Dexter Manley Once Played Special Teams… As a Gunner on Punt Coverage!


Yes, you read that right. Just let it soak in.

That was one of the many “larger than life” and “too strange to be true” nuggets in the Dexter Manley “A Football Life” episode on NFL Network last Friday night.

This week on the SRBFTDP (Aren’t long, stupid acronyms, the worst?!) Andy Pollin and I discuss the Redskins loss to the Giants, Kirk Cousins the INT Machine, Robert possibly moving back into the #2 spot, and of course the Dexter special and the Harper v. Papelbon debacle.

Just sit back and enjoy, this will all be over in less than 28 minutes.


  1. That’s an interesting tidbit to be sure…but the counter-argument is the players were smaller and less explosive back then since the roids weren’t as good. Just look at Dexter’s arms in that pic – they look like the typical defensive back or special teams linebacker arms these days.


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