Instant Replay Has It’s Signature Moment


Okay, so I’ll give it this much. With  just the right angle, on just the right play, instant replay can give you a decision on the most microscopic of calls. And yeah, it CAN get it right.

I’ve never said replay never gets it right, I’ve just said that it’s pixel juice ain’t worth the squeezin’. Because for moments like these, there are many others in which replay gets it frustratingly wrong. Or maybe the machine breaks, like it did on a HUGE play in the Cardinals-Panthers game last Sunday.

From the absolutely nobody is sad for this, department…

While the Redskins have lost our All-World left tackle to another 4-game weed suspension… at least we have a back-up. Yup… THAT HUGE DUDE!

And if anybody thinks that Zeke Elliott hurdling dudes is the most impressive thing out there, think again. This KID is sick!

Lastly…. the European Tour looks like they know how to have fun! I want more PGA Tour teeboxes perched in ridiculous places to make holes extra long!

And if the Cubs win tonite…. does that mean the Billy Goat Tavern has to close? Or put up a sign that says “Cursed Since 2016?”



  1. A question I’ve had for you and Chris Cooley:

    If we accept the idea that the Redskins need to put their best players on the field (and I do), then does that mean that, once Williams returns, Nsekhe needs to be a starter (perhaps at RT, moving Moses to LG)?

    That would certainly be a giant wall of muscled humanity…

  2. RE: Replay. In terms of that game, that was an incredibly crucial moment. Lindor is hitting lights-out this world series. And my estimation of watching the game live at that point, putting in Chapman saved the win for Cubs in game 6. Two men on, Lindor coming to the plate– he NEARLY got on base as it was! So yes, you use the BEST to get the 4 guys out at the top that you can, Lindor first- than let 2 bullpen guys get out the bottom of the order in the 9th. Quite a gamble.

  3. Is it just me…or is the still photo and the video of the play at first different? The shoes are different and where the runner’s foot hits the bag is different.


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