute drive to work. It’s with a twisted gut and sadness I say, catch you later, enjoy the sleep and hope to here you soon.

  125. Thank you Czabe, Scott and Solly for making the #%*^ DMV morning commute bearable these last 6 years. Lucky to still have you locally in the PM, but you guys do the very best national morning sports show EVER! Hope and pray you will get back on the morning airwaves sometime soon. “Awe son of a bitch. . .”

  126. I’m totally bummed by the news of the show being yanked off the air. I’m with a lot of the other people posting comments, I would definitely pay for a podcast to listen to you guys in a heartbeat. Also, screw you SB Nation. There’s nothing else you air that’s worth my time.

  127. I’m so done with this! Non-local that has been listening since the first team old neighborhood days and went to download hour 1 of the podcast this morning, looked at my iPhone 6 screen and…..DOH! no, not again!! Love the show and your brand of humor, sports, and life talk, you have been an enjoyable staple of my weekdays whether commuting, traveling out of town, or exercising. Thank you for all the years! Please rest up and get the band back together asap. Look forward to the next coming!

  128. What. The. Fuck. I will never type “sb nation” into my browser, this pisses me off. Czabe, start your own station ala Dan Patrick and count me in as an investor. Now I’m going to try to figure out how to end SB nation…who the hell is Sb nation anyway? You know the world is fucked when “sb nation” has more power than Steve Czaban. Love you man

  129. The world never recognizes true talent and, indeed, art. This show was a masterpiece specifically because it was so different, honest, and even edgy. I can’t (I won’t!) go back to listening to the same staccato chatter churned out by big media. I may never listen to sports radio again.

    Thanks a ton, Steve (and the boys) for making my mornings – and drives home with your podcasts – entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. May the wind always be at your back and luck be your lady. Until we hear your voice again…

    “YO HOO NYE!!!

    • Bummer, Czabe. Have enjoyed your shows dating back to the old One on One Sports in the 90s. You will be missed and I hope you land another morning gig. I can now delete SB Nation from my XM presets.

      Best of luck to you, Scott and Solly.


  130. Steve,

    I am really going to miss you and the Boys in the morning. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you land where I can once again listen to your opinions on sports, politics, and life, which I always enjoyed.

    Take care,


  131. Well, this is a punch to the gut. I’ve been listening since your days on FSR in 2004 and can honestly say I’ve hardly ever missed a segment. I had recently doubled my Czabe habit when I started listening to your local show so at least I’ve got that stream of pleasure, but my days just won’t be the same without your morning show. I’m very devastated right now and can only hope you make a triumphant return on a network that truly appreciates your talent and show.

  132. I go back to the old One on One Sports days, through Charlotte at 610 AM, The First Team and the current incarnation of the show. I look forward to another rebirth of the best morning sports show on the planet, soon. Thank you for making my mornings bearable. #yourethebestboss

  133. Czabe…SB Nation screwed the pooch on this one…Boo Ben Konop Boooooo, Hope this leads to something bigger and better in the very near future. I’ve been an avid listener since you first appeared on Bob & Brian and over the years I’ve learned a survivor from the mean streets of McLean, Virginia always lands on their feet.

  134. Czabe and the boys,
    Please take this time to recharge your batteries, because starting a Pirate Ship is gonna take a lot of energy. We’re ready when you are!

  135. SBNation is now the Factory of Sadness! While I’m pissed for me, I feel for you and your families. Hang in there! Better days ahead for sure!

  136. Simply put, this sucks. Czabe, you handled this with great class. Personally, I’d just like to say to the suits at SB Nation Radio: “go drive into a tree.”

    Here’s hoping you and the boys get another run somewhere else.

  137. Goooood GOD!!! Are you flipping kidding me!? I just discovered you a few months ago after moving to Virginia and years and years of listening to bitches who don’t tell it like it is. You’ve got the best thing in “Morning Talk Show” Sports Radio. Get some sleep and then come back with a vengeance. Find someone who will trade you a laptop and microphone for that damn lawnmower. Then start up a podcast of your own and pocket all the ad money instead of these media companies who wouldn’t know talent if you put it in a bag and lit it on fire on their front porch. Thank you for all the hours and hours of hard hitting reality in a world of watered down, fake-controversy driven babble. I really hope to see your name popping up again soon. You’ll get my $5 a month if it does. Best of luck.

  138. “Steve, hello.” Czabe, you were, are and forever will be the best. In the early 2000’s I worked swing shift (Pacific Time). You, Scott and Jay included me in your conversation. You have not stopped talking with me since. You have been my friend for damn near 15 years and it pains me to lose you again. I hope you can continue to be a national voice in some format. Enjoy your rest, but now does that mean I have to wake up early so you don’t have to? Your loyal listener, Chris.

  139. I don’t know where to begin but first let me say “Thank you Czabe, Scott and Solly…my brothers.” Thank you for always being yourselves. Thank you for making my mornings something to look forward to.
    I have enjoyed your show since the days before your move to Sporting News and dang it how can the powers that be take away our show from us again.
    Your show is ingrained in my life as well as my family’s. I love to hear my kids say “Hey how bout that?” “This is scary JR…you’re damn right it is” and my all time favorite “Boring.” This is a small example of how much your show has entertained us and meant to us for so many years. So again Thank you.
    Gonna miss you guys so much in the morning but know that you’ll turn up somewhere and your fans will be waiting eagerly.
    Get some rest, heal up your wounds cause I know you may be down but never out. Take care and hope to hear you from you soon.

  140. This is total bullshit. Are you going to pursue another network? Or are you throwing the towel in on it and staying local? I have been a 1% listener for 10 years, and even tho I love you, your afternoon show just isn’t the same. If Kornheiser can leave radio and start a podcast, surely you and the gang can as well? Keep us informed?

  141. I have followed the show every time I transfer with the military (even via the Podcast) city to city, coast to coast. It was what kept me informed and brought a smile to my face, you gentlemen (even Sully) did an amazing job and will be missed, keep your heads held high. May we all kick field goals together on the holy grounds of Yo Hoo Nye field…

  142. Guess I’m going to have to get up early so you don’t have to. At least I can still hear you on 980 with Andy on my drive back to MD from DC. Hope you, Scott, and Low Def Solly find a new national “neighborhood”soon.

  143. I’m going to miss the show loading my truck won’t be as fun anymore not that it ever was but the show help me get through it. Please do a podcast or something !

  144. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sobbing like a 4 year old today, head in my pillow, “my, muh, muh muh friends are gone, guh guh guh gooooooooonnnnnne!!!” My kids are distraught….what will happen to our morning routine? My daughter Sophia is in full tears right now. She knew all the bits, did all the voices…what are we going to do? Wait and pray, wait and pray…… All the best to you and the boys. We’ll miss you, but in the words of Daniel-Day Lewis from “Last of the Mohicans”, “We will find you! Stay alive, because we will find you!”
    Be good Czabe, be good…

  145. It feels as if I’ve just lost a family member or dear friend. As a dedicated listener for 15 years I can honestly say I heard some of the most creative, funny, professional, and honest observations barren of any political correctness in my adult life (53y/o). That my fellow Americans is what is known as honesty. Honesty is such a rare trait these days I worry this is happening because Steve is honest and won’t sell his morals yo the highest bidder. Yes it hurts, but everything happens for a reason, now that I’ve turned my alarm off (no czabe) I will also be getting more sleep so….thanks?

    As a sufferer of chronic illness myself I have great empathy for what you’re dealing with Steve and am amazed at how well you’ve been able to maintain your high level of professionalism, just outstanding.

    You’ll all be terribly missed, God bless all you, God bless America and get as well as possible.

  146. Been listening via airwaves and podcast (after wrnl910 made the pathetic decision to drop you) since before fox…I’m devastated. Best show ever. Whose going to beat down Peter King? I’m sick.

  147. You are looking live… AT A CROCK OF SHIT! The best am show on the radio gets cancelled? Smooth move SB Nation. Been listening since 2002. 2 requests Mr Czaban. #1 Please try to make it to Vegas during football season. #2 Try to keep the team together. Rest well sir.

  148. Well I guess people won’t be wondering what the hell I’m laughing at while I’m sitting in my car alone at a traffic light in the morning. There is no other show out there like you guys and I will be counting the days ’til we hear that you’ve found a new landing spot.

