Daniel Tosh Delivers Epic Beatdown of Shameless ESPN


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What’s so great about this piece – aside from the hilarious graphics that go with the fake Sports Science bit (the “4 foot” arrows on the kid in the coffin is my personal favorite) is that ESPN has had a beatin’ like this comin’ for some time.

Forget the merits of whose “bit” has been stolen. Tosh himself admits that America’s Funniest Home Videos and Talk Soup have legitimate gripes against him.

It’s more that ESPN is like the insufferable kid in high school, who is both the starting QB on the football team and homecoming King. He walks around the school like he owns it, and nobody dares call him out on his shit, ever.

You wish this guy would someday get his ass kicked at lunchtime by somebody anybody.

So when Tosh rolls up with this piece and his savage wit and merciless delivery, it’s as if the kid in high school didn’t just get his ass kicked, but got it kicked by MIKE TYSON IN HIS PRIME!

Savor the juices, and retire the trophy. There likely won’t be anything funnier this year on the web.


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