I’ve Only Been Saying This For About 5 Years Now….


But the NFL is finally waking up to the obvious. “NFL TO RE-CONSIDER DECADES OLD COMBINE DRILLS.”

Ya think? Boom… roasted. TOLD YA.

The NFL has used a standard set of drills, including a 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle and three-cone drill at its scouting combine for several decades, including the most recent combine held earlier this month in Indianapolis.

“We run the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis. Why? The only reason anyone can ever give you is, that’s how it’s always been done,” Birk said.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, who also spoke as part of the panel, anticipated changes in the combine process.

And when they do re-vamp some of these drills, maybe they’ll also re-think the seriously overhyped “one on one interview.” Maybe. Maybe not. But give it another 5 years of being fooled by guys who know how to snow people sitting at a desk… and they’ll eventually come around to my side on that too.



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