  149. Well Steze or Steed, pretty sure it’s one of those two right? I heard the truth of the matter is that SB nation radio is so pro instant replay they plan to have t-shirts made and will sell them for $3! After hearing your stance on the matter they decided not to even give you a size small–much worse!

    Some have said they contacted GOW media and respectfully made their feelings known. Well I contacted them and DIS-respectfully made my feelings known.

    You and the boys are the best. You will be missed.

  150. You are looking live… AT A CROCK OF SHIT!!! The best am show on radio is no longer available? Smooth move SB Nation. Been listening since 2002. 2 requests Mr Czaban. #1 Please try to make it to Vegas during football season now. #2 Please try to keep the team together. Rest well sir.

  151. I woke up this morning hoping it was a bad dream, but then realized it’s not. How can a radio show make us so sad? You all were such a part of our daily lives here at work listening every morning. Fridays will never be the same as we all played the intro loud and did our mini dances around. SB Nation will forever be a$$holes in a lot of peoples eyes here in Wisconsin.

  152. Dear SB Nation, with all due respect, this is crap. And upon further review, you just lost two listeners.

    Been a great run Czabe. My mornings now suck

  153. Awwww, son of a b!tch….
    Czabe… allow me to board the train of well wishers, as we venture into that similar 8-month dark period from the departure from “the old neighborhood” to your re-emergence at Sporting News Radio. The morning commute and work day will not be the same without you Scott and Solly (not forgetting the contributions from Galdi and Murray even in those years). Thank you all for the work you’ve done in the mornings these last several years, and wish the best to each of you. May the day come soon in which you and the boys appear re-emerge. Thank you again for everything, and look forward to hearing you guys again soon if at all possible.

  154. I got XM to listen to you guys and in turn XM cancelled as soon as I heard. Now I know what its like to be a Browns fan.

    Keep up the good work hope to hear you soon.

  155. Dang it, the only show I listened to, and it’s gone. There is less joy in my days now. Good luck to you and the crew. Enjoy the extra sleep and family time

  156. Extremely bummed to hear the news. You satisfied my daily sports crazing for over 5 years. Felt like I knew you guys, and that we had become friends over the years having never actually met. Hope you guys pop up somewhere. Thanks for the laughs and hours upon hours of content.

  157. This sucks. Sorry to hear it Czabe. I’ve never called in, emailed, or texted, but I assure you I listened EVERY morning. While I don’t agree with your politics and often imagined punching Solly in the face (politics did become a bigger part of your show, but I think that is a reflection of our current society and the fact that sports and culture will forever be joined at the hip), I did respect your ability to form a clear, well thought out argument. When the topic of the day didn’t have hints of right vs. left and was strictly about sports, there is no one I’d rather listen to. You, my friend, have PERSONALITY. Don’t change. I’ll do my best to listen to you at another time of day.


    A Wisconsin Badger in Pittsburgh

  158. Love you guys (even Murray). Miss the show terribly already. Hope the time of rest and with family is healing, but selfishly, also short lived because my work day just got 3 hours longer. Hope you boys fall upwards higher than Stephen A.

  159. Turned in yesterday, thought you were sick, so listened to Chicago radio for the Bears dirge. Checked closer today and see they let you go…..at least I can listen to Bob and Brian every morning. Enjoy your sleep and some extra time on the golf course.

  160. Thanks to you, Scott, Solly and everyone else that made my mornings better. Whatever part of the show I missed in the morning I listened to on the podcasts. It’s been a staple for a long time and my mornings will not be the same. Thank you again.

  161. Truly a crime! Thank you Czabe, Scott, and Solly for making the morning drive and an evening doing yard work (podcast) some of the best parts of my day. Just last week I was going to email you to let you know that on a particularly bad day your “hot take” on executing the Ryan Lockte protesters not only made me laugh for the first time all day but set me in a better mood when I got home to my family.

    While you are missed right now I am looking forward to the next evolution of The Czabe! Where do I subscribe for the podcast?

    Thank you gentlemen! It has been an honor!

  162. what the fuck, man???

    i woke up the last couple of mornings (between 3-4 arizona time) and figured you were on vacation (again). went over to a media blog where i read about the comings and goings of on-air personalities and you were the top entry. literally yelled at the monitor.

    very sorry for you and the guys (well, maybe not solly) (ok. even him). been a while since i heard SR2.0 in the afternoon, i’ll have to make sure to listen more.

    i listen to the spots for the other shows on the station and they are cringe-worthy or i roll my eyes. not really sure what direction they want to head it, but this is not a good start to getting there.

    godspeed, my good man

  163. Not a good sports radio show fan?, Eh, SB Nation Radio? Guess I don’t need that app on my phone any more. My wife has Lyme disease too and I am surprised how well you could work at the morning radio show grist mill for so long. Fatigue and aches suck. Best of luck beating the disease and your future endeavors. Thanks for doing the best show ever. Different topics for 3 hours is what I liked best. Plus the tips on what hot women to look up. Thanks to the you all, Wes

  164. Very sad morning for me. Loved the show. Listened to the podcasts every day. Hope to hear your voice the the voices of your sidekicks again soon.

  165. Loved hearing your voice in the mornings , going to miss you. Fall will not be the same without your ” you are looking live” segment !
    I wish you well and hope to hear you again!

  166. Seven years ago, when we were told we would not be getting Czabe but instead getting one Stephen A Smith, I’m ashamed to say though I strongly disagreed I didn’t stand up. I stood down. But now what am I to tell my 8 year old boy when he comes to me and says Daddy… Daddy…Where’s Czabe? Where’s Solly? Where’s Rebecca Black? How am I to tell him Sir!!!

  167. Steve! Did you “Ragnar the Viking” yourself in these negotiations? By your blog, you do sound relieved on some level, as we’ve been hearing your bit-by-bit, death by cuts waking up at 4am moans over the years. I hope your life does change in a positive way, and I hope Scott, Steve Solomon, and any others are going to be OK financially by all this. THOUGHTS and PRAYERS!!!! heh Hope you still read your emails for a while.

  168. That is a disgusting act. I look forward to listening every day. I sure hope to find you all someplace soon. Until then, I’m off sports talk. Good luck friends.

  169. Yesterday was a very dark day. I do not know that I have been this crushed by something that was not a true tragedy. To turn on the live stream of the show at 6:05 AM and hear an unfamiliar voice gave me a sinking feeling. Your show was always blaring every morning from my old iPhone 4s that is hooked up to my iHome speaker thingy as the wife and I got ready in the morning. The Hour 3 podcast was always reserved for my commute home. No more you are looking live? No more Roy Wood Jr? No more gentleman gentleman/Brian?? I say NO MORE SB Nation radio app!!!!!!! My wife was even sadder than I was. She loved your show. Picked up my daughter from the sitters and she asked why I was not listening to you. I told her the truth and she said “that really sucks!!! I usually correct her and say you mean that really “stinks”…but in this case SUCKS was the only word that fit so I let it go. I guess it is back to the dark days after you left the old neighborhood.

    Please get back on the national airwaves as soon as possible. Until then I will listen to you and Andy on the espn980 podcast every morning. It is just as good of a show just not the same show.

    Czabe it wasn’t just a good run, it was a GREAT run in which you never dropped the ball at the 1!! My best to you and the boys. Get back soon.

    -jonas in the 518

  170. Long time, first time. First started listening to you when I lived in DC for a couple of years way back when, think the show was called sports call 2000. Been listening ever since and so disappointed about this news. Will miss you and the boys in the mornings. Hopeful you’ll find a new home somewhere soon. And you are too modest, your show is by far the best out there. Best of luck

  171. Czabe and the boys,
    All I can say is that as a die hard Cowboy fan to enjoy a show delivered by a bunch of Redskin fans is a true testament to the tremendous job you did day in and day out. My daily commute just got exponentially worse. I’ll miss the show greatly and wish you all the very best.


  172. These guys suck. Czabe was the only reason to listen to sbnation. I never listened to the other crap. I follow the Czabe where he goes. F those guys.

  173. Czabe this absolutely sucks. I had to suffer through losing you when some stinking genius replaced you with Stephen A., but found you on Sirius so order was restored to my mornings. Now
    this. I love your show it is the only thing I listen to and has pretty much spoiled me, so that I cannot stand anything else in the
    mornings. The chemistry between you Scott and Solly cannot be duplicated; the podcast carried me over on days I couldn’t listen
    to you live. I hope y’all resurface somewhere so I can look forward
    to hearing you on my way to the office. Oh by the way I gave the morons at SB nation a piece of my mind and suggested they fire the idiot that didn’t renew your contract. I look forward to hearing you again.

