This Fight Was 50X Better Than Mayweather v. Pacquiao…. and FREE!


Nothing like rollin’ up in your lard-ass scooter…. then standing up and throwing knuckles like you’ve been training for this fight for years.

And that little kid is SOOOOO gonna get grounded by his momma. “Johnny, what part of HIT HER IN THE F***ING FACE DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!”

And these people get to vote. We’re doomed.


  1. We’re doomed for sure. What does it say about us as a society when the reflex is to start recording (in vertical) rather than intervene and stop the “fight”.

    • There’s no way I would stop the fight. This goes back to those “No More” commercials by the NFL. There’s no reason to get in the middle of something between two white-trash knuckleheads. Especially nowadays with video, as a white male, there’s no way I wouldn’t come out looking like the bad guy. Even if I grabbed the kid to keep him from these idiots, somehow I’d still end up looking like the a-hole. Furthermore, I’m not going to end up getting clawed, sucker-punched or stabbed. Plus one of these beasts baby-daddies might show up and think I was the aggressor and end up killing me. So no, I have zero reason to get in the middle of this.

  2. Pathetic all around. Sad. And why doesn’t someone intervene? We can thank our litigious happy society. Thanks lawyers.


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