Enter My FREE Cover5 College Bowl-a-palooza!


Look at that fabulous swag package! Don’t you want to win that?

Well, it’s easy!

Just CLICK THIS LINK and sign up for my free Cover5 bowl league. We will play all three “sessions” of the (interminable) bowl season.

You pick your 5 best games of the first “batch”, then do it again two more times until we’re done with the whole she-bang.

Best CUMULATIVE score of all 3 sessions, wins the swag!

That’s includes….

– Genuine Autographed Yahoo! Sports mini-football
– Yahoo! Sports Radio baseball cap
– Fighting Donkeys football “workout” shirt
– Vintage “Go Donks” hooded sweatshirt
– Commemorative Deadwood “Challenge Coin” (NSFW on back!)

Winner takes all! No complaints about finishing 2nd, 3rd or 4th! After all, it’s free!!

And if you want to have fun with your buddies, or around the office, you can sign up for Cover5 and START YOUR OWN LEAGUE, and play for whatever cash, pride, or trinkets you want!

Happy Bowl Season!

Obsessing about the Meineke Car Care bowl has never been more fun!




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