  174. Thought you were on vacation, turned it off on Tues, then stuck in traffic this morning something made me google if you had changed channels.

    Will miss you guys & the many laughs you provided on my morning drives. Often would call one of my friends who listens as well & we would discuss what each other missed. Best of luck to y’all & hope to hear you pop up again on the radio.

  175. Just another Czabe-natic that began listening way back when to the First Team on Fox….sad sad day. I’m sure you’ll pop up nationally soon, I just hope you’re able to keep your format the same..It was that format that set you apart and kept my interest all these years…best of luck Czabe…

  176. Czabe,
    I also thought you were on vacation yesterday then just read the sad news this morning. Been a listener in upstate ny and dealt with this when Stephen asshole smith replaced you on 980. Was so thrilled when I got satellite radio and found your show back on the air. I travel a ton with my job and you made the road trips easy. Many thanks to you and the boys.
    I hope you were able to celebrate a road win in the executive washroom at SB nation. Make it an upper decker.

  177. Unacceptable.

    You made sports talk radio enjoyable and listenable. I never listened to podcasts until I found yours, and I was hooked. I had to listen to all 3 hours of every show. Hope you return to the national airwaves again soon. VERY SOON!

  178. This is truly a sad day for me to hear this news! I have been an avid listener of your show for nearly 10 years Steve. You were there for me during my long drives when I travelled around the Carolinas for 5 years and have been there with me along my long Orlando commute the last few years. I consider you part of my routine, my entertainment, and even part of my family. It is terribly sad to see you go and I will miss you like a great friend. God bless brother!


  179. I can no longer hear the Sunday Night Football theme without singing “I have an opinion!”
    I can no longer watch Denver without saying “Ohhhhh the Denver Broncos….”
    I am a guy on a Buffalo.
    I boo Ben Konop.
    I said Bye Bye to my belt.
    I meet people and say, “This is my friend such and such” as if they were My Friend Geno Smith.
    “Koooo Beee Bry- Ant.”
    “ohhhh ya that’s a good one!”
    “We’re gonna sell these shirts…”

    Be well brothers….

  180. Mr Czaban- 49 year-old loyal listener feeling like a kid who was just told that Christmas had just been canceled because the holiday officials decided that they needed to make room for a new and less expensive holiday. This situation is a port-o-let being tipped over. Such a dark day?

    I mean WTF- You really are gone this time and not just on “vacation”. For the brass at SB nation to not renew your contract falls into the category of monkey-dumb on my stupidity spectrum. They just don’t get it. I found myself hopelessly surfing channels this morning to fill the void and stopped on the Sirus 80’s channel in your honor. It was Debbie Gibson’s “I just can’t shake your love” playing as I dedicated this weeks “Man Crush” to you and the boys. I just don’t know what I’m going to listen to in the mornings as I eat my breakfast and drive to work as I refuse to listen to the state-sponsored droids at the 4 letter. At this dark hour, I must summon the ways of the force and stay strong and keep the faith you will pop up somwhere in the near future. In the meantime, all the best to you, the boys, and your family.

    All the best,
    Mike in Indy

    P.S. Keep it classy San Diego except when I’m mentally peeing on the shoes of the SB nation brass.

  181. Uninstalling my SB Nation Radio app in 3…2…1

    That said, I’ve always felt kind of a weird dopplegangerish connection to Czabe…same age, same political leanings, nice piece of property in a rural area that I’m constantly trying to keep up with. Always loved hearing about and could relate to his “white people problems” like driveway snow removal, maintaining Yo Hoo Ny field and his purple marten house and those damn sparrows! After a tick bite a couple of years ago, I thought for sure I contracted Lyme disease, but I lucked out.

    Think I’ll take Friday off, commiserate the loss of “You Are Looking Live” and drink copious amounts of alcohol!

  182. I’ve been listening to you since The Sports Reporters when I was a high school sophmore back in 2001. I went off to college but I found your morning show in 08 and listened pretty much every morning, whether I was living in VA, FL, or Philly, not back to VA. Listened through the Fox Sports change (they chose Stephen A., REALLY??) and now this change. It’s gonna be strange not hearing you guys in the morning but if anyone deserves time to sleep in, it’s you guys. Enjoy the time off and I’ll listen to your afternoon show until you return to the morning, I’m sure a network will pick you guys up if you want it.

  183. Such sad news! While I’m sure I’m far from your target demographic (housewife from Utah), I looked forward to my morning routines knowing I’d have the opportunity to listen to you guys via the podcast. I really hope you all will land somewhere else and can continue doing the irreverent, comical, politically incorrect show (with the occasional baseball score) we all know and love.

  184. Very sad news Czabe!!!!! 🙁 I knew eventually the day would come, but I just didn’t know it’d be this day. I’ve e-mailed you many times over the years and first discovered you as Jim Rome’s substitute during the late 90’s and early 2000’s and then discovered your nighttime show on Fox during the early 2000’s while working at a movie theater through college. I’d drive thru one of the nearby fine fast food establishments and get a much needed laugh and respite during my break while you bantered about in-game plays and reality TV.

    After I graduated college I discovered you again in the mornings around 2006 and have been listening most days ever since for the past 10 years as you’ve helped make so many work days (and road trips) actually enjoyable and fun while I listened live and on podcast. You leaving the air (nationally) in 2009 was one of my worst days ever while you coming back in 2010 was a triumphant celebration! I’ve tried listening to both your Bob & Brian show as well as your afternoon show before and it’s just “not the same” as your national show, but at least it’s something. If you pop up again it will be another joyous time and I’ll cherish it for as long as that lasts.

    However, life moves on and change is inevitable. As a man of faith in God (which I’ve e-mailed you about before) it’s times like this that remind me this is not truly my “home” and life won’t ever be “perfect” because if it was I’d be able to listen to your humor, insight, and storytelling every day and forever!!

    Thank you for all your years of waking up early and for both Scott’s and Solly’s dedication and hard work as well. Perhaps this extra rest is truly what your body needs now for your health, and perhaps I’ll have a new job soon that requires a little more focus and attentiveness too!? In the meantime, I hope to hear you again nationally one day, and if that’s truly the end it was one magnificent ride that I sincerely appreciated.

    Justin in Indy

  185. Czabe, never called, texted, or emailed the show – but your show has been a part of my mornings since you asked Rams HC Scott Linehan a fantasy football question when his team hadn’t won a game and he didn’t exactly take kindly to it. Really going to miss this show. Thank you for making my mornings at work so much fun for the last ten years.

  186. Well, here we are again. I knew to check the website quicker this time when things felt wrong, but it doesn’t make it any easier to take. Really, really sad to hear this. You three have been a big part of my morning for years. Hope that you return soon as a team. It has happened before. Take a break and do it again. Subscription podcast as an option would rock the industry with the number of subscribers you would have upon announcing. If that is the route you take, please remember that many of us listen with our kids (at least some of the time) or at work. Don’t go crazy like some have done. Did I mention that I really hate this and that I will miss all three of you (until you return).

  187. Steve, thanks to you and the boys for years of entertainment. This might be the brake you need to get healthy and catch up on some sleep. I’m confident you will be back somewhere, so enjoy your time away for the early morning grind. I’ll be listening to you on B&B in the morning.

  188. I have told my friends for years that your show is “the most intelligent show on radio”. They would ask “most intelligent sports show?” I would confirm “the most intelligent show. Period.” After listening to you guys for so long, I can’t stomach any other morning show. If I didn’t hate everything about DC, I’d move there to listen to you in the afternoon! Best wishes and keep the chin up.

  189. The people have spoken! Wake the F up radio execs and get this man back on a national platform now! These posts surely are only a small sample of the outrage and disappointment this decision has brought.

    With all due respect Steve, you can sleep when you’re dead. We need you out here!! Yours is the voice of clarity, sensibility and humor that has helped so many of us prepare to take on another day over the years. Going forward, there are simply no suitable morning drive alternatives for us. Your are embedded into the fabric of our daily lives. I need you, my kids need you, we all need you!

  190. This really does suck the big suck and suck! I send well wishes and good luck, but I really hope that your show is picked up and we can all move along as there is nothing to see here! Please get well and get your arse back on the radio!! Cheers!!

