Help Me Name “Baldy’s Rock”


So here’s the infamous “Yohoonye Field.” This year’s notable addition is the massive boulder I had unearthed by a guy with a backhoe. It’s got a fantastic triangular shape, sits up nice and tall on end, and has a flat surface on the front which is just begging for some kind of plaque or slogan.

You know something like… “Here’s This Idiot’s Seldom Used Football Field”.

Or maybe… “Ray Kinsella Called, And This Won’t End Well…”


But if you want to get sweet and sentimental with me, then maybe we can do something like “Play Like A Kid Today.” Yes, a shameless riff on the old Notre Dame sign, “Play Like A Champion Today” but a reminder that as we get older and fatter, the days to run around like a kid get smaller and smaller, and smaller….

I’m pretty happy with how the Redskins logo turned out. I did it myself this year, as Mr. Cooley’s schedule prevented him from getting over to the place while the weather was good. It’s all about setting up a proper, well measured string grid, and then following all the lines, square by square.

The agronomy of the field is going to take a step up this season, as I’ve not got proper irrigation.


And yeah, I know. I need to do the end zones. That’s a HUGE extra project, with LOTS more paint. Let’s just try to get more efficient next year setting up the field like this, first. Then IF there’s any extra man hours left THINK about tackling the endzones.

Oh, and one last thing: the Black Friday Bowl III was called off due to weather/field conditions. The snow had not yet melted fully off the field, and it was sopping wet. Temps about 38 degrees today, and HELL F’ING NO! I don’t need to run around and get all wet and freezing in that!


NOTE: Pics taken with a DJI Phantom 2 drone, with H2-3D gimbal and GoPro Hero 3+ camera, set to record 30 FPS video at 1080p and also snap hi-res stills every 5 seconds. That high above shot was from about 1,000 feet – don’t worry, was looking attentively for jetliners approaching Dulles at the time, just to be safe! 😉 –

NOTE 2: That’s a target green and bunker for when Yohoonye becomes the driving range. It’s newly seeded/sodded and not ready for her closeup. Check back in the late spring, and we’ll have a nice little tour.


  1. “This is what I got when I ordered a rock… SAHZ SMALL!”

    “Everybody needs a rock… that’s why they call it ‘rock’!”

    “*You’re* excited? Feel this nipple!”

    “Here lies the rock of Czabraltar. It’s as bald as its proprietor.”

  2. Hey, Czabe. That looks awesome. I can’t imagine the amount of time it took you to do that. How ticked off were you when noticed the one 40 yard directional arrow was backwards? No worries, just makes us know you didn’t hire the professionals.

  3. Rocks like books and unlike fans are the epitome of patience. Rock was underground for a thousand years or more before it got this gig in the corner end zone section. Books wait on the shelf collecting dust for years until you pick it up and let it tell it’s story. I’d put PATIENCE on the plaque, as a reminder that as the Redskin’s debacle continues, “This too will pass”.

  4. Czabe, that field is totally awesome! I’m super impressed how much time and effort you’ve put in to this project. It’s a 9.5 out of 10…if you paint the end zones next year, that will make it a perfect 10 out 10.

  5. Czabe – very nice job on the field. I am a little confused on the arrows next to the 40 yard line. Looks like they are pointing the wrong direction on one side of the field. I’m sure this oversight will be corrected next year! Congrats again!

    Have been a faithful listener for my 2 hour morning commute from Illinois to Wisconsin for several years now, keep up the good work!

    Dave Brooks

    • Yes, of course. But this is a “scaled down” field to fit the landscape. It’s 80 yards long (plus endzones) and 30 yards wide. Should be 120×53 1/3. (360 feet by 160).

  6. “Pride Rock”. For whatever reason Czabe the picture on your website just reminds me of that scene in the movie The Lion King of a huge rock sitting on a hill overlooking the African Safari/Prairie Lands in the movie. The rock is waiting for a new “king” to take over and fix the disaster the current “king” has caused. That seems similar to the current state of the Redskins. Just my opinion.

  7. Field looks great Czabe. Sorry it didn’t get to be used on Friday. I’d use the rock as a headstone/landmark for the field. To paraphrase Spinal Tap, “Here lies Yohoonye Field, and why not.”

    P.S. Hate to be “that guy” but isn’t one of the 40 yard arrows pointing the wrong way?

  8. “If you build it, they will come….and run: bunch left — nasty wild — halfback left scat — Y choice — Z sting — X scout — on two.”

  9. I can’t wait for this modern marvel to show up on some BuzzFeed list of “84 cool things spotted on Google Earth.” Some nerd is going to wet himself when he spots this.

  10. 2 ideas:

    1) The rock should just be inscribed with the many benefits of Pro-Biotics

    2) List the names of every starting QB since Mark Rypien, ala that Browns Jersey with all the QB names. The rock can be updated with each QB name until the Skins win another SB (hint: write in small letters to save space).

  11. I bet Berman doesn’t have one of these. I vote for Baldy’s Rock although when I first read that, I thought it said Galdy’s Rock and I thought, “that’s nice, Czabe giving a shout out to one of his crew.”

  12. This rock should forever be know as…
    Roger agrees.

    You are looking live at the majesty that is The Commissioner’s Desk high above Yohoonye Field…

  13. One for Four Rock

    An homage to Anotnio Cromartie’s ‘nine by eight’. A simple reminder, punishingly so, how your boys spent four picks for one guy, RGIII. Etched into not only Skins’ lore, but NFL history as one of the biggest busts in history. You can say Leaf-Leaf-Leaf or Boz-Boz-Boz all day, but One-for-Four is infamous.

    In addition, shouldn’t there be the yellow line to keep photographers back during your games?

  14. Czabe, name the rock, but do not spoil it’s integrity with a plaque! Looks great as is, as Mother Nature intended………just sayin’


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