Kirk Cousins and Redskins Facing “Code Red” vs. Tampa


I mean, whatever the hell THAT means exactly! But, that’s what head coach Jay Gruden said about the upcoming home tilt at 2-4, with a bye week of angst and speculation coming in the case of a loss.

Oh, and the Patriots… on the road…. following that.

In other words, this game is worth just one win but counts as two losses if you screw it up. And us jackals in the media will start shopping for coaches and QB’s during the bye week to boot!

Code. Red.

This week in the SRBFTD Podcast, Andy and I discuss….

– How things went south so quick vs. the Jets
– Who is Kirk Cousins… and is that guy “Gus Frerotte 2?”
– What the hell is Bomani Jones saying about the RG3 “double standard?”
– And did Chuck Pagano out-do Jim Zorn in the “stupidest play ever” contest?

Tune in, sit back, and enjoy the handful of fleeting expletives from yours truly.


  1. Czabe,

    The Back from the Dead podcast is not working when I click on it. As a redskins fan, it’s the only thing I have to look forward to any more.


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