  191. Unbelievable. Not my favorite show – my ONLY show. Overseas in Germany for the past three years and cannot imagine how I will make it through this next year. Been at it since ’06; and remember buying a car with XM just so I could listen to you – and you got cancelled for the screamer – this is worse. Please keep this article and comments because they are “awesome” above. I’m sure when you get around to ranking your weekends, this one will be on the bottom – so keep looking up. It will turn out well

  192. Well done sir! Well done!! Ten year listener and will continue to listen through Bob and Brian and on 980 podcast. I counted about thirty people who said they would support a paid podcast. I would guess half would actually pay. At let’s say $10/month. Well…I’ll let you do the math. We’re talking real money and opportunities here. Can’t wait to see what the next phase is for the three of you. Will miss the show till then. In the meantime with your morning free, you’ll need to hit minimum 2000 range balls daily. The senior tour is right around the corner. This hiatus could be a blessing!!

  193. Czabe, Our worst fears were confirmed. I am a bit pissed they didn’t even let you say goodbye. I know you are a professional who would not have burned the house down upon leaving. I will miss you, Scott, Solly, E, Brian et al.

    WORD FOR ALL YOUR FANS: Unsubscribe to the new Podcast so SB Nation can see that replacing Czabe was not smart. They were obviously trying to save money and the new guy sucks.

    Best Wishes Czabe and Schlaft Gut (Sleep Well).


  194. Stink, Stank, Stunk. Yesterday was also the day we confirmation that our boxer had cancer and we will have to put him down soon. Where is the fun and entertaining distraction of Czabe, Scott, & Solly??? This week SUCKS! If you get the band back together, I’ll be right there with you.


    The show had become a fixture of my morning commute, and it was very disappointing today to switch to Sirius 93 and hear the same crap available on any sports station (and that many do better). No further need to tune in there….
    I hope the Czabe and his crew will beam down from the satellite once again before too long.

  196. You had the one radio show that I hated to miss on my drive into work. You and the guys seemed to have a lot of fun and it was a great way to start the day. Keep it in the fairway. Best wishes.

  197. Long time listener from Milwaukee. Dissappointed with SB Nation. Gutted when I couldn’t find the podcast on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I’ll miss my morning commute sports laugh factory. Take a break and come back refreshed.

  198. I loved your show. I looked forward to it every single day. I’m really disappointed that it got canceled. Now all I can do is complain #SBNationRadioSucks #MoreSolly

  199. I am exceedingly saddened to hear this. I have been listening to you guys in some capacity for over 10 years on my morning commute into Richmond, Va. and it was truly a piece of my day I looked forward to. Your show was the best. It offered sport fact,opinion,stats and stories in a way that CANNOT be duplicated by the likes of such clouded, jaded and out-of-touch entities that are so prevalent out there now.
    But the show was so much more than this. The personal interaction and camaraderie between yourself, Scott and Solly was palpable in a way that was extremely refreshing. I so looked forward to all the traditions of the show such as “You are looking live”, “Boo Ben Konop”, “With all due respect”, and so on. I’m an avid golfer and thoroughly enjoyed Czabe’s opinions and observations on the game that were sprinkled in with all the other sports. And, most importantly, the show was able to project this “personality’ out over the air waves every morning. The show was so good, my lovely wife, who by NO means is a sports radio consumer, would REQUEST to hear you guys on podcast when we would take an extended drive somewhere.
    I truly came to view you guys as my “sports family”. I believe that alone is a testament to how fantastically good and unique the show was.
    I wish everyone associated with the show the best of luck going forward and really hope to hear about a reunion soon.

  200. This is a sad day for me personally. I found this show one day 12 years ago on XM Satellite radio, and have followed your show on a daily basis no matter what station or medium picked you up. Mornings will be weird and podcasts on plane flights across the country will hold much less laughter.

    Thank you, Czabe, Scott, Solly (and Murray… and Galdi). It’s been wonderful! Czabe, I’ll come back to your site from time to time hoping for an update on a relaunch of your fabulous show! Best on radio… and I mean that.

  201. How did you get canned before Salisbury?!?! This is horrible! Been a fan since stumbling on The First Team. I’ll catch ya locally, at least you and Andy are back together, I was getting weary of Cooley starting to take over The Drive.

    The only thing that was slightly redeeming is when I turned you on this morning I heard Ken Weinman, last time you disappeared I heard Stephen A.

  202. Well this sucks, what will I listen to Friday morning.
    Got an idea, how about a daily podcast, Czabe After Dark, a sports podcast with no verbal limitations, Huh?

  203. No more “You are looking live!”
    No more “Where you at whatchu haulin’?”
    No more “Know your gear!”
    No more Simpsons impersonation!

    This is absolutely terrible news. For the past 6 years, this show helped me keep sanity on a terrible morning commute. On so many occasions I would sit back feel like these guys get “me.” I’m 47 and the sense of nostalgia and love of sports Czabe and the gang brought to my car everyday will be sorely missed.

    Figure out a way Czabe to get back to us. We will miss you.

  204. Damn. Morning routine just became 37% lamer without the delightful banter you & the boys served up every day. Will have to tap into the DC show, hope you guys resurface somewhere because you reliably churned out entertaining content every day.

  205. 31 hours ago I entered a dark place, having downed three bottles of Muscatel, wept, and lied in the fetal position for the better part Tuesday. Today, I showered, opened the drapes and thus began my therapy and treatment of my PCSD (Post-Czabe Stress Disorder).

    Step 1) Delete the SB Nation app from my phone.
    Step 2) Download and Save all available Czabe podcasts from iTunes.
    Step 3) Download the ESPN980 App.
    Step 4) Listen to my archived Czabe shows on my ride to work.
    Step 5) Listen to the The Sports Reporters on 980 on my ride home.
    Step 6) Buy more Muscatel.
    Step 7) Check Czabe.com daily for the “We’re Back!” announcement
    Step 8) Return to Step 4.

    I take a knee for Czabe.

    York PA

  206. Loyal listener (One percenter) since the FSR days. I got a bad feeling when I tuned in yesterday. Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with my morning bike ride followed by a 90 minute commute. Any chance you could call me once in a while to complain about replay or Roger Goodell? See you wherever you are next.

  207. Been a loyal listener since the evening show on FSR. I’m so done with young know-it-all program directors who wouldn’t know quality radio if it bit them on the ass. I truly hope you can get the band back together soon, on one medium or another. Hey, even the orange guy has a podcast now.

    Miss you guys already.

  208. This is a very sad day indeed. I had an inkling yesterday morning when I tuned in and some fellow indicated he was filling in for you. I thought it was odd. I was crestfallen this morning when I heard his voice again. You, Scott and Solly made my mornings, as well as those of my husband. We loved listening to the comical, and extremely entertaining, banter between the three of you. Being from the “mean streets” of Falls Church made the connection to the show even greater, as I love listening to talk of my beloved Redskins, Nationals, and Capitals. I sure hope you will be back on the air soon!

  209. Maaaaan this is a huge bummer. I’ve been a fan of yours since the early 2000s and the most recent iteration of your morning show is the best sports talk radio show around, hands down! I feel compelled to write a 25 paragraph letter detailing all the things I’m gonna miss about the show but I’m sure you’ve heard all those same things over the last day or so. Instead I’m just gonna wistfully read all of the comments on this post and then get started on the 8-step plan layed out by John in York PA.

    Czabe, you are theee absoulute best at what you do and I am legit emotionally sad that you morning show is out of commission (for now at least…). Enjoy sleeping in cause you deserve it.

    PS – yuuuuuge shout out to Brian, E AND that guy Barry

  210. Also shout out to Scotty and Solly – I haven’t listened to 980 in awhile, but I definitely will now, and I hope to hear you guys on there as well.

  211. What a shame, I want to say I picked your show up on XM when you joined Foxsports radio so many years ago. Hell, I paid for XM for years to listen, then the invention of podcasts saved me a few bucks and I have not missed a week since. You 4 should make a podcast and know we will pay to listen. I would hoard a week of shows on vacation to get me through the hours of drive time. Enjoy the time off and we look forward to you returning to the airwaves soon.

