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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for www.czabe.com and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at czabe@yahoo.com.

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    To beat a dead horse, why you insist on defending shitbags is beyond my comprehension… but you know what they say… Ya whore for shitbag defending lawyers, ya end up sounding like one.
    A few points:
    A) Why is it always shitbags that are accused of being shitbags? Why aren’t nice guys framed by one night stands or baby mommas? Derek Jeter should have been falsely accused by gold diggers about 300 times by now.
    2) You allude to this, but why would a baby momma want to kill her meal ticket’s massive income stream by ruining his career over a simple dispute or argument?
    iii) Why are you insanely worried about the NFL over-policing shitbag behavior? OMG DUE PROCESS!!!!! I’m glad the word is out that shitbags are not desired in the NFL. Five minutes ago you were mocking the league for how many shitbags it employs and coddles (why did ESPN cancel Players? Hahahahahahaha)
    4) Brian got it right today (the one who always does). Having shitbags on your team is not good for business. Google Mossy Cade, Charles Martin, et al. Even James Lofton had a near career death experience in the 80’s because of boorish, immoral (even if not proven criminal…ahem) behavior. Lofton should be an icon in GB btw. He isn’t. No one under 35 even remembers him. He(Lofton) to his credit was scared straight by the whole thing and saved his eventual HOF career.
    5) Give up your stupid crusade on the NFL’s war on shitbags. Worry about something useful. It’s a great war and I’m glad it’s going full guns.

    PS: cue an illegible response from the blithering nimrod dick tock in 3,2,1…

  2. 2


    Chmura will never be an icon either. Ever. A boorish jackass back in the day who, ahem, was never convicted of any crime… Move along to another crusade. I can’t stand hearing about these lowlifes in a sympathetic light…

  3. 3


    If these guys practiced birth control, they’d be immune from these gold-digging whores.

  4. 4

    Tick tock

    3, 2 1 here I am miss. jordana,,,
    u are pathetic.
    ever hear of due process??
    ever hear of guilty by a reasonable doubt?
    ever hear convicted in a court of law by a jury of your peers.
    nahhh according to the liberal, trans gender tree hugging feminist, everyone wins the game miss jordana if a bimbo claims you hit her, you’re getting locked up and never seeing the light of day.
    Jordana u hate on czabe and this site so much yet you constantly listen to him and B&B and follow his blog…
    girlfriend you are pathetic…
    you type you “can’t stand hearing about these low lifes in a sympathetic light”,,, then why you following dip shit???

  5. 5

    Tick tock


    Were you the same kid in school who swore up and down you didn’t listen to the back street boys yet had all their posters on your wall… or was in new kids on the block???

    come on girlfriend come clean with us.

  6. 6

    Tick tock


    It was N’Sync wasn’t it!

  7. 7

    Tick Tock


  8. 8


    The stupid shitbag Ray Ray was arrested again for not simply obeying a fucking restraining order. Good god you make a complete ass of yourself with this crap. Especially when your pimp has a link on it’s website for “domestic violence” and “felonies” among several other links that complete shitbags would click on.

    Move along. God forbid the NFL cracks down on amoral shitbags. I got news for ya… The best and brightest and cleanest and nicest of pro athletes have had gold diggers on them like flies on shit forever Czabe. Somehow only the complete shitbags manage to beat the piss out of them.

    You’re naive or a whore or most likely, both. Or your hatred of Goodell (fine, he’s a moron, get over it, Jay Z laughs at what Goodell makes…) has clouded your judgment.

    Rant over forever. Sad that you have sold your soul to what I call, the white trash south side…. Who’s the Rock Whore this year? Are you the judge???

  9. 9


    Prince Shembo cut by Falcons after being charged with kicking and killing his girlfriend’s dog. OMG OMG NO DUE PROCESS!!!!

    I’m sure he’s a fine upstanding citizen, falsely accused by a gold digger and once having cleared him name in a court of law will sue for wrongful termination.

    Hahahahaha… ahhhh…..

    God I hate being right all the time.

  10. 10

    Tick Tock

    jordana go have tea with Gloria Allred nobody cares girlfriend.


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