Greatest Football Day In My Life


Which means, of course, that I really had no high school football glory to fall back upon.

That said, when you button-hole a stone-dead 40 yard field goal – with 1982 NFL MVP Mark Friggin’ Mosely HOLDING for you?

Yeah, I can die a contented Redskins football nerd now.

My deep thanks to everybody at ESPN980 who took my HUMBLE idea many years ago to organize an “adult punt-pass-and-kick” contest and turned it into… well… THIS!

The devil is always in the details, and program director Chuck Sapienza along with promotions dynamos Rachel Northridge and Ilana Avergun deserve full marks for nailing it. Everything was spot perfect. From the t-shirts, to the combine numbers, to dutiful recording of everyone’s distance, jumps, and times.

They came, they dreamed, they ran, they (shanked), they ate (thanks Urban BBQ!) and then toured Redskins Park.

What a day!

For the record…..

Czabe 40 Dash Time: 5.82
Czabe Vertical Jump: 24 inches
Czabe FG: 40 yards (square toe shoe)
Czabe long throw: 42 yards
Czabe Redskins “Wonderlick”: Did not take

Scott Linn and Solly did not participate in most drills, nor did Murray (who was on the air at the time). Here are the only results from them.

Solly Vertical Jump: 31 inches
Scotty long throw: 50 yards.

Here are some pics, all of them courtesy of Jack Hartzman and David Hartzman Photography.

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  1. I could out kick czabe any day of the week. How hard could it be if a 45yr old guy could do it? I’d wager a free round of golf on it!


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