  212. This show is the only show worth listening in this day of age in sports talk. Here in San Diego, the shows are riddled with loud people who fill their shows with interviews and click bait headlines. We don’t need that crap! We need a show that reminds us of sitting around a group of friends talking about sports and other non-sport topics. This show was just that. Hated the fact that I couldn’t listen to the show live but always listened to the Podcast. Now I can’t even do that. I will listen to your local talk show now because listening to a show about DC sports will be better than listening to manic people is SD arguing about a football stadium and accusing the Padres of taking money from the Chargers stadium. (Not the smartest crew down here). Thank you Thank You Thank you Steve, Scott and Solly for all the laughs and soundboard magic. I will find you again when the show starts up again! (Fingers crossed). @manuelthinking

  213. Enjoy your sleep Czabe & crew. We all will be coming back here to find out where your next venture(s) take you. I rediscovered your show browsing the tune in app a little over a year ago and have been extremely delighted to have you all as the first 3 hours of every weekday, even the Ginsol experience. So many things from the show have made it into my everyday vernacular, many of which have been listed in the numerous comments above. It speaks volumes that my favorite local team had quite possibly the biggest win in school history led by a heisman hopefull, yet I spent my Monday morning with those awesomely entertaining dudes in DC.

    The Ville

  214. I used to work in radio, and I know well the enormous egos and idiots who run stations and networks. They almost never make the right decision, and this one, again, was a doozy… I subscribed to XM Radio several years ago only after listening to a static-filled version of Czabe on an Albany, NY station… when I saw he was on satellite, crystal clear and everywhere, I had to have it… that was back in the Fox Sports days. I’ve listened to each incarnation ever since, and every time he was booted for someone like Stephen A. Smith, I cringed, switched to another channel, and waited for Czabe, Scott and Solly to return. I hope this latest wait won’t be long. There must be some smart programmers out there – sign Czabe up!

  215. Czabe, long time listener – thank you and your crew for making many of my mornings for the past 10 years great. Your style, knowledge and humor speak to me and many others directly. I look forward to your podcasts….who needs a darn f*ing network. I thank you sir, the grass is always greener on the other side of Yohoonye Field!

    Rick – Richmond, VA

  216. This might be a dumb question but WTF are they thinking?” You are looking live at my exasperated expression that this could happen again. Remember when this went down last time?……How’d you like that it Fox Sports. My man crush is no doubt Czabe and his super friends and I think there are thousands like me. So Lock it up, and know your gear……Czabe will be back.

    Until then may you returns go smooth and Sunday Ticket stay free.

  217. You will truly be missed. You and the boys could always bring a smile to my face even on the toughest of days. I may not have always agreed with your opinions but still enjoyed the show immensely.

    Anyone can do sports talk but your show was the perfect balance. Even my kids would ask when is he gonna do “where you at what you hauling”. Where will I go to hear Stan ganz spin his tales or learn about nose hairs on the steering wheel.

    I hope you guys resurface together at some point if it’s in the cards.

    Until then in the words of Ben kanop. Booo SB Nation.

  218. Man I can’t believe they did this. Like all the others, I have made you fellows a part of my day for the past 10 years. Don’t know where I’ll get the straight sports scoop now. Certainly not from the cookie-cutter toe-the-line shows that are out there anywhere else.

    The rare on-air chemistry that you, Scott, and Solly have is “radio gold”, hopefully another station will see their chance and get you guys on soon.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your early mornings, you all three have been a pleasure to listen to. All the best.

    Roy Baker, Savannah GA

  219. Say it ain’t so! Just like the bad days following the idiocy displayed by FSR. SB apparently was unable to see the absolute gem they had. You guys present the best talk radio I’ve ever listened to. My extensive time spent in the car will now be intolerable. Looking forward to the day you guys are back. #moresolly

  220. Czabe, you got SJWed/PC-BS by SBNation. Your replacement is full SJW. This sucks. Even though I didn’t always agree with you on your opinions, at least you had an opinion. My morning commute is not going to be fun, because I will miss “Goodell under the desk” bit, which made me stop a few times because I was laughing so dam hard…!

  221. Well…that’s the end of sports talk radio for me. I finally had a show to listen to every morning in the car that was fun and about sports. Back to NPR for me, I guess.

  222. Czabe – you *will* be back on the air in short order. I hope you can keep the band together. I’ve listened to you on B&B since your Chicago days. As a MKE long time listener, two or three time commenter, silent 1%’er, I was absolutely addicted to your radio show via podcast hours 1,2,3. *LOVED* sitting in my cubicle farm desk, headphones on, cracking up at your crew’s observations, how d’yah like, Solly’s – none of your business, what cha haulin’, etc.
    There’s nothing out there to replace you and your boys. Things happen for a reason. Get some much needed rest sir. You will be back.
    Jeff T.
    Milwaukee, WI

  223. Czabe and the boys,

    I’m truly grateful for the years of joy and entertainment you’ve provided me. You all became part of my daily routine, a sounding board for conversation for me and my daughters when I used to drive them to school, and allowed me a reference point for the world around me – I literally got all my news from your podcast.

    I wish you all nothing but the best. I’ll keep a vigilant eye out for a possible resurgence.

    God bless!!

  224. You guys have been my favorite sports radio show for years. I have been listening to you since “The First Team”. I am going to miss hearing you guys. Please find a landing spot so I can listen to Czab and the boys again. Back by popular demand! Now I know what SB stands for in SB Nation, such bullshi$&#%!

    • This show helped get me thru the work day. Very funny and entertaining. Will not listen to ESPN give their political opinions all day long. Where will I go to get my Rebecca Black fix on Fridays?

  225. Czabe and crew,
    I am so disappointed about this news. I’ve been a long time listener from Cleveland area.
    I’ll miss your show as it was part of my morning routine.
    But you’ll be back because like Solly always chides – your a “National Radio Host”.
    Aurora, Ohio

  226. Well this sucks! Is it too much to ask to have a show that’s just fun to listen too? Not over the top…not pretentious…just a bunch of guys having some yuks and talking sports. Too good a show to be gone forever. Like “the sports reporters” before it, you can’t keep a good show down. Maybe a “Back from the Dead” podcast to hold us over. Best of luck Czabe and the boys!

  227. This is SUCK MINUS. I don’t know how I’ll make it through another morning.

    Boooooo SB. Booooo. Booooo.

    Please come back soon! #moresolly

  228. Damn Czabe! I’ve been listening to you for at least 10 years now. Actually got my first XM Radio just so I wouldn’t miss your show when it stopped being broadcast in Miami. For the last couple of years I’ve been living in New Zealand, but still download your podcasts overnight and listen to you when I wake up, during my morning routine, and on my drive into work, without missing a beat! It’ll be a tough “dry spell” to endure until you get back on the ‘net somehow. I sure hope it’ll be sooner than later – nobody does it like you, Scott and Solly! Hang in there & best of luck!

  229. Czabe,
    My “Super Friends” are gone. Like so many others, I feel a loss. I am away from home almost every week, and I considered the three of you my extended family. For three hours everyday you have kept me company on many lonely days on the road. I never called, only sent one text, but your show was always with me.
    I remember anger and confusion when your old neighborhood decided on a different direction, and the absolute joy at finding you again. This time I am sad.
    Be well my friend. You will be missed more than you know.

  230. We at SB Nation Radio hope Steve Czaban’s listeners will join us and our new lineup:
    6am-10am: Feel It! Four 20 year old Millenials recount the horrors of always being picked last in PE. Explore YOUR feelings with them but please provide trigger warnings if you call about actual physical contact in sports.

    10am-2pm: Spanish translation of “Feel It!”

    2pm-8pm: Womyn Rule: Six BBWs explain (repeatedly) how they could make sports better and more inclusive. Watch out Roger, they’re gunning for your job!

    8pm-6am: Gentle Rewind: The previous week’s sporting events replayed with all the grunts and hits replaced with the soothing sounds of waves and kittens.

    • Wow. What balls to ask for support after such a dumbass move canceling the best show around. Can’t wait to read the announcement that SB nation is going out of business. You suck

    • Sorry SB Radio, I would deliberately set my alarm earlier than I needed to just to hear Czabe and that would be a lead into your other programs. No Czabe = No to SB Radio, you have drastically reduce the quality of your radio product with this decision. Good luck but you have lost this listener.

    • Not a chance. By definition, why would I want to listen to four 20 year olds, who likely have a limited sports knowledge, talk over each other about whatever millineals talk about. Do milleneals even listen to live “radio”. It’s possible that SB Nation is reaching for a demographic listener that doesn’t exist.

