The Georgia Bulldogs Are Still The Biggest Frauds In The Nation


And I should have known better. I actually picked them this week, thinking that Alabama’s decline from dominance to mere excellence was going to continue in a linear fashion. In short, I thought it was Mark Richt’s time.

Shame on me.

Once again these clowns in Athens, are just like their mascot. Look tough, but require an an air conditioned doghouse with a pillow once the weather gets above 70.

But of course, what did we see before the game? A “tough guy bounce-around” between Georgia players and the Tide. Now I’m not here to say who started it, but I’ve seen this move before from Richt’s team, who once gang-rushed the field after a touchdown back in 2007 vs. Florida.

So yeah, watching the Bulldogs get turned inside out like dirty wet socks, was exquisite.

Some other thoughts from the weekend…

Ohio State and Michigan State both escaped close calls. I know we like to run through team schedules and just fill out the wins like it’s your doctor’s checklist of symptoms (no, no, no, no…) but the college football world is still very flat. Bad weeks, let downs, and teams that are better than they look lie in wait. I think BOTH teams lose at least once this year, because neither one is that good.

Jordan Fuchs is a very good tight end for the Hoosiers. Aaaaandd.. the team needs a better font. Just sayin’…

Good to have Florida back among the relevant. Oh, and looks like there’s life after the Crableg Kid at Florida State.

Clearly, Texas is an unmitigated disaster. But I’ve yet to hear exactly what the program is doing wrong, and what specifically is Charlie Strong’s shortcoming as a coach. Nice when your own players are re-tweeting transfer suggestions from fans – at halftime of a 50-7 thrashing!

Baylor vs. Texas Tech was an O/U of 88.5 on Friday. Final: 63-35. Not even close.

Clemson and Utah are dark horses, moving up quickly on the outside pole. This is what makes a mere 4-team race so much fun.

I watched Maryland try to hang in against the Fightin’ Harbaugh’s of Ann Arbor. I don’t know how Terp fans do it. It didn’t even look like 1A football. Michigan has now shut out back-to-back opponents.

Virginia Tech was held to just 100 yards of total offense in a 17-13 loss to Pitt. I know Frank Beamer is a legend down there… but…. it’s getting bad.

Notre Dame threw that game away against Clemson about 6 different ways. It helped that the Tigers basically stopped playing at the end, practically asking the refs “can we just go home now?”

Dabo Swinney is a classic. Too bad ESPN “pulled a Heidi” and cut away from his post-victory hype-promo mid-stream. Good work, Bristol.

And finally, since ESPN seems to like to hide their awesome highlight montages, or just not post them at all, then I’m gonna grab ’em and post-em until they call YouTube to complain. (Please don’t! These are fantastic, and need to enjoyed by all!)

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Steve Czaban is a 25 year sports radio veteran, who hosts an afternoon drive show in Washington D.C. "Czabe" also writes and edits his own commentaries for and other on-line and print publications. He can be reached at


  1. Why not blame Brian Kelly for going for 2 points with his team down 12??? You NEVER EVER should do that. Had he just kicked the point, when he scores the touchdown at the end of the game, he’s down by 1….and kicks the point for OT….he has only himself to blame!

  2. Now, I’m a yellow jacket fan/graduate who grew up outside Atlanta, always taking crap from friends about NOT routing for the ‘ol DAWGS. But I gotta say, Steve, you’re nuts. UGA is not, has not, and never will be “frauds”. How you can say that after UGA suffers one loss in the, as you put it in the same post, “very flat” college football world and the even flatter SEC, is beyond me. Fact is, UGA will win the SEC Eastern Division, not dem Gators. When they do, they will go to the SEC championship and likely face Fournette and the real tigers of the SEC. That will be a real test of mettle. Whoever wins that will be in the playoff. I will revisit you then.


  3. Jerome,

    I am a Dawg fan. Have been since I was accepted to UGA in 1978. Alas, a motorcycle crash followed by my backup unit (a car) burning to the ground the day before I was to leave for Athens changed the course of my life. (Funny how that happens.)
    Anyway, when I saw Steve’s thoughts here, I immediately knew he was right-and so did every other person who was with me watching the game on SATURDAY. Of course, none of us said that on Saturday with WORDS. Blasphemy I tell you! But some of the mumbling I heard when the room started clearing out when the game went 24-3 (Yes. It was over. As in Really over.), well, it wasn’t anger I was hearing. “Betrayal”, is what I was hearing. Isn’t betrayal something a fraud does?
    Geez, Jerome. How many more times can UGA fans trust Lucy not to yank the ball away at the last second? I’d rather be a Vandy fan with no lofty expectations than have smoke pumped up our behinds Every. Single. Year. And like a largemouth bass who didn’t attend “smart” class, we take it hook, line and sinker. No more. Pics or shens from now on.

    Your “UGA can still win out in the east and still play in the SECCG, win that, and still play in the NCG.” is what the most delusional UGA fans say EVERY STINKING YEAR.

    But thanks for the sunshine from North Avenue.


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