The Final Word on My Croc Encounter In Mexico


By now, you have likely heard about how my golfing partners thought I was flat out nuts just to leave the golf cart, and get a slightly closer look at a whopper crocodile while golfing at Iberostar Cancun GC last week.

Personally, as a lover of golf course animals, how could I pass up this chance to get a better look at an amazing living much monster in the wild? So thanks to golfing partner Ed Stremelow of Milwaukee who took these snaps, you can see clearly, I was NOT in any grave danger.


I got only this close, was not planning on going any closer. And was at the beast’s tail, not mouth. At any twitch by this guy, I was going to leap out of my pants and start sprinting – nay, zig-zagging, since I’ve been told that messes up their “internal tracking radar” (what, I saw it on Steve Irwin’s show once, may he rest in peace) – in the other direction.

Well, here’s what you peeps said on twitter. A sampler….

How many eyes did it have? (Chubbs reference, Happy Gilmore)
Did you look like a baby goat?
Oh you were safe… safe inside that belly!
I say safe, he seems pretty lazy. Evidenced by the fact that his mouth is open in case some food chose to walk in.
Plenty safe for a man with your quickness and cat-like reflexes
Gators? Yes. Crocs? F*CK NO!!!
Those Mexican crocs are practically domesticated house pets. You were safe…..FOUR!!!!!
What was the croc’s 40 time?
In all honesty ur safe if u run as soon as he turn to u. But if u slip or tear u knee getting away. Ur dead
Plenty safe, unless your nickname is Chubs. People sit on their backs all the time in petting zoos.
I’m sure you had a pw in your hand. You should have taken a selfie!
I think you could’ve got closer.
Crazy…….those things are present day monsters
Crazy! They can move like lightning!
They can run up to 30 mph. How fast can you run Czabe? (Note: Usain Bolt tops out at 27 MPH)
Crazy. Hands down. You’re not zigzagging away from that one.

Then this tweet put the argument to bed.

Matt Schwechel
The wife and I were at the same course last year. No problem for those with nerves of steel.

So there. A dude’s wife had the calm presence of mind to get personal shot with (maybe) the same fella. Good for her!

End of debate.


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