    • Not one chance in hell. You greatly underestimated the unique talent, entertainment value and loyalty of the Steve Czaban Show. It’s your business and your decision and what you do from this point forward…I’ll never know or care because I will not be listening. #bringbackczabe! DB’s

  231. Well it looks like I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet. Feels like my best friends moved away. I can’t thank You, Scott, Solly, Al, and Murray for letting us into your world. There’s not a show out there that comes remotely close to what your show offered, the inside jokes, running themes, and segments that made it a “you” show couldn’t be reassembled if i combined 10 podcasts. The self deprecating humor and busting each other’s balls can’t be found with the egos out there. I’ll,be tuning into the D.C. afternoon show, waiting patiently until you and the boys pop up again. Rest up for another run.

  232. Thank you guys for the hundreds of hours of entertainment. Some of those were hours that I desperately needed a distraction from the real world. There is no replacement and the commute will be miserable from now on. I can only hope this is a case of a better door opening. And soon.

  233. I am stunned. I’ve been a loyal listener for at least the past 5 years, maybe even 6. Not as long as others but plenty long enough to say your show was the only long-form sports talk show I would actually make time for. And, many times, I re-listened over the weekend.

    There is a local sports talk station in my area but frankly, I rarely listen to the local guys for more than 15 minutes at a time; they are just not that interesting. I have noticed more and more they seem to use little sound bites like your show did and I have often wondered if they stole that from you. As best as I can recall, you are the first show I heard that does that.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to tune into your afternoon show. But your morning show with your trusty sidekicks is already missed.

  234. After listening to various incarnations of the show for years, mornings just won’t be the same. Really going to miss you and the guys. Get some sleep, buddy. Happy road wins.

  235. Thanks to you, Scott and Solly for keeping me from thoroughly entertained in the mornings. I’ve been listening to your show since you were on the night shift years ago and I can tell you that even on your worst day you have always managed to outshine all other sports shows. Thank god for the internet where I can still find you on your espn980 show. While I am pissed, I am also looking forward to what the future holds for you guys.

  236. Just wanted to say I absolutely loved ur show – your mix of humor, quick wit, politics and take on sports was absolutely brilliant. The chemistry u all had was one in a million. Thank u for the years of laughter and making my morning commute thoroughly enjoyable. I wish u all the best.

  237. I’m so done with the phrase “We’re going in a different direction.” Translation – we have no guts, so we’re replacing you. With NO due respect, SB Nation just went the same old one dimensional, tired, safe, boring, cookie cutter route. Suffice it to say I have ‘unbook marked’ them.

  238. This is bad news indeed. Been a listener from the First Team days. No other show comes close. They just cannot be listened to. Hope you resurface again and will anxiously be checking social and this site for pending good news. Not my circus – not my monkeys was used in my day-to-day communication just yesterday. Until we are looking live sometime soon…..

    Yo-Hoo-Nigh (easily the best segment ever anywhere)

  239. Ugh, I could not believe the news when I heard it.
    Czabe, Scott, Solly, you guys have been the soundtrack to my morning commute for the last 6 yrs (and Czabe way back when you were on evenings and I was working 2nd & 3rd shifts). I will stay tuned to the Sports Reporters and hope you guys turn up again somewhere soon. #MoreSolly

  240. I’ve been an avid listener since 2013. Thank you, Scott, Solly, and Murray for so many great hours of unfiltered sports talk. You will be missed.

  241. Not sure I want to live in a radio world that includes Stephen A. “Screaming A-Hole” Smith but not Czabe. Very depressing. You suck, SB Nation.

  242. By far you were the best radio show ever! What a huge mistake SB Nation is making. My kids and listened to you every morning on the way to school and you made my hour drive to work very entertaining. You’re the best Czabe! Hope you’re back on morning radio soon.

  243. This is scary J.R.

    You’re damn right it is!

    Just wanted to drop you a note along with everyone else. SB Nation has made a huge mistake, and I hope they pay for it dearly. I’m a 1%er, listening since as far back as I can remember. My 30 minute drive to and from work won’t be the same until you, Scott, and Solly (and even Murray) are back on the air. The unique show you offer will never be duplicated. Please get back on the air soon. We all miss you.

  244. Day 3 and it’s starting to set in. I use the show to get the house started. When the daily Czabe is done wake up the kids, after segment 1 of hour 2 get them breakfast. After the rotating segment (how’d you like, ISDW, etc) get my kids dressed, after segment 1 hour 3 go to bus stop and other parents look at me funny since I’m listening on my phone, then 80’s rejoin means time to be productive! My timetable is all thrown off now. Hate to say it but Galdi, Sheehan and Cooley can’t compare. I’m sure you will be on the air again soon because you’re too good to not be. Thus I’m not so worried. Ice up son, and in the meantime I’ll at least hear you on the sports reporters. And look on the bright side – maybe if you do feel better you can rejoin the mighty old ducks! Still waiting for my bobblehead from showing up for the championship run 2 seasons ago…

  245. My Friends…WHERE ARE YOU? I’m so depressed. PLEASE COME BACK! I miss you so much. Who are these Aholes that made this STUPID decision! I hate them. Thanks for the good times guys. Crying in my coffee….

  246. I keep hearing in the back of my mind, Czabe’s classic rendition of Rooster Cogburn…”They’re gone, gone, gone…gone the Czabe, gone the Solly! Long gone…our engagement is terminated!”

    It was gold, Jerry, gold.

  247. I had a bad feeling Tuesday morning when the radio readout in the pickup said “SB Nation” and not “Steve Czaban Sh” but I didn’t want to be an alarmist. And then Wednesday, I thougnt “What did Czabe do now to get in trouble.” But today I thought maybe I ought to check the web site…
    Obviously, the SB Nation folks don’t remember what happened to FSR on SiriusXM after they cut you loose.
    Czabe, you always made me wish my morning commute was just a little bit longer and I think that might be the best compliment you can pay a drive-time host. Best wishes to you and the gang and hopefully I will hear your voice again on the air.

  248. It took me 3 days to realize that Czabe and the boys were not on some unannounced vacation. Time to delete yahoo radio from my Sirius lineup…fortunately I’m in the DC area and can catch Czabe during my evening commute. It’s a dog eat dog world….

  249. Take the same show and do a 1 hour podcast later in the day so you can sleep in. Charge a subscription if you can’t get enough sponsors.

  250. Every morning when i crank up the engine, before the ding of the seat belt warning can go off, my 3 son’s have already said, “flip it to Czabe Dad”, With no Czabe this week its been a sad bunch in my car. Hope I will be able to hear that again in my car soon. We are all big fans of all you guys and the smart funny radio you have provided us for years, Alas it has been replaced by the same stats and crap radio that everyone is doing. Dumb 1 Smart 0

  251. I wont believe this until the replay review is done. Can Jeff Triplette tell me that SB, no Fox Sports, no Sporting News Radio, uh SB nation is at fault here and that Czabe has his show back?

  252. This sucks. Czabe I found your show in the mornings about 3/4 years ago driving from MD to northern VA leaving the house at 5:45 am to beat the traffic. Your show was unlike any I had heard before. While I didn’t always agree with your takes, they did challenge me to think about things differently. For that I am extremely sad that you are no longer on the air. I’m a local guy so I can catch you in the afternoons, but I think the national show really allowed your talent and wit to flourish. Love the Skins, but can’t/won’t/don’t want to hear about only them….I’m saddened by this, but hope that things work out the best way possible for you. Thanks for the memories, I can finally delete this stupid SB Nation App.

  253. Is it coincidence that this has been one of the worst weeks for me in recent history? I thought you were in Vegas or Wisconsin or something and I just did the work to bring up your blog and find out that my nightmare has just begun. I used to listen to M&M, DP, whoever & whenever but can no longer entertain the shit other shows produce. I will however listen to any and all other Czabe-casts regardless of market and content. Quoting Murph in The Perfect Storm “This is gonna be hard on my little boy” (me)…Gerry From Dayton, OH

  254. Dear Steve,

    This feels like it did when my highschool boyfriend left with me. I would listen to you from my husband’s home office in the morning and came to love your crew. I’m always up for a good trashing of the NFL or spoiled sports stars. My favorite segment was “man crush” — it was a great window into the male psyche. Alas, men are stupid and the millennial men at SB/Gow appear to be particularly idiotic.

    I will miss you and hope you turn up somewhere new soon……but we will always have 80’s rejoin.

