ESPN: Robert Griffin III is Not A Very Popular Guy Inside the Lockeroom


The phrases “fallen from grace” and “alienated” are truly disappointing to hear. I understand why other players might feel this way, but at some point you would think that petty politics and 3rd-grade level sensibilites would not cloud players from having rational judgement.

Do you have a better QB than Griffin?

No. No, you do not. So shut up then, follow his leadership, and play ball, and win games.

I, amongst other Redskins fans, are truly sick of this crap.

Many of the same players last season, who were so excited to see how Kirk Cousins would do as starter. The same kind of “off-the-record” comments and undercurrent of “thank god that DIVA isn’t playing QB for us anymore!” reports can be easily dug up on the web from last fall.

And we saw how that worked out.

I don’t really care if the decision to start RG3 this week was a GM/Owner level mandate. If it was, it only means to me that we’ve got a dummy for coach, who can’t see the long term direction of the team, and is grasping at getting lucky with Colt McCoy for another week.

Let me reiterate: we are in the RG3 Business. We need to BE in that business, without reservation, until at LEAST the end of the 2015 season. That will make 4 full years. We can start to chart an alternate course at that time.

For now, start him, help him, coach him, believe in him, and everyone else on this team shut the fuck up and stop talking to ESPN reporters off the record.


  1. Czabe,

    I’ve beven a loyal listener for over a decade, and you have never been more dead-on than you are here. This was my exact reaction: these “sources” need to get over themselves or get gone. Period. They are only hurting the team with this nonsense. I normally hate the fan cliche “shut up and play”, but since people like to hurl it at Robert, might as well extend it to the rest of the team. They are NOT good enough where they can act like they can win without their best QB.

    Keep up the good work, and Hail To The Redskins!

    Curtis Hunter
    Baltimore, MD

  2. they aren’t excited for his return because they know what everyone on this planet cannot seem to grasp: he isn’t that good.


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