Czabe on B&B: Week of 12/12/16 and 12/19/16


And with the New Year almost upon us, here’s the last two-week batch of my daily romp with the boys in Milwaukee. I can honestly say, I am glad I am not “on duty” this week to adjudicate the nonsense that is Terry Bradshaw’s comments about Mike Tomlin being a good “cheerleader type.” Go ahead and splash around in these, like Zeke Elliot jumping into a giant Salvation Army Kettle!



  1. I remember making fun of my dad while he would “try” to tell us a funny story from the Bob and Brian show w/ Steve Czaban as a child. Here I am at age 27 excited I am now able to listen to the segments I missed at while at work! Loved your national podcast hope it returns someday.

  2. Listen to the difference in B&B’s tone when talking about the Pack these 2 weeks vs. the previous two. Classic Packer’s panic. I’ll admit, I was pretty much the same.

  3. God DAMN, I miss your national show. Can’t wait til someone pulls their head out of their ass and green lights another show. Keep up the good work.


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