    Thank You, Aubrey

    PS – I’m wearing just a t-shirt 😉

  255. why why why why……I bawled….just a big ole slap in face & punch in the gut….loyal listener since way back….this is personal….it was me in the car on my 2 hour commute every morning, with Czabe & the boys….this is definitely not “awesome………….”

  256. Sonofabitch, JR! While I was not a 1%-er, I was a loyal listener when I could catch you live and more so on the podcast. Hours and hours of entertainment, knowledge and laughs. That’s right, “entertainment”, and not 4-letter BS. Damn. I could go on. But, I’ll echo other’s thoughts of “get some rest, cut a deal for you and the crew…and get your ass back to work :-)”

  257. Czabe,

    Really sorry to hear this. I wish all the best to you, Scott, Solly, and Murray. Listening to you guys was one of the highlights of my day. I loved how it wasn’t a sports show, it was a “me” show. I felt like I got to know you guys and enjoyed hearing about your day to day musings. I even went to Czabe Vegas a few years ago and lost money on Nik Stauskas just like you. Anyways here’s hoping to hearing you back on the air sometime in the future.

  258. Czabe, this sucks. Horrible news. I had a bad feeling something was up when the podcast didn’t appear the last two days. Your show is the BEST! Best of luck to you and the guys.

  259. I will miss “You are looking live” like no other. Local sports radio in Minnesota stinks (other than Charch). Best of luck Czabe and hope to see you down the road.

  260. This sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. I’ve listened for years. I complained to the local Appleton station when they went with screamin A dipshit years ago. I’ll complain again….and to sb nation. Your show was unique. And wonderful. Brought daily smile to my face. You didn’t spend the entire show debating hot topics and or beating a dead horse. When warranted, you’d talk about not sports. It was a you show, and I loved it. Hopefully you resurface soon, otherwise I may as well remove my car radio. Best wishes to you and the crew.

  261. Dirty pool Czabe, missing you guys already. Very bummed out on this news but hopefully you’ll get well rested and back on the national airwaves sooner rather than later. Looking forward to that day soon. Boo SB nation, booooo, boo SB nation, booo …

  262. Dude! I did not get my podcast the past few days thinking it was just more of the same technical issues that have occurred in the past. Sadly i just heard the news this morning, this bleepin sucks man. Ive been a fan since the fill in days on the Jim Rome show. Yet too many no talent blowhards like Mike and Mike, Mike North, Dan Sileo, Mike
    Francesca, etc.. Can continue to fail upward in that industry and have jobs. While i dont attempt to understand it, their loss may become your fans gain in time with the the same product hopefully on a digital only format that you can control content over. A unedited Czabe podcast would be tons of fun! Until then enjoy some much needed time off. And remember, SB Nation is a network of unpaid bloggers that makes Bleacher Report look like Sports Illustrated. They wont last long if they keep making decisions like this.

  263. Cancelling XM, SB Nation “radio” is dead to me. Probably could have learned three foreign languages in the amount of time I spent listening to your show. At least I still have a few precious moments in the morning on The Bob and Brian show here in Milwaukee. I’m currently going through a divorce after 15 years “in country.” This is just another kick in the fellas, right as we’re entering the meaty, medium rare New York strip portion of the giant porterhouse that is the sports calendar. Now I may need to break down and find a therapist. Hope to see you in Vegas in March.

    Milwaukee 5, St Louis 7…

    Btw, the interjected scores are the greatest satirical thumb of the nose to traditional (read boring) sports talk. I’m all in on the podcast if you can make it happen.

  264. Czabe thank you, you helped me when I was battling addiction and would give me a respite to problems I had caused in my life. My family and I had a real storm of a time, so I looked forward to our daily meetings. I enjoyed your show for many years been listening since prior to the screamin A debacle. Prayers for you guys and hope to hear you very soon. Thanks for the laughs Israel in San Antonio. Ps I can erase this stupid SB nation app now.

  265. Oh S**T!!! I have been following you hear from Syracuse since your days in Charlotte and I am one of those 1 percenters that you talk about. I would listen to your show live everyday and then listen to the podcast through the rest of the day…How am I going to get through work now….Thanks SB Nation for ruining a great thing.

  266. This might be a dumb question, but can you write my boss a note excusing my tardiness? I no longer feel the need to wake up early and start my hour commute…I have been late every day this week…

    Wishing you all the best. No other show like yours on the radio. I look forward to the day you are back on entertaining all of us. Thanks for the endless hours of entertainment.

  267. Czabe,

    My mornings will never be the same. Your show was the one thing I looked forward to each and every day. The laughs, the bare bones truth, and of course the sound bites will be missed. I hope you, Scott, and the great indoorsmen will be reunited again on radio. Until late then, it looks like Czaban reruns for my mornings. Keep your chin up, and once again thank you

  268. This is the reason Apple killed the headphone jack…GEEZUS!!! Time to bring back the weekly Express podcast until a new home is found.

  269. Czabe,
    This sucks! Now i have to listen to Mike&Mike…but seriously. .. glad you have some time off to recover and get some rest. I’ve been a listener since the Sporting News Days and know you’ll be back. Until then please consider maybe a weekly podcast kind of like the car talk guys to hold us over until you make it back daily best wishes feel better. Guess you’ll have to take listener calls now…lol

  270. I’ve listened to you since Tournament of Babes in the 90’s and your evening show (fox? sporting news?) in the early aughts, but you really excelled with Scott and Solly. I would definitely pay for a weekly/biweekly podcast of your national show. Recharge and come back soon, Steve.

  271. Steve,

    Totally pissed !!!!! I am a Sconny, new to podcasts that has been listening to your show the past six months. The best part of my day was picking up your three episodes. Insightful, Interesting, Intellegent, Entertaining and always on the edge of Inappropriate are just a few of the things I am going to Miss about you and your crew. I was in Dublin, Ireland for business this past week and thought I was having podcast issues. Frantically I was looking for your updated shows and finally got a txt from a fellow Czaban show follower that the show was off the air.

    I am raising a glass to you and crew and hope your not off the air for long.

    PS. Linn is right, Lochte is a total meathead and deserves the wrath of the Brasilian government for filing a false police report!!!

    Cheers to you !!!!

  272. I just got up the guts to check your site after not finding you guys on XM this week. It’s like checking your portfolio after the crash – nooooooooo! This is total crap, Czabe. Get healthy. Get the band back together. Start making me laugh my ass off again.

  273. I’ll miss Czabe and the boys until they pop up again somewhere. I’ll keep following this site for the announcement. In the mean time I have deleted the SBNation app.

  274. Gentlemen, Gentlemen. As I went to listen to your podcast on my way to work on Tuesday, no Czabe. On Wednesday the same thing. I started to think you were suspended for 3 days. As I was looking forward to Friday and Rebecca Black and you are looking live followed by Paul C. And Fantasy Island segment. Thinking your 3 day suspension was up I stumbled upon this. Who in their right MIND can make such a, stupid, uninformed decision. I’ve turned into a 1%. How will I fill the void. Thanks for laughs, insights and non stop laughs. Scott and Solly and The Czabe will truly be missed. Here’s hoping to here you again in the morning with your crew. Thanks for everything. SB Nation…Suck it!!

  275. First heard you in Charlotte in the mid-90s. I thought I was listening to Steve Sabol so I kept listening. Picked you up again in mid-2000s when I got XM. I can’t listen to any other sports shows after listening to you. Some of your best shows were during the dead of Summer when you may have barely even discussed sports. The beauty of your show was that it was like listening to a conversation that my friends and I would have. I could go on and on about the virtues of your show. Many have said it, but I would pay good money for a podcast. You could even do it later in the day.

    Hope to hear you soon.

  276. Thanks for so many memorable moments! Long time listener and fan. Tuesday was horrible, but tomorrow is Friday and the heartache returns. No Rebecca Black. No Joey Porter. No You are looking live. No guy on a Buffalo. No lock it up. No ladies man. No Eric and Brian. No Charch. Thanks for the laughs, catch phases and great times. Enjoy your time off but we are all expecting you to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. (Wink, wink, like living in Arizona). Put me down for a paid subscription as well!

  277. I drive about 400 miles a week for work and your show got me through many of those miles. Best show ever. Thank you for all the entertainment you provided over the years. Made my work days so much better. I too will pay for your podcast if you guys get one going. Thanks again!

  278. SB Nation needs to go drive into a tree. This is beyond idiocy and borders on the level of not cutting Krapernick before Week 1.

