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    Pete C

    Funny how he felt that the American flag represents oppression, but didn’t have a problem getting paid millions of dollars in the same country that flag represents. Why didn’t he play ball for the same money in a league in a Muslim-centered country…oh yeah, there aren’t any. I watch sports and movies for their talents and entertainment value, and couldn’t give 2 shits about their political views.

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    Chris Chichester

    Roger Goodell on these disgusting National Anthem protests:

    “The way we reacted today, and this weekend, made me proud. I’m proud of our league.”

    You stay “proud” of your pathetic league as its extremist players alienate half the fan base, Roger.  I don’t require any political message/lecture from an NFL with its collection of criminal degenerates. The NFL Player Arrests Database at USA TODAY:


    In this disgusting database with have Prince Charming Dante Fowler of Jacksonville arrested July 18 for battery.  For “hitting a man who criticized his driving.”  He’s a real prize.  Two days before on July 16 Nobel Laureate D’Onta Foreman of Houston is arrested for marijuana and gun possession.  He can holster his gun at the next home game while he is kneeling for The National Anthem.

    I hope I didn’t confuse my Dante and D’Onta.  That is pronounced Don-TEY and Don-TA.   I contributed to a rainbow diversity by providing the correct pronunciation for you, Roger.

    Chris Chichester
    Proprietor: Excelsior Page
    Penfield, New York 

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    t. rizzle

    I tell you what, the NFL’s idiot and liberal sanctimony on this is breathtakingly stupid. Potus didn’t call all nfl players SOB’s. If that’s your position and you believe the NFL had to kneel in unity because of that, then let’s just say you’re probably Mike Florio. If you listened to Mike Florio and you believed that this was a winning issue, you’re probably Roger Goodell. The brain trust of out of touch TV talking heads and whatever the heck the we pretend Goodell is, is a few IQ points short of palm tree. As a NFL top 10% fan, I’m super insulted by the protests and the sanctimony about the nfl “standing by their players in light of the president’s awful comments”.

    For me, where the rubber hits the road is that I am yuuuuge skins fan. I not gonna not watch them. But last year, I also watched every prime time game offered. This year, nah bro, I’m good with one game a week. Those primetime games are the NFL’s luxury suite and I won’t give them my business. Also, no visits to terrible football stadiums either to buy $10 beers (and to support season ticket owners with their secondary market). No team jerseys.

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    James Kramer

    YOUR wasted time

  5. 5

    t. rissle

    OMG. I hate Seattle. This is soooo tasty! Best surprise win since we beat the greatest show on turf in late 90’s?

  6. 6


    I’m confused. Players say they protest during the anthem, because that’s when the eyeballs are focused on them. It seems to me, if they really wanted to send a message when people are paying attention, it would be after they score during one of the wonderfully choreographed celebrations. To be fair….miming a handcuffing followed by a Rodney King-esque beat down would probably be over the top, but how about grabbing a knee then? Face it…that would be a conversation starter, without ticking off the community who reveres the anthem. Food for thought. Not throwing.


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