The Family That Digs Out Together, Stays Together!


Not that Mrs. C and my youngest tax break daughter weren’t sore and tired after all this – as was the ol’ man – but there was a certain amount of satisfaction at digging ourselves out with nothing but a crappy single-stage snow-thrower and muscle.

Next up: the green light from the boss to upgrade the blower. Hello heavy-duty two-stager! When I finally move to Arizona, I’ll put ’em both on eBay, and not miss this crap one bit!


  1. What kills me is how many people wait until it completely done snowing to try and remove that much snow. Even with a bigger 2 stage snow blower that would take a while to clear off. The best advise is to go out a few times during the storm and remove the snow, then you won’t have to and remove all 2-3 feet at once. I tried to tell that lives in West Virginia that, but she didn’t listen either.

  2. That’s not a snow blower…it’s a sidewalk sweeper. Forget a 2 stage model. For as much driveway as you’ve got, invest in a 4 wheeler or UTV with a plow blade on the front, and keep your current single stage blower for “mop up” duty.

  3. I have one of those Toro snowblowers. I literally found it at the dump and put $20 worth of new rubber paddles on it to get it back in business. It is now my backup to my primary snow mover: a 27 HP diesel 4WD tractor with a loader and 6′ 3-point hitch mounted blade. I suggest you find an upgrade, and go bigger than you need.
    My configuration can clear 180′ of driveway in 15 minutes if less than 6″ of snow. If more and I need to use the front bucket, its never been more than 45 minutes. It also has lots of other uses such as moving brush, dirt, and pulling stumps.

  4. Problem with Steve’s method in this particular storm was the wind. If you continually clear, the wind can fill it back up. I’ve got a 24″ 2 stage blower and was able to clear a massive circular drive and parking area in about 4 hours by myself …. two 2 hour shifts in sunshine. And I didn’t have to put up with white-out conditions.

  5. You call THAT a snowblower??? Steve!! Where you live??? Surprised you didn’t call me to bail you out.
    Nice work on the video. Best to the girls

  6. nice job on the driveway with that toy what you need is a simplicity 1528e awesome machine for heavy snow
    i bought one two years ago for $1500 money well spent


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