    Godspeed my dear friends, may our morning paths cross yet again sooner rather than later.

  279. Czabe,

    Thanks for the years of enjoyment you provided each morning. Your show provided a unique perspective not found anywhere else. I hope you and the boys find a new opportunity soon.

  280. I will miss you guys, I’ve been listening for longer than I can remember, at least a few times they tried to replace you and you came back. I listened to you in Georgia, UK, and Korea. I am going to miss you guys in the mornings. What the FUK are they thinking. I am confident that you guys will be back. Thank you for making me laugh and getting my attitude set every morning.

  281. I woke up early this morning, as I do every Friday morning, to hear Joey Porter bring us out of the tunnel for you are looking live and then go to fantasy island. So disappointed to hear two monatomic morons talking about McGyver. It reminds me of the morning it happened on FSR. Good luck to you and the guys your next venture and we will be looking forward to it. I will be praying for your families until then. You have been the best show on sports radio that I have ever followed. Until then, I will see you here and on Twitter!

  282. Czabe,

    Where ya at, whatchahaulin? In typical podcast fashion I am 3 days late in discovering this calamity. Now I have to add that damn rebecca black song to my rotation just to remember what day it is.
    SB Nation – “What – not a sports fan”?
    Has anyone told Charch and Roy Wood, Jr yet?
    Seriously – enjoy the downtime, spend some quality time sharpening up the manifesto and come back to us RIGHT before the vacation season!

    Lock it up – Snarky overweight bald men, suffering from lyme’s disease with an amazing likeness for Homer Simpson are 57-0 when displaced by poor decision making executives with shit for brains.

    See you soon brother and don’t take too long – not sure how long Stan Gans can wait.

  283. No need to scramble for the phone blurry-eyed in the morning to listen to the podcast. I actually used to play you guys on a loop, sometimes I’d skip back randomly to listen to you guys from months past. I’m 42 years old and you guys were the only radio show I ever loved.

    You’ll be back, all I ask is that when you are, please Tweet out the info so I’ll know where to find you.

    Best Wishes

  284. So shocked to not hear you on my morning drive in. Your show was such a great niche boutique shop of sports radio (and anything else that matters to you) and you will definitely be missed. I’ll keep listening in the afternoons but it won’t be the same.

  285. I was able to bring my wife to Your show and she would even down load Podcasts. We enjoyed using your quotes and knowing we were on the same page and just start laughing and know right away what we were referencing. I like many others have removed the XM channel and deleted SB (stupid bit@4s) app. That said I hope we are able to track you down again and continue listening. Guess I’ll keep checking the web page for any updates…

  286. Czabe,

    Rest up for when you arise it will be time to get raise the sails on your own pirate ship. Podcasting my friend, you can make it work for you…..

  287. Czabe my man you will be missed… I guess it is finally time for me to load up the local podcast…i hope Solly and Lin stop by every now and then…from a recent 1 percentor who really enjoyed the show, best of luck to you and the guys and keep us updated…thank for giving us all an enjoyable 3 hours a day… i already miss “none of your business” being belted across the airwaves… #moreSolly #theCzabe #fatherOfTheYear

  288. A big Krusty the Clown “Ugg ,Oh No! Not again….”

    It seems like yesterday that we just got you back. Been listening since you were The First Team and haven’t missed a show. I will eagerly await the return of you guys.

  289. Unfreaking believable! Everyday. Every podcast, you guys kept a happy little smirk on my face as I worked my way through the doldrums of another day. Today I finally went searching as to why there was no podcast”Again!” Truly miss “…listening live”. Hurry back, get well.

  290. Thank God for ESPN 980. Although I really miss the morning show already, at least I can hear Steve, Solly, and occasionally Murray, albeit the next morning instead of the same day (which really sucks). If only Scott could find a spot it would be, well, not the same thing but at least a fix until the next (hopeful) national gig. Those corporate goons just don’t get it. If I wanted a “purely sports” show I would tune into Dumb & Dumber at the same time slot as the old Czaban show, but I need more than that. I need Czabe’s and the Boys’ takes on what is going on in the world around me, everything from politics to pop culture to social media to the latest gadgetry. It wasn’t like a run-of-the-mill sports show dominated by ego and corporate political correctness, it was a bunch of guys hanging out in a bar talking about whatever was on their minds. It felt comfortable, like an old faded pair of jeans or those sneakers you just can’t throw away. SB Nation wants to go “in a different direction?” I have a direction they can go. Dress lightly. It’s pretty hot down there.

  291. I knew you were paying Solly too much. Now we go down this road again. Hopefully another national picks up the show. Sadly we are down to just CBS Sports Radio, but I have faith you and the gang will be back

  292. There I was, sitting there like Ethan Hawke in Smiley’s kitchen, when fear jolted through my body. I had this feeling before except it took three weeks before I realized Steven A was no fill in.

    I got my brother hooked on the show earlier this year and he texted me earlier this week with a “where’s Czabe”. I responded “probably suspended”. I nearly cried when I told him this morning that the show was no longer. The show had become a true part of our lives. When we talked we weaved as many show drops as we could, driving our families nuts but it really kept two 40-something dudes entertained. You really can’t put a price on that.

    I would pour a 40 out in your memory but I don’t drink as much any more. I get the bloats. Instead I’ll just give in to my teenage daughters request to listen to the crappy top 40 station and soldier on.

  293. #SBNationsucks

    Thank you for the years of laughs and great takes. I recently recovered from hip replacement surgery and didn’t mind waking early and being unable to sleep because I would just dial up a podcast. Don’t give up on your dream of moving to Arizona. I’ve lived here 22 years, you can’t beat it. Good luck and I hope you return to some form of a national broadcast.

    Randy in suburban PHX

  294. Good god.. How the hell am I supposed to walk my dog or get on my riding lawn mower now? I haven’t done either without listening to the podcast in years. I can’t believe I am this upset about a radio show being cancelled. You guys felt like good friends. Is that gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.. But seriously, this is not acceptable. Czabe lives matter

  295. This country is being taken over by the Thought Police. Even the people that don’t agree with Czaban’s politics HAVE to be disturbed by the tactics to suppress disagreement – or perhaps you’ve been taught to look the other way. We may never find out who was ultimately behind the show’s cancellation – they probably cover their tracks very well. Thanks SuckBadNation.

  296. It’s Friday, Friday . . . you are looking live . . . at a gaping smoke-filled crater where my main source of entertainment used to be.

    All of us 1%ers feel like we got fired too. Blindsided. I’m still in shock and withdrawal. WTF am I going to do on my long road trips for work? And no offense (with all due respect?), the Sports Reporters is like nicotine gum or methadone, not quite cutting it for us non-DC locals (even in Richmond).

    Now I could easily give you a 1,000+ words on why I was hopelessly addicted to the SC show (the thinking man’s sports talk radio show), but I’ll keep it short:

    Of course I will miss all the regular segments/bits, sound effects and guests, as well as your creative turns-of-phrase, thoughtful takes, and fearless skewerings. Not to mention that it was always so in sync with my current 40-something stage of life . But perhaps the best compliment about its entertainment value is that I listened to every minute even through sports topics I couldn’t care less about. Hell, it made me, a total non-golfer, into a casual golf fan.

    Above all, however, I will miss the daily laughs. Best medicine (ever) in an increasingly humorless world. Whether the frequent chuckles or the numerous times I was laughing so hard I was wheezing and in tears. I will be digging for those in the archives.

    Clearly I am not alone, after reading all the love in the comments above. We need to form some support groups to get us through. Writing this was a helpful catharsis.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, boys. Rest up, and I hope you all are back soon . . . To paraphrase an old line about the Clash, yours is/was the only show that matters.

  297. Like any other significant, unexpected loss, I feel immediate guilt for every podcast I didn’t quite make it to, or hour of live broadcast I didn’t fully savor.

    My wife and kids will endure a moment of silence over dinner tonight whether they like it or not, because, well “the boys would have found this” heartbreaking.

    Best to you Czabe, a true master of your craft.

    P.S. I promise I will get the 3 TV setup tomorrow if you tell me this is a joke!

  298. What a sad week for all the loyal listeners!! I’m sure it sucks for you guys as well, and I’m sorry this has happened to you and the show. Who in their right mind would make a stupid decision like this?? It makes no sense at all!! Your show is irreplaceable and like no other! Please rest up and take care, but get your asses back on the air and please keep us posted. I’m so Done With No Czabe Show!