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    Hosel Rocket

    Five seems like a good number. Looking at his recovery shots on Sunday where he hit line drives below the tree line makes you think he would be a good candidate for a British Open. Also, growing up in Texas probably helped him develop the low shots needed in the wind. Its a good bet that US Opens and PGAs will be harder to come by where they often stretch the course to ungodly lengths.

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    When people mention that spieth is not one of the long knockers on Tour, it makes me think of Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers. Gladwell theorizes that you don’t have to have the highest IQ, rather you only need to be at the level of smart enough, combined with opportunity. He uses Gates and Jobs as prime examples. I like to think of Spieth as long enough. Ridiculous putting is what won the Masters for him. Short games like his combined with the nerves of a cat-burglar will make him a formidible opponent for years.


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