I Cry at the Weirdest Things These Days


No really, I did on this one. I didn’t bawl my eyes out, mind you, but it sure did get “all dusty in here” watching the exceptionally well filmed and produced ESPN/NFL mini-doc on some of the draft’s top picks.

My brain and my experience tells me to be cynical on this whole thing. The NFL makes big money peddling the mythology of the “dreams come true” aspect of the NFL draft, so why would I play into it, or god forbid, promote it any further!? You watch the draft and think: “THAT guy is going to end up hitting a woman. THAT guy is going to wind up suspended for drugs. THAT guy might be a serial killer. And HALF of these guys are gonna be broke in 10 years!

I guess I’m getting softer as I get older. I can see the years of work and hope poured into reaching this mountaintop by these young men. I can see in the faces of their parents, the explosion of joy at just what their sons have accomplished. I appreciate the giant extended families of these kids, all present to enjoy the moment.

And yes, someday ask that kid for money. I know, the cynic in me, is still fully aware of everything.

I can even watch that incompetent ape Goodell bro-hug the players, and forget for a split second that he is the very embodiment of corporate evil. The kind of talentless bureaucrat who will try to tarnish the reputation of a legend, just to avoid being caught in another one of his casual lies.

I love the humility and awe these kids show, when the coaches for the teams who draft them call them before making the pick. It’s all “yes sir, no sir” and “I’m gonna give you 100%, sir” even though I know that some of them will become discontented locker-room agitators once the rigors of being a pro starts kicking their ass.

And of course the “accomplishment” of these players, is really non-existent yet. They are ALL – both low draft picks, and high – “prospects” in the truest sense. A pick-and-a-hope that they can actually PLAY at the pro level. Many of them, will turn out to plain stink.

Still… still… I don’t know. I just dig it. What a moment for these kids and parents. It is exceptionally hard to become a first (or second) round draft pick. It’s like climbing Mt. Everest after flying to the moon.

I’ll actually be rooting for the guys they featured on this special. And let’s hope all those people in the back of the room have jobs, and their own money!


  1. It isn’t usually the players. Look to the coaches who draft gems, concoct idiot offensive schemes and fail to get the ball into their hands.
    Case in point…Burkhead was maybe the best Husker player in the past decade on offense. Cincinnati wasted him. The Hoodie will make him a star. Bet on it.
    Do away with the draft, salary cap and let the strong play their games. Guys in SD, NYC, and Chi can take their ass kickings and like it or sell the team. I’m tired of 3-13 getting welfare.

  2. Would’ve been so much better if, after Tomlin called, the Steelers picked someone else. That would be something to cry over. Like, if Tomlin got off the phone and said to the folks in the war room, “I didn’t like the way he said ‘Yes Sir’ when I asked if he was healthy. Let’s take the kid from Alabama.”

    Anyway, if that really made you well-up Czabe, you’re really turning into a pussy.

  3. Saw one a few years ago. A WR out of USC was drafted in the 3rd round by the Browns I believe. From then to the start of training camp the documentary followed him around as he met with PR reps and signing footballs and helmet and rookie cards for Topps and Fleer. He was walking around his neighborhood high atop his horse and everyone treated him like royalty but they also had their hand out expecting a little something-something. Long story short he never made it out of training camp because he couldn’t run routes and couldn’t catch the damn ball. Kinda brings you